What NexBank Uses To Perfect Your Services

We have to admit it.

There are a few secrets up our sleeves that other banks don’t have. But our secrets aren’t criminal ideas, activities or patterns. Our secrets are the measures we’ve taken and to provide what we consider perfect services for your general banking needs.

What we’ve found is that there’s a basic misunderstanding in banking.

Most people open accounts but don’t have a greater plan regarding what they’re going to do with it. This is why we perfected our services. There’s so much you can get, and you have every right to access these options. The first step is opening an account and with the objective to accomplish something financial.

Savings and Planning

You might find that saving money is the goal which you’ve committed to.

If so, then NexBank encourages you also speak with our staff and about the planning services we provide with your account. This is your big opportunity. Succeeding with money is not an impossible task, but it does require that you create objectives, devise plans and then follow all the way through.

Checking And Easy Transfers

In this process, it’s best to also have the ability to receive money when needed and to send it to where it’s needed. NexBank has also integrated checking and transfers for open accounts. The steps are simple. Once you’ve integrated checking and with our savings, you gain flexibility that will accomplish any goal.

Creating The Best Mortgages For Your Future

But we’re not limited to just providing our customers with financial accounts.

Many of our bank patrons are like you.

They need financial support in various areas of life, and this does include a secure loan for putting into play a mortgage. So whether you need basic services or advanced options, we’re sure to have it at NexBank.

 Ricardo Tosto Reshapes Brazilian Legal System

Law in Brazil takes a statutory direction. Tracing to the culture of Portuguese, Brazilian law is divided into key areas of specialization that cover bankruptcy, divorce law, business, employment and estate planning law among others. For law scholars, the Brazilian legal system borders a lot of complexities. With that said, law occupies most of the job industry in Brazil. Aside from that fact, law shapes the economic docket of the country. Through law, Brazil has emerged to be an independent state. The legal system has also contributed to the growth of better judicial systems. In Brazil, many lawyers carry the day. The number totals to over 1.2 million.


One leading figure to emulate in the Brazilian legal system is Ricardo Tosto. He is upheld as a role model and mentor to many law scholars in the Brazilian system. Presently, he holds an executive position at Leite Tosto & Barros Advogados. This is a top ranking institution that offers legal services in Brazil. What Ricardo started as an officer for litigation in Sao Paulo is now a major source of inspiration to many. It all began when he graduated college having attained a degree from the prestigious Mackenzie University. Ricardo garnered more experience by working in multiple law firms prior to founding his institution.


In 1991, Ricardo Tosto established his firm, what was defined as a boutique then. Twenty five years from then, the business is flourishing. In fact, it is known as a leading institution in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is known for his proper court representation of clients. He has worked for some of the prominent people in Brazil thanks to his extensive experience. As an experienced lawyer, Ricardo has vast understanding when it comes to understanding Brazilian law.


Ricardo Tosto is one of the best legal advisors in Brazil. From dealing with bankruptcy to managerial cases in institutions, he has grasped the appropriate channels to follow in different cases. His skills highly speak for his passion and dedication when it comes to representing clients. Ricardo’s skills have been put to test multiple times. He has handled several fragile cases with multiple complexities. He overcame by proving difficult to be beaten in court. Ricardo Tosto has also contributed to the well being of Brazilians by transforming the legal system into a just system.


Sheldon Lavin’s wisdom in business operations

The difficulty in operating a business

Many entrepreneurs have tried joining the competitive environment, but their efforts have failed. Millions of individuals have had the desire to own a business, but the circumstances reduce their influence. The market influence can be very strong that the individuals fail to reach the threshold to survive. With all this information, Sheldon Lavin decided to quit his job in order to start a practice. He took the risk of failure as long as he could not leave anything to chance. Later in the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin decided to try his might in the competitive market.

Venturing in one of the most competitive areas

Meat production and processing are one of the most competitive areas in the world today. The area of the venture is currently flooded with people from all over the world. China, United States, Canada and several other countries have ventured into the food industries because of their lucrative nature. The Otto and Sons Company had a huge potential in making the company compete in the global market. The fact that it failed to expand its operations intrigued Sheldon

Lavin into its purchase.

The financial skills that led to the growth of the company
By the time that Sheldon Levin was purchasing the Otto and Sons Company, there were about 500 employees. The company did not have a plan to increase the number of employees, but it was complacent with the operations. After purchasing the company, Levin did not bring in any new employees. He insisted on using the ones that had been established in the company to continue with the operations. Having worked for different companies, Sheldon understood how to handle people an influence them. He came up with new policies to motivate the works of the employees in order to improve the quality of production.

The operation as a family

From the time Sheldon Levin took over as the CEO and the President of the company, he included the employees in decision-making. He created a culture where all the employees felt like they were part of the company. The employees took personal responsibilities to ensure that the operations succeeded. Levin treated his workers as if they were equals. He made them feel respected and treated them with love. In return, the employees gave the customers their best services to improve their satisfaction. The new culture led to the improvement of the quality of services resulting in a larger customer base in the end.

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Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

5 Things Rocketship Education’s CEO, Preston Smith, Is Sharing with America’s Educational World

Rocketship Education was founded by John Danner and Preston Smith, the latter of which is currently the chief executive officer of its network of eighteen public charter schools across America, in 2007, its first location being housed in a small church in San Jose. Preston Smith has worked in San Jose’s public schools since 2001, having founded an educational program within a San Jose school, then co-creating an entire school, all before initializing what’s now known as one of the United States of America’s best networks of educational facilities – Rocketship Education.

With more than fifteen years’ worth of experience teaching kids largely hailing form low-income families, Preston Smith understands what it takes to succeed as an educational facility at large. Let’s peer into 5 tidbits of educational knowledge he’s passed on to the entirety of America’s educators, most of which can be picked up by the average instructor, administrator, or board member.

  1. Parents should be involved in hiring instructors

Rocketship Education, typically shortened to RSED, brings in panels of parents for interviewing instructors. This helps weed out unprepared, unqualified candidates.

  1. Teachers should visit students’ homes every year

A large part of RSED’s students’ success is made possible through technologically-aided, individualized lessons. These pedagogical plans are better crafted when instructors understand the environments students live in.

  1. Parents should provide regular feedback on teachers and learning environments

Parents are privy to tons of sentiments and concerns children tell them, things shared with nobody else. As such, parents’ feedback is inherently valuable to boosting quality of education.

  1. Only teachers that are flexible in changing teaching methods should be hired

Rocketship compensates teachers considerably better than other schools, doing so to haul in teachers that are flexible in changing their habits.

  1. Teachers should hail from diverse backgrounds before students do

Students learn better when their teachers’ demographics closely fit their own. RSED recruits teachers from diverse backgrounds, rather than hauling in students belonging to an array of demographical backgrounds.

Dr. Villanueva and MB2: Biting Down on New Ideas

When it comes down to business, one doesn’t necessarily think of Dentistry. In college, we separate the sciences and the business world. They can’t possibly have anything in common, right? Dr. Chris Villanueva has changed the game by incorporating the ideals and values of being a Dental practitioner into the corporate side of things. He has discovered that the concrete foundation of dentistry can benefit greatly from a more corporate type of incorporation and integration. MB2 was created via a vision that Dr. Villanueva had of providing adequate and effective care, while simultaneously bringing together a community of Practitioners to gain knowledge from each other as well as develop new relationships. The main goal of MB2 Dental is to promote unity and quality care.
Prior to graduating from dental school, Dr. Villanueva was left with the two options that most are left with after post-secondary education. Either you took the risk and started up your own practice, or you joined an already existing team. With MB2, you get the best of both worlds. You have sole practices, but in a collective type of model. MB2 also looks at new trends and advancements within the field and transpires the information throughout each practice. Technology advances every day, especially in the dental field, and Dr. Villanueva has made it possible to take those things and learn how to enhance the Practitioner and the patients experience.
Dr. Villanueva has eliminated any stigma surrounding the dental world while also maintaining that same culture that caused the industry to flourish. One thing that a person might not associate with Dentistry is the word fun, but with MB2, that is one of the main objective. The goals are to incorporate fun, new dental management ideas into the already set in stone principles of the practice, while at the same time stimulating growth and better knowledge. Dr. Villanueva has tons of ideas cooking and has a focus on creating a great experience for practitioners and patients alike. He has taken a bite out of the industry, given it new flavors, and redesigned the overall taste of the dentistry industry.

Whitney Wolfe of Bumble Gets Married

Whitney Wolfe of Bumble just got married. The serial entrepreneur who co-founded Tinder is now off the dating market. Officially tying the knot with her lover, Mr. Michael Herd from Texas, Whitney graced her matrimonial event in a beautiful white gown at the Amalfi Coast. Being a private event, the couple is set to make an official announcement regarding their new promise to each other. Family and friends have been sending their congratulatory messages through Instagram as well as Twitter. Additionally are the photos of that day on their timelines. Ashley Longshore, their long time friend sent a message to the newly wedded coupled stating that they make love what it is, a beautiful thing.


Whether you are divorced, separated, in an open relationship or just looking for a partner to have fun, you have probably heard that online platforms are some of the best shopping places. Having faced her own challenges in dating online, Whitney Wolfe started an online dating site called Bumble. Before that, she was the co-founder of Tinder, a relatively famous dating application that has connected millions of people. She quit Tinder based on her first hand experience of intolerance. With a pending case that was not addressed to her satisfaction, she ventured into an application that would later magnify the strength of a woman.


Whitney’s story redefines the gender roles and their placement in the new world. To her, most dating applications give more attention to the man that the woman. That is not the case in Bumble. Bumble allows the woman to take the upper lead by initiating the conversation. The man should be on the other side, waiting for the woman to make plans. As if this is not enough, if the notification for a conversation is not met by positivity, the woman is allowed to report misconduct. Whitney explains that society is accustomed to the conventional norms in which a woman must bow to a man. Being a new era with women dominating the ever male-dominated industries, Bumble is here to redefine the dating rules.


When Whitney founded Bumble, she never thought that it would become a huge success story. Being a female first application for dating, it was a risky venture. The journey has however been smooth with most people signing up. From having three employees, Whitney Wolfe is now a proud employer of 35 people since 2014. It is projected that her Bumble application has been downloaded by 11 million users.

Learn More: fortune.com/tag/whitney-wolfe/

End Citizens United: How A Conservative Nonprofit Organization Grabbed The Headlines By Setting A Precedent At The U.S Supreme Court

In January 2008, James Bopp was barely finding his way as a prominent attorney in the U.S. The white-haired Indiana native had just gone through a complex three-judge panel that had undoubtedly made his profession a daunting task. While representing his client, Citizens United, Mr. Bopp firmly believed that the small conservative nonprofit (Citizens United) should be authorized to air Hillary: The Movie. Widely considered to a popular film by the Democrats, the movie would undeniably go a long way in persuading Americans to elect Hillary Clinton as their next president. In essence, the film depicted Hillary Clinton as modern European socialist with a ruthless political ace up her sleeve despite dressing in pantsuits.

The film also features a Kathleen Willey cameo who is famously reported to have had a fling with Bill Clinton while in the White House. However, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) opted to decline airing the movie based on 90 minute campaign ad which would grossly affect the primary season. Mr. James Bopp immediately issued a counterargument citing the movie was far from similar to a 60 minutes rendition. His remarks hardly impressed the Judge Royce Lamberth when she vividly differentiated the movie from a 60 minutes film, and even going further to inquire whether Bopp had read the transcript.

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Two years later, Bopp emerged as the ultimate winner when the Supreme Court annulled Judge Lamberth’s verdict and instead adopted most of Bopp’s arguments. In essence, the Citizens United was undoubtedly a carefully crafted move to scrap the national campaign-finance regulations which was initially perceived as mission impossible. Currently, Mr. Bopp possesses the right legal tools to challenge and eradicate every campaign finance regulation.

Tara Malloy, an upcoming associate counsel, recently hailed Bopp’s determination and courage despite fighting federal and state campaign laws. On the other hand, reformers view Bopp’s strategy as a means of widening loopholes in the law by using his clients as pawns. Such loopholes ultimately end up benefiting the wealthy in society while casting a shadow of credibility on the main issues at hand.

Apart from making leeway in the corridors of justice, End Citizens United has also impressed by raking in significant financial returns. The Foundation recently pulled in $4 million from donations during the first quarter while also staying on course to attaining the $35 million target by 2018 Congress midterm elections. The attainment of this target would be a tremendous boost to the $25 million previously forked by the PAC in the 2016 election.

Even though the current participants stood at an impressive 100,000 people, 40,000 were newbies in donation according to Tiffany Muller, PAC’s executive director and president. Despite attaining the $12 million mark for the year, the group firmly believes that the odds are stacked against them by the Republicans.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Using Technology and Fashion to Influence Lives

Knowledge and awareness of consumer preferences as well as the desire to succeed led Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg to form the Techstyle Fashion Group The company’s mission is to make activewear that is affordable looks good and makes the client feel good. Techstyle group primary business units include an e-commerce platform, Fabletics and trendy personalized clothes and shoes.


Initially, Don and Adam no experience in the fashion world and leveraged on their past success running businesses. At age 15, Adam Goldenberg has already started running his businesses. Gamers Alliance, Adam’s inaugural enterprise, offered gaming websites advertising services. In 1999, Intermix Media acquired the company and Goldenberg appointed Vice President, Strategic Planning. By age 20, he was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm. In 2000, FitnessHeaven.com, Don Ressler’s website was bought by Intermix. Before, Don had helped several online companies raise capital. Don and Adam developed a great work relationship at Intermix that resulted in a lifetime friendship.


Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler introduced Intelligent Beauty, in 2006. The company offered e-commerce services. In the process of building successful brands, the two friends realized the need for an alternative means of online shopping. They identified demand for comfortable, trendy, quality and personalized clothing.


In effect, they created Justfab, a clothing company that enables members to access personalized athletic accessories and apparel on a monthly basis. Clients got information on how to match and mix the different pieces to enhance their styles and build confidence. Matrix Partners structured funding for the venture.


In 2016, following a rebranding process, the company was renamed Techstyle. The name incorporated technology and fashion into one and the founders’ past in the tech industry. Today, many refer to TechStyle as the place where fashion links with Silicon Valley. The company’s offices mimic the settings of start-ups in the Silicon Valley and add a dash of style.


Goldenberg and Ressler endeavor to improve the lives of the people around them. As such they not only focus on generating values but making others feel confident and comfortable in what they wear all day. Techstyle supports community-based initiatives such as the Cinderella Project, that provides low-income students with gowns and accessories for prom.


Adam and Goldenberg continue to innovate and diversify the fashion industry. They partnered with business woman and actor, Kate Hudson to launch the Fabletics brand. Through the brand, they offer personalized athleisure wear for women of all sizes. http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg

Lori Senecal Provides Positive Impact on Companies

Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer of the marketing firm CP+B which specializes in providing advice to numerous companies. Throughout her career, Lori has helped many companies improve their marketing campaigns and help increase their profits. She has been able to use her expertise to help turn companies around who were struggling to reach sales goals. As well as helping companies that were in sales slumps, she has also helped a number of companies improve on their marketing campaigns to appeal to more customers as well. With her advice and expertise, Lori has enabled a number of companies to stand out among the competition.

One of the companies that Lori has made a considerable impact with is Kraft Mac & Cheese. The company announced on Ad Week that it would remove artificial ingredients from its products. Lori advised against it because it would negatively impact sales. Since a number of parents would not likely buy it with no artificial ingredients, the product would no longer be marketable. Therefore, the company followed Lori Senecal’s advice and was able to reach its sales expectations. After 50 million boxes of the product sold, a new marketing campaign revealed no artificial ingredients. As a result, the company was able to generate a lot of buzz and get more recognition among consumers.

Along with helping Kraft improve its market exposure with a new change, another company known as Letgo has also benefited from Lori’s expertise. Letgo is a company that specializes in providing ad applications. With this application, people are able to sell their products more easily. With the help of Lori, the company used a new feature known as the Commercializer which enabled Letgo users to make television style ads. This would be a more effective way to promote products for sale. Since this app has been very effective, over 45 million downloads have been completed.

Another way in which Lori has helped companies with their marketing is by introducing the Fitbit application. The video game known as NBA 2K was released and the makers were looking for a way to improve the user experience. With the introduction of the Fitbit app, players were able to link their profiles of the game with their Fitbit account. This helped them improve their abilities on a regular basis. By adding this app, players were able to get more out of their experience playing this game.


Don Ressler: Passion and Creativity to Succeed

Don Ressler is the co-founder of TechStyle. He is the pioneer of online space and has created many successful business enterprises. Some of his businesses are; Fitness Heaven.com which was sold in 1997 to Intermix Media. He was the chief executive officer and the president of the firm before he joined Intermix. Don Ressler made a significant contribution at Intermix where he helped to grow the shareholder value of the company and closed the deal of selling the firm to News Corp for a price of more than $670 million.


Don Ressler also co-founded Hydroderm and Alena Media that generated revenue of more than $1 billion. He then founded Intelligent Beauty alongside Adam Goldenberg that inspired them to establish the TechStyle Fashion Group. The main responsibility of Don Ressler at TechStyle is presiding over the customer service and the vision and talent of the company.


Mr. Ressler is popular for founding JustFab and for working with Adam Goldenberg to establish Fabletics. He is the co-chief executive officer of JustFab, alongside Adam Goldenberg. JustFab was launched in March 2010 as a subscription service. Female subscribers paid $39.95 per month for a boutique that is selected by their personal stylist. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg financed the firm using the $33 million and additional $76 million received from Matrix Partners along with Intelligent Beauty, Rho Ventures, and Technology Crossover Ventures. On the other hand, Fabletics is an online retail provider that is not subscription based.


JustFab rebranded itself to TechStyle in 2016, and the two co-founders explained that the change was as a result of the company’s transformation into brand building platform that is driven by personalization and data. Over time, the company became a fusion of fashion and technology, and for this reason, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg felt the need to reflect their attitude in the company’s name by using a tech word. The change of the name was also necessary because they had an umbrella of brands under JustFab.


Don Ressler confirms that they are very comfortable with the current location of TechStyle at El Segundo because they would like the company to be based in a city that is as fun as the styles that they strut. The surrounding environment of El Segundo also offers an opportunity to stay on top of fashion and the latest trends. Don Ressler’s resume constitutes of top-level business accomplishments, and his new venture is one to watch for. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8