Choose the best for your furry family members, choose Purina.

Being a pet parent can be one of the most rewarding parts of your life. Pets have been proven to help with our health in many ways, including stress reduction and lowering blood pressure. Their loyalty and unconditional love is unlike any other and should never be taken for granted. Purina pet food company knows all about these amazing creatures and therefore produce the food that they deserve. One of Purina’s most popular pet food brands is the Beneful line. comes in dry and wet food as well as treats. Purina Beneful brand foods are made with real; wholesome ingredients, complete, balanced nutrition, include antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. This line of dog food was created to keep your dog happy, healthy and ready for fun!

Dogs are said to be the most loyal and obedient of all household pets. Purina has spent more than 80 years creating quality food for them. Their commitment to their products and consumers is exactly what we pet parents should look for when choosing the right pet food company. However, there are many myths out there about their food.

One myth about their food ingredients is whether or not animal digest is a low quality ingredient. “Digest” refers to the digestive process during production. The animal proteins provided by USDA inspected producers is then hydrolyzed similarly to how the body digests food. Animal Digest provides protein and flavor to the kibble.

One of the main concerns of the ingredients is actually the by-products that are in many dry pet foods. Many companies want you as the consumer to believe that by-products are another low quality ingredient. In reality, by-product is just another name for the unused products left over from other products. It’s even used in certain human foods like gelatin and broth. Like humans, dogs and cats are carnivores and therefore eating meat products such as liver is not uncommon. By-products can be liver, kidney, lungs and spleen. The by-products used in Purina Food is high-quality and can boost the nutritional value of the food.

Many pet parents who choose to only eat “natural” or “organic” foods will often times look for the same options for their pets. A common mistake is assuming that “natural” and “organic” are the same thing. The term “natural” means a feed or ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources that have not been produced by a chemically synthetic process. While it’s understandable to want only the best food, choosing “natural” foods is not truly necessary. Lastly, similar to choosing “natural” foods, many pet parents feel that their pet should eat only “organic” like they do. “Organic” refers to the way a crop or animal is grown or raised and handled. Organic crops must be grown on land free from pesticides for three years. Organic livestock is fed organic feed, is not given antibiotics or hormones, and has access to the outdoors. Strictly feeding your pet “organic” is also not necessary to keep your pet healthy.

FreedomPop Has Many Options And Different Services Available

When a person has to worry about paying their bills each month, then they may have to consider cutting something out of their monthly budget. It may be necessary for the person to cut out things they feel are unnecessary, such as Internet service and cell phone service. Although most people feel the need to have Internet and cell phone service, sometimes, it’s not something that a person can readily afford. Since many service providers are charging an arm and a leg when it comes the Internet and cell phone service, some people feel the need to cancel the services altogether.

Although a person can miss out if they have to cancel their Internet or cell phone service, there are ways that the person can keep their service, and pay little or nothing for it each month. Anyone who is currently struggling with paying for cell phone or Internet service should consider switching over to FreedomPop services. FreedomPop is a service provider that has several services available, especially Internet and cell phone service. The cell phone service plan from FreedomPop is the most popular because it’s free, and they also have low-cost cell phone service as well.

Those who choose to get the free cell phone service from FreedomPop on fortune will get 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and they’ll also get 500 MB of data. As far as the cell phone plan is concerned, the person only needs to follow the guidelines to keep service free of charge, but those who need to add onto their service can do so. If a person needs extra data, they can add data to the plan for a small charge. Those who need extra minutes can also add it as well. It’s also possible to add extra text messages too.

If a person knows that they won’t be able to stay within the limits of the free cell phone plan, then they should consider getting the unlimited cell phone plan, which is only $20 per month. The unlimited plan is exactly as it states, and it gives unlimited data, text messages, and unlimited minutes. Those who are looking to get free Internet can also receive it from FreedomPop, and they’ll be able to get the Internet service within their home.

The Internet provided to a person’s home will come with a hub that also provides Wi-Fi as well. Anyone looking for Wi-Fi service in their home will do well by ordering the home hub from FreedomPop, especially since the Wi-Fi router comes all in one with the modem. The Wi-Fi router can allow up to eight different devices to be connected to the server at one time, so a lot of people can use the Wi-Fi service.

How To Get Your Home Sold In Record Time

There are a few steps you should follow if you’re seriously trying to sell your home. Many people put their homes up for sell only to see it on the market for months without so much as an offer. If you’re looking to sell — and sell quickly, here are a few things you should know.

The first thing a seller should do is find the right price for the home. Get your house appraised to find out the right price. What you think might be fair price, might not be the right price to someone else. A person may take a grand tour and really like what they see then — sticker shock. You lose that sale.

There is also nothing wrong with investing in some repairs. People don’t seem to realize how a few upgrades can increase the home’s value by thousands of dollars. A little paint on the inside and out and new windows and doors can make all the difference. Often, minor repairs won’t break the bank, and in fact, it is a good investment.

Sometimes people who want to sell their home simply don’t want to be bothered. They find the entire process way to cumbersome and prefer to let someone else do all the heavy lifting. 900 Sells Homes is a good place to start. They have agents in nearly every state and a track record for selling homes fast. The full-service agency has been around for 25 years and charge no up-front fees. Sellers who use 900 Sells Homes save a great deal of time and money leaving the process up to them.

Whether you’re selling your home on your own or using a service, it’s best take a bit of initiative to find out what you can do to move the process along as quickly as possible. This can make a huge difference in having a for sell sign sitting in your yard or getting it sold and having some extra cash in your pocket.

The Life and Career of Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambranho is a Brazilian engineer and entrepreneur, as well as the chairman of GP Investments. GP Investments is a leading investment firm throughout Latin America. Founded in 1993, GP Investments is headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda, with offices in São Paulo, Brazil, Zurich, Switzerland, and New York City, USA.

Born in Rio de Janiero in 1961, Lambranho earned a bachelor’s degree from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), as well as a master’s degree in business administration from Instituto de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Administração (COPPEAD-UFRJ). Lambranho also completed the Owner President Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

Fersen Lambranho

Lambranho worked for 12 years for Lojas Americanas, where he was a board member from 1998 to 2003.

Joining GP Investments in 1998, Lambranho became its managing director a year later. In 2003, Lambranho and partner Antonio Bonchristiano took control of the company; the two finished complete acquisition of GP Investments in 2004. Since taking control, Lambranho has seen GP Investments raise more private equity funds, as well as increase real estate and infrastructure investments. Lambranho’s main role for GP Investments is finding new deals, while Bonchristiano focuses on relationships with foreign partners and fundraising.

Fersen Lambranho

Currently, Lambranho also serves on the boards of Centauro, BHG, BRZ Investimentos and GP Advisors, and has served as chairman of the boards of Oi, Contax, Gafisa, and ABC Supermercados. Companies Lambranho has also previously served on the boards of include BRMalls, San Antonio, Estácio, Allis, Tele Norte Leste Participações, São Carlos Empreendimentos e Participações, Playcenter, Shoptime, Farmasa, BR Properties, and

Fersen Lambranho

Lambranho’s other achievements include serving on the board of several non-profit entities, such as the committee of the Prêmio IP Capital Partners de Arte (PIPA). PIPA’s purpose is to award and recognize established Brazilian art talent. Other non-profit boards Lambranho serves on include those for Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and COPPEAD-UFRJ. Lambranho and his wife Paloma Lambranho also co-founded the non-profit group Patronos da Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo. Lambranho also serves as a mentor to new entrepreneurs as a part of Endeavor, a New York City-based non-profit that works to increase entrepreneurship in over 20 countries. In November 2014, Lambranho was invited to Endeavor’s Brazil CEO Summit to speak about business relationships with investors.

FreedomPop On The Move

FreedomPop is a startup MVNP (Mobile Virtual Network Provider) company providing consumers with safe, affordable hotspots and free phone service. Their latest release for smart phones is a five dollar, unlimited talk, text and data service for not only the U.S., but the U.K. as well. Because they run off of rented Sprint lines, FreedomPop is the only efficient phone service to work with the latest iPhone, a distinct advantage over its competitors. With a 30 million dollar infusion, FreedomPop is not just for phones anymore. They have moved on to include a five dollar WiFi including country wide hotspots making travel easy. A WiFi service designed to work across multiple devices and on both Android and iPhone OS. Stephen Stokols, CEO and co-founder of FreedomPop, said “It will take longer to get the auto-connect functionality on par with Google’s. iOS is far more closed, whereas Google has committed to make Wi-Fi as seamless as possible, something else that should scare carriers.”

While the carrier of the WiFi service has not been announced, due to contract restrictions, it is rumored to be AT&T since they provide services to places such as Burger King, McDonald’s and Starbucks, businesses that have been announced as having FreedomPop hot spots. Up to now, FreedomPop has been built on free, but limited, wireless phone services. 200 minutes of calls, 500 texts, 500MB data/month, or a $20 unlimited plan. How could they possibly follow the affordable service but free WiFi hotspots across the country and throughout the U.K.. “This is [an] opportunity to deliver value regardless of what carrier the user is on,” he says. “For example, for $5 per month, you can cut your cellular data bill in half. You’d only need a 300 MB plan for that 5-15% of time when not on WiFi.”

Joseph Bismark’s Beliefs Are Admirable


Joseph Bismark believes that there is a lot more to life than just being successful in the business world. He believes that including spirituality into everything that he does is the most important thing that he can do, and that includes making it a part of his career.
Not many people would consider doing something like that, but Joseph Bismark isn’t afraid of a challenge. Not when it comes to something that he believes in. He set out and made a career for himself in which he incorporated spirituality. And it has worked out well for him.
Joseph Bismark spent 8 years when he was young living in the Philippines with monks. The things that he learned there are what has shaped him into the man that he is today. He has become a successful, spiritual businessman because of the things that he learned from the ages of 9 to 17.
As I read all of this on the WordPress blog Citizen Shame, I couldn’t help but admire Joseph Bismark for doing something different with his career and his life. He isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He isn’t afraid of making is spirituality a part of every aspect of his life. And, for that, I think that he is very admirable.

How FreedomPop Has Revolutionized The Way Mobile Wireless Companies Provide Services

We are living in a very busy world. We are constantly on the run with our careers, fun activities and families as well. To keep things moving the way they are supposed to, we need reliable sources of communication. We need a reliable mobile network so that we can make that call while at work to check on the kids at home, to check on the progress our employees are doing as well as catching up with friends. We also need a reliable internet provider so that we can quickly send business emails, keep in touch with friends and business colleagues via the social media as well.

For efficient communication to be possible, we need call and data services that are reliable and affordable. The internet service also provided needs to be fast on mobile devices so as we can access it anytime and anywhere we want. FreedomPop is a well known phenomenal company when matters related to offering top-notch mobile data and call services are concerned. This company has in the recent past managed to steal a very big number of mobile data users by offering free data, call and text packages. The services have made many users who are used to paying a lot of money for the same opt for FreedomPop’s.

This company has in the very recent past launched a low-cost Wi-Fi service where a user gets unlimited internet use for just $5. The user gets an automatic signing-on to over 10 million hotspots across the US for that unbelievable amount. This phenomenal service has totally shaken up big telecommunication giants because their business will be affected a big deal. Because around 90% of the total data used is by mobile devices, the company hopes to make a kill with this service.

The most awesome fact about this new service is that it will be available across a number of devices. The user will be accessing it through the use of Android and the iPhone apps. Provided the user has paid the monthly fee, he can be able to use the service on his mobile phone and tablet as well. The company does not restrict a user to make good use of the unlimited internet.

This is the first Wi-Fi plan the company has added. Many people know it from its free call, data and text service whereby a customer is not required to pay anything. This new service the management says an extension of its remarkable services. However, the company’s CEO insists that it a brand new opportunity for the company to continue delivering value regardless of the network the user is on.

The company is very confident that this service will also attract users who have phones that are not connected to any network. The company estimates that there are around 200 million abandoned phones in the United States alone. Because FreedomPop is even taking its services to the UK, offering the best services in terms of quality and affordability remain its number one priority.

Competitive Advantages of Investing in Brazil

Over the past fifteen years, Brazil, the largest country in South America and the only Portuguese-speaking country on the continent, has built a new developmental model underpinned by fiscal responsibility, social inclusion, reversal in external weaknesses and monetary stability. As per 2008 findings, Brazil is currently the world’s eighth largest economy in terms of its GDP and the ninth largest country in terms of its nationals ‘purchasing power, making it one of the leading destinations for foreign investments in the world. Brazil’s main competitive advantages, according to the Brazil Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, include a broad customer base, long-term future market stability, good political set up and pleasant geographical conditions. With success stories like Igor Cornelsen to boast, Brazil is the place to be now. Read some of the best qualities below:

With a population of 186 million that includes more than a million multimillionaires who visit European styled homes situated far away from the country’s mega-cities, the Federal Republic of Brazil is assured of long-term market stability. The country also has an attractive consumer market due to the growing middle-class population that has access to finance. The prospect of increased spending powers of the Brazilian population that is set to continue increasing over the years also makes investing in Brazil attractive.

Brazil is also a democracy with a stable political system, and it prioritizes on developing investment and business infrastructure. The government is maintaining the economic capacity of the country to provide increased business opportunities. This effort had helped Brazil to enact universal and clear guidelines for the productive sector that guarantee predictability and transparency for investors. There are infrastructural facilities, including transportation facilities, throughout the country.

The conspicuous efforts of the Brazilian government to develop scientific and technological infrastructure is also luring foreign investment. Investors in Brazil can turn to the Brazil Export Trade and Investing Guide, a website that highlights the country’s business and investment opportunities and promotes foreign trade and investment. This efficient government coordinated website brings together information on business and investment opportunities. The online guide follows the international trend toward cooperating organizations sharing products and services in a standardized platform and optimizes access to information and quick response to critical questions.

Brazil is also naturally endowed with abundant biological diversity. The world’s fifth largest country is home to the Amazon rainforest, filled with abundant natural resources and spread over 3.6 million kilometers. These resources and the cycle of economic growth have made the country one of the leading destinies for foreign investment in the world.

Scott Disick Cheating Scandal

When we think of Scott and Kourtney Kardashian, one thing we never forget is all of his wild crazy moments. We know Scott loves to get drunk, flirt with women and make insane look normal. Scott is the same guy who wanted a helicopter in his backyard, it never gets old and it’s always been good for television. Lately Skout’s drama is getting to be a little more than good for ratings, and Kourtney is done being the understanding girlfriend she has always been. Now that Kourtney and Scott have three small children, Kourt has to focus on doing what is best for them. These days Kourtney has little time to worry about if Scott is out drunk in a ditch, or sleeping in another woman’s bed.

Lately the stories about Scott’s cheating won’t stop, and while it looks like some could be just the result of thirsty women out to get famous, there is also more evidence than a little that Scott is no angel. Kourtney has been a great and supportive girlfriend but Scott’s luck is wearing off big time, and he doesn’t seem to care.

This week Scott’s been photographed in Monte Carlo, enjoying the sun and a few drinks with his ex girlfriend Chloe Bartoli. Apparently Chloe and Scott are so comfortable with each other that the PDA between them seems very natural and normal, in fact they look like they’ve been together for years. Of course Kourtney isn’t happy about Scott’s recent behavior, and even went to let off some steam and a few rounds at a gun rang. Could this be the end of Scott and Kourtney, or just another dose of drama

Beneful Healthy fiesta dry dog food

Beneful is dog food which is safe and healthy providing nutrition to more than 15 million dogs every year. They come as dry dog food, wet dog food, dog snacks. Beneful has a perfect balance of nutrient rich ingredients to keep your best buddy happy and healthy. Everybody wants their dog to be happy and have fun. Beneful makes food more fun for dogs and at the same time provides the best nutrition for the dog by providing quality food for millions of dogs. Beneful provides dog food in different consistencies like dry dog food, wet dog food.

Beneful wet dog food: Beneful wet dog food has all healthy and wholesome nutrients that dog needs to stay healthy and happy. Keep you dog healthy and happy with Beneful prepared meals, Medleys and chopped blends. Beneful makes most nutritious and delicious dog food that your dog will love. there are a wide variety of chopped blends of wet foods like chopped blends with beef, chopped blends with turkey, salmon, lamb and chopped blends with chicken and liver. there are other varieties of medleys like beef stew, beef and chicken medley, roasted chicken recipe, savory rice and Lamb stew are some of the wet dog food choices available with Beneful.

Beneful dry dog foods:
Beneful has a wide variety of dry dog foods available: Healthy smile dry dog food which supports Oral health of your dog like crunchy kibble and smile bites keep your dogs teeth clean and aid in