Positivity Is the Key for Norka Luque

Norka Luque has recently made a triumphant return to the Latino music scene and is looking to continue the message of staying positive and finding inspiration she began with her first musical release in 2011. The Venezuelan born singer has led a varied and successful life that has always been anchored by the dream of working in the music industry; the success she has achieved after exploring other areas of work and life backs up the inspirational aspects of the life and career of Norka Luque, which she believes includes the need to continue believing in dreams despite any setback her fans may face.

Music has always played an important role in the life of Norka Luque from her birth in Venezuela to the early stages of her career in France and across Europe. Norka has always felt drawn to music and a career in the music industry, an area of her life that was encouraged by her parents with piano and vocal lessons throughout her childhood; the support of her family has been a major inspiration for Norka Luque and played a part in her decision to spread her wings after finishing high school and heading to Europe to explore the culture and music industry on the continent.

During her time in Europe Norka decided to continue her education and achieved degrees in fashion, marketing, and the culinary arts; eventually she entered the financial industry while keeping her dream of a musical career alive playing in a band. The musical career of Norka Luque began in earnest in 2009, when respected Latin music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. became aware of the singer and began to take an interest in her career; Luque has since become one of the most recognizable Latin singers in the world after her initial releases found success in the U.S. and across Latin America.

Throughout her career Norka has sought to bring a sense of positive thinking to those who listen to her music, the message in general lets her fans know they can continue to follow their dreams despite any setbacks. 2016 has seen the release of the song “Milagro” that has been a hit across the America’s from the U.S. to Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

Put The Effort Into Fixing A Reputation

A bad reputation used to be a good one a little while ago. Such a statement may seem absurd on the surface, but the truth is reputations may take a turn for the worst after only one or two bad reviews, press releases, and news reports. The internet makes difficult situation even more complicated by ensuring bad news – barring a deliberate attempt to change the narrative – does not go away. That’s why sometimes it’s necessary to hire an outside source to suppress negative search results that show up for your business. A decade or so ago, people only learned about bad news related to a person, place, or thing if they actively went out and searched for the information. Today, social media beings news – good and bad – front and center to those who log into their accounts.

Reputations can absolutely suffer quickly and without warning. A visit to http://www.reputationmanagementfixers.com is definitely advised to learn how to deal with some of the confounding problems that might impact a one-time good name. Also worth doing is reading a solid article published at Promotion World. The article covers a few steps that do have to be taken to fix improper or annoying things that may be dragging your good name through the dirt and what online reputation management companies (like RFM) can do for you.

Scores of different responsibilities have to be undertaken and undertaken in the right way in order to arrive at significant changes. Social media has to managed properly. Good news about a reputation or brand should be circulated consistently. The minute a good review is discovered, sharing the item on social media is strongly suggested. Of course, negative or devastating content published on social media or on review sites absolutely must be given a proper response.

SEO work as well as earnest crisis communication are not things to ever be ignored. Those who do not take the initiative to make sure the search engine results are positive end up being at the whims and mercy of others. Sometimes, those persons may have a desire to do harm for business reasons.

Putting off the work of fixing a reputation is never a good business strategy. Visiting Reputation Management Fixers could get the process of putting things on the right path in motion. Getting started right away with correcting reputation problems is absolutely advised. The quicker things are fixed, the quicker a business’ brand is restored.

Reasons To Use Town Residential To Get The Best Real Estate Deals

Town Residential is one of New York’s most prominent luxury real estate service firms. The company specializes in luxury rental sales, commercial and retail, marketing, and leasing of property developments. The company was founded in 2010. Its headquarters are at 33 Irving Place, New York. In the short period of five years, Town Residential has cemented its position as one of the best serving firms with a qualified team of representatives.

The professionals who work for the company have a vast knowledge of the industry and the experience needed to preserve the high status of the enterprise. Town Residential has won many accolades in the residential real estate community such as Best Firm to Work and Top 50 Places To Work In New York Award. The company’s executive leadership is headed by Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. Andre Heiberger is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Co-Chairman. He is also the founder of Citi Habitats, a brokerage that initially focused on rentals.

New York is undoubtedly one of the busiest cities in the world. Settling in the city in an apartment or a purchased house can be a strenuous task, and it might also consume a lot of your time. Every neighborhood in the city is unique in their way. Getting real estate is not an easy task. You will be faced with the dilemma of choosing an area that suits your needs. It is highly advisable to seek professional help to assist your settling transition to be easy and free of hitches. Town Residential is the leading company that offers real estate services in New York. The leadership of the business is top class. They help you to know more about real estate market and assist you in every step of the way by informing you of the best and affordable prices. The company will make sure that that the buying process has no complications.

 Town Residential also helps sellers by advertising their property. It is vital to do proper advertising when selling so that the information about the real estate can reach many potential buyers. Town Residential is also helpful to people searching for rental property in New York. The company helps them get the most suitable residential real estate and apartments that are within their budget. If you are looking for a residential property in New York, Town Residential is the place to go.

Susan McGalla Says More Women Should Be In The Boardroom

There are a number of successful women entrepreneurs and CEOs in the U.S., but Susan McGalla is the embodiment of determination, strength and power. Before striking out on her own to build her own successful company, she was CEO of three Fortune 500 companies.

McGalla admits that her rise wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, women are still facing obstacles that can make their corporate job difficult. There’s no doubt that women have made huge strides in the last 20 years on ireport.cnn.com; several have shattered that glass ceiling. But it takes a great deal of hard work and determination to establish themselves.

After graduating college, McGalla went to work for Joseph Horne. It was there where she got her first taste of sexism. At Joseph Horne, she saw no women in the boardroom. That didn’t deter McGalla. The son of a coach, and raised with two older brothers, she never knew the word quit. He father always taught her that she should always put forth her best efforts and when she made mistakes, try again.

McGalla worked her way up to several managerial positions within Joseph Horne. When moved on to American Eagle Outfitters, she was named CEO within 2 years. Although there were more women at the top, McGalla felt that there should be more. Within 5 years, American Eagle Outfitters became one of the most profitable clothing companies in the world.

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McGalla’s advice to any woman seeking to climb the corporate ladder is to bide her time. Not very opportunity is the right one. Women have to strong and command respect. “We can’t allow ourselves to be taken for granted.”

For a long time, she wanted to own her own company. After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla founded P3 Consulting. The firm advises new businesses and even some old ones that have hit a stumbling block.

When asked if she will ever go back to work in the corporate world, McGalla could only say “maybe.” If the right opportunity arises, she says she wouldn’t rule it out. She sits on numerous boards in the Pittsburgh area on Steelers and gives generously to many local organizations to help the needy.

Lovaganza Promises An Experience Like No Other

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

CINERAMA was an ill-fated innovation in theatrical technology. While it was effective, beautiful, and immersive, it never caught the public’s attention as it should have. But Lovaganza has something in the works which takes the good aspects of CINERAMA and combines them with three-dimensional technology that spreads across a 180-degree screen. This new 3D experience doesn’t require three-dimensional glasses, which means no more migraines due to squinting in the low light. The end result will be an exceptional upgrade to both modern 3D and the CINERAMA of yesteryear. Called IMMERSCOPE, Lovaganza’s game-changing technological entertainment innovation surrogates live theatre’s personal impact with the scope of cinema.

For those who haven’t heard of Lovaganza, it really is an intriguing possibility set to unveil in the near future. Initial planning for Lovaganza at least predates 2012, and initially called for unveiling in 2015. Better technology was produced between the initial planning stages of Lovaganza and this date, so those developing the project decided to delay release five years. The new plan included a 2017 traveling convoy expositing the allure of IMMERSCOPE to the world before the unveiling. Three feature films on celebmafia.com will be released between now and 2020 additionally. They are to be featured in the traveling showcase, and they will be shown again at the 2020 expo. These films are reportedly only the first third of a three part saga which will encapsulate six new movies.

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When the 2020 event hits, it’s not going to be centrally located. Rather, Lovaganza is set to be in eight separate locations across the world simultaneously. The event will last four months, and centers of presentation will include locations in America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and The Middle East.

In a recent Yahoo Finance press release, it was noted that the Lovaganza Foundation will become official in 2018 in order to ensure all legal requirements are met before the final 2020 show.

Themes of Lovaganza include cultural respect and celebration, combined with a sort of “bohemian adventure” designed as a muse to evoke the wanderlust of the nations, and ensure peace through mingling cultures of independent variety coming together as never before. At least, that seems to be the idea. Films will include themes of drama, comedy, love, and adventure.

For those who’d like to remain abreast of Lovaganza news, the Lovaganza.com website is regularly updated as events warrant. The internet is beginning to buzz with intrigue for Lovaganza’s coming IMMERSCOPE and events, and it’s easy to see why. 

Why America Loves EOS

The winter months are approaching which means a lot of things. Warmer clothes, the season of colds and something else that we tend to dread: chapped lips. Lip balm becomes your best friend in those cold, dreary months because the dry air causes our lips to lose moisturization. Choosing a lip balm can sometimes be a pain- there are a ton of brands to choose from, all ranging in price. So, what is the right choice? Well, if you’re looking for an all natural, cost friendly choice that will instantly lock in some moisture, you should check out Evolution of Smooth, or EOS. This brand has become popular in the past year, and is a fan favorite.
Evolution of Smooth is a company that provides all natural lip balm products, among other beauty products as well. Popular for their fun colored, ball shaped balms, these lip products are a desired product. EOS lip balm come in different flavors that are all delicious. Not to mention, they are super cost friendly, averaging about three dollars per lip balm. You can also find their hand lotions at a modest price. These products are all hypoallergenic, gluten-free and environmentally friendly- no animal testing on these balls of fun!

You can find EOS products pretty much anywhere! A local pharmacy, or big name retailer such as Target will carry them. You can even order on Amazon! These are easy to come across and plentiful in varieties as well. You will fall in love with the moisture that is EOS. Don’t waste any time- stock up for the winter!

EOS products other link: http://www.racked.com/2014/10/31/7571165/eos-lip-balm

Sanjay Shah: The Entrepreneur with the Heart of Gold

Anytime you are an entrepreneur, you know what it takes to build something from the ground up and watch it grow. That is most definitely the case with Sanjay Shah Denmark. He has never been afraid of hard work and putting his all into something. He knows what it takes to roll up his sleeves and go to work on something and see it all the way through. Along with his wife Usha, they have put together a very special event to raise some much needed awareness when it comes to Autism. The event is called Autism Rocks and will feature performances from Flo Rida and Tyga. Everyone is coming together to help and do their part for this special event.

The more people that help, the more impact that can made. All of the donations at the event will go towards research into finding better insights into the condition. This event has a personal touch and a personal meaning for Sanjay and his wife, as they have an autistic son, and they know other people who have autistic children and sometimes they can feel alone. No longer do they need to feel alone. They can attend this event, connect with people, share their story, and have a great support group.

Sanjay has always been about other people and helping them out. He is a very caring man and goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others and do his part. He feels like it is the right thing to do and it brings him closer to people. The purpose of this event is to raise more awareness and find out more information on it while also having some fun at the same time. It is always great when you can achieve that. The event has been around since 2014. Other notable names that have performed at the event include Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Bublè and Drake.

This shows that many people care about this event and it means a lot to a tremendous amount of people. It shows the heart of people and that they truly care about others and want to do their part and whatever they can to get the word out there about it. If everyone could pitch in and do something, no matter how big or small, it can make a huge difference and make life a little easier for those families that have a child that needs extra care.


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Dick DeVos Leads Charitable Giving From Family With A Focus On Education

For many years the Forbes organization has been seeking to discover just how much money the DeVos family of Grand Rapids, Michigan gives to support charitable groups around the U.S. However, 2015 marks the first time the family that owns the Amway Group and NBA’s Orlando Magic have given details of their philanthropic giving to the magazine and have found themselves ranked 20th in the top 50 U.S. philanthropists. MLive reports the details of the DeVos family’s philanthropy include just how the family divides up its donations. In 2013, the vast majority of the donations made the family headed by Rich DeVos and now led by son Dick DeVos were given to education charities; however, the family also provided a large amount of funding for conservative think tanks that reflect the ideology backed by the family.

Dick DeVos has worked with his wife, Betsy, in a bid to make sure the education reforms the couple believe needed to take place have done so across the nation. Dick and Betsy DeVos have been long term supporters of the charter school program that has grown over the course of the 21st century to become one of the biggest in the U.S.; the efforts of DeVos family have not only centered around the Western Michigan area close to their home, but also support programs being developed across the U.S.

Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have played an important role in the political discussion that have taken place in many states regarding the development of a charter schools program in many different areas of the U.S. Devos has backed a number of schools highlighting the different areas of interest he himself has maintained over his life, including an innovative aviation based charter school found in his home state of Michigan.

Fabletics is a major player in the athleisure market

People love being comfortable, but they want to look good while they do it. It is not enough to simply slap a t-shirt and shorts on, the fashion industry has evolved. One of the most popular emerging fashion trends is athleisure wear. Athleisure wear merges athletic wear with leisurely wear so that people have something to wear throughout the day. Every major athletic wear brand has tried to enter the athleisure market. Adidas, Nike, and UnderArmor have all launched their own athleisure wear lines. Unfortunately, many of these line-ups are simply not very fashionable or comfortable. Men and women around the country are searching for an athleisure wear brand that is comfortable and fashionable, and recently Fabletics emerged to fill in the gap.

Fabletics is a truly unique clothing brand. The brand was developed by Kate Hudson with the help of fashion and business experts. Kate wanted a brand that she could wear at home and throughout Beverley Hills. She wanted to be comfortable, but she also wanted to look amazing. She personally helped develop several pieces of clothing in the Fabletics line-up.

Fabletics has been a rousing success. Both men and women love the fact that Fabletics is an extremely fashion conscious brand
, and that each Fabletics product can stand up to a workout. Fabletics started by focusing on opening retail locations. These new locations will make their brand more accessible because people can actually feel the quality of these products.

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Fabletics plans on opening around a hundred stores in the next five years, but the brand just started opening stores. This past spring they opened their seventh store. The Fabletics stores are a wonderful way to show off the brand, and to sell Fabletics subscriptions. These subscriptions ensure that the most loyal Fabletics commercials are always receiving the most recent Fabletics products. These subscriptions reward loyalty and customers always get their money’s worth.

Fabletics has become a major player in the athleisure wear market by using a combination of retail locations, subscription plans, and a great online store. They are shipping around 800,000 items a month, and they are mostly receiving positive feedback. The company has several excellent businessmen at the top, who are keeping the company on the right track financial. Kate Hudson is helping the public relations side of the Fabletics brand. Fabletics has grown so quickly that they recently had to make several additions to the customer service staff. Their customer service staff is now one of the best in the country because they invested heavily in their own success.

People want to feel comfortable in the clothes they wear. Athleisure wear is comfortable and fashionable and allows people throughout the world to exercise more. Fabletics is a major player in this market at https://www.internetretailer.com/2016/02/24/fabletics-aims-stretch-its-online-reach-more-stores, and will be for years to come.

Wen By Chaz Works Well For Fine Hair

Fine hair can be a problem for those who are looking to find the best ways of creating healthy, volume filled hair without the use of a large number of products each time the hair is washed. In a bustle.com article one woman detailed her experiences using the WEN Hair by Chaz cleansing conditioner to see how it stood up to the demands of everyday life.

In the article the cleansing conditioner user reveals that after a few initial doubts she was came to love this product that cuts down on time and the use of other products each day. Using the sephora endorsed variety of the cleansing conditioner she put the product to the test and revealed that after a few small problems at the start of her test she had found the best ways of using this hair care system to reduce the time spent on her own hair each day.

The founder of the Wen hair by Chaz line is Chaz Dean, a well known Hollywood stylist and hair expert who has always been looking for different ways to bring his ease of use message to the masses. After training as a photographer Chaz Dean found his love of cosmetology and embarked on a new career that would bring him a host of celebrity clients. The Wen by Chaz line of products does not use harsh sulfates that can cause damage to hair; the cleansing conditioner used in the Bustle article is a five in one product that can replace almost every hair care product commonly used.

For daily use the new user of Wen by Chaz products found this to be an excellent product that she recommended to the readers of her article. Getting a healthy, glowing shine to the hair is a factor the author of the article stated was an important part of her decision to heap praise on Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

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