Capital Anesthesiology Association: A Commitment To Excellence

Life is full of challenges, heartache, accidents, and injuries. Unfortunately that’s just the nature of the beat and that’s why it’s so important to having good medical care. In extreme cases, these injuries and illnesses may require extensive medical services to where sedation is required. This is where Capital Anesthesiology Association comes into the picture and it’s redefining the industry by it’s extraordinary services. Capital Anesthesiology Association has a commitment and a strong passion to provide the very best of services in the most comfortable environment. Excellence is what this organization strives for also it has an extensive resume of success since 1973.


Capital Anesthesiology Association is one of the leading independent practices of anesthesiology in the nation as well as one of the largest. There are up to 130 certified registered nurses here as well up to 80 physicians. You won’t find that many top notch medical personnel under one roof, but that’s another reason why this place is such a huge success. Every doctor/nurse here is either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified, which ensures all patients that they will receive the best in services.


CAA serves up to 20 medical facilities in the Austin, Texas Region. Whether it’s Level 1 Trauma Centers, High Acuity Hospitals, or for Ambulatory Surgical Centers, CAA has the area covered. Whatever the case may be for treating mishaps, this organization is well equipped for the job each and everytime.

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Why USHealth Group Is a Great Choice of Health Care

USHealth Advisors is a BBB accredited health group who is in the sector to help as many people and families as possible. One can attain the health care insurance options that they offer for extremely low and affordable prices. What will benefit them the most is the fact that they can be covered for a vast array of different types of injuries and illnesses. Should they have to visit the doctor or the hospital, they will come to discover that they are covered and do not have to pay much at all for their hospital/doctor visit.


What is the negative effect of not choosing a quality healthcare company? If a customer is to find out that the health insurance company that they have chosen to be covered by is not covering a certain type of injury or illness that they have been hospitalized for, then they will more than likely end up paying a lot more for its costs due to not being covered for them than if they were to actually be covered.


If you want to find a reliable health insurance company, then you do not have to look any further than USHealth Group as they will be glad to assist you. Some of the services that they have available, but not limited to are: family insurance, group insurance, and more. The customer service representatives are here to assist you with your needs of acquiring health services as they are well aware of people having needs of wanting to be covered for their health. Unfortunately, there are a great number of people who are not placing much importance on their needs of attaining health coverage when they actually should. This can be quite a detriment to their well-being because they know that they do not have health insurance coverage, but live their daily lives without knowing if they will fall ill or become injured. This can have an effect of constantly putting them in an anxious state. Contact USHealth Advisors today to sign up for their affordable health care. Their customer service line is one that is unmatched in the efforts they put forth in fulfilling customer satisfaction.

Top 3 Reasons EOS Lip Balms Are So Popular

EOS is a lip balm company that has been on the market for over seven years. When EOS lip balms were first introduced by Sanjiv Mehra and his co-founders they never could have imagined it would rise to the popularity it has today. These are just three of the top reasons why EOS lip balms are one of the top leading companies for lip balms.

Unique And Innovative Packaging

One of the most interesting things about EOS lip balms is their unique and innovative packaging. When Mehra and his co-founders first set out to create a lip balm they wanted to create a product that was very distinguishable from other products. Up until the release of the EOS lip balms most lip balm companies used the same type of packaging. EOS not only changed up the design of lip balm packaging but they also added bright, fun, playful colors. This packaging made it very convenient and also very easy to spot. When it was first released celebrities all over the world were seen using the adorable egg-shaped lip balm. Till this day millions and millions of people all over the world still love and enjoy the unique and innovative packaging that EOS has to offer.

Amazing Variety Of Flavors

Another one of the best things about EOS lip balms is the amazing variety of flavors they have to offer. They offer everything from light fresh scents such as vanilla and vanilla mint to fruity fragrant scents such as strawberry sorbet and raspberry pomegranate. Some of the most popular flavors include summer fruit, blueberry acai, tangerine, and blackberry nectar. EOS lip balms also come in a large variety of other flavors.

High Quality Ingredients

Each and every EOS lip balm product is made with only the highest quality ingredients. EOS lip balms are made with ingredients such as shea butter, antioxidant vitamins and even jojoba oil which are all very hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

Although there is a variety of different reasons why EOS lip balms are so great these are just three of the top reasons it is one of the best lip balms on the market. EOS lip balm products are very easy to get. They are widely available online on Amazon and They are also sold in many different stores such as Walmart, Well and Target. They are in some of the top drugstores and department stores in the world.


John Goullet’s Career Achievements

John Goullet started his professional career as an IT consultant but switched to IT Staffing in 1994. Through the combination of working both sides of Information Technology it has enabled him to have a broad base of knowledge in IT and to come up with novel ways of creating solutions. Today he serves as the Principal of Diversant Inc., an IT staffing company based in New Jersey that places IT workers with companies across the United States.

Goullet founded his own IT staffing company, Info Technologies and the company found great success. Within five years the company was placing IT staff across the country and was valued at $30 million. He saw that he could achieve even greater success by partnering with Diversant and so after negotiations the two companies merged. Diversant today has been recognized as one of the largest African-American owned firms in the US.

John Goullet was recently interviewed by ideamensch about his career and what tips and insights he could provide into the world of IT. He states that there is always a shortage of IT Professionals as just not enough students graduate with the skills to do it. To address this he researches where the greatest demand will be in the future and then working with IT professionals to develop the skill set needed to meet it.

He gives an insight that it’s very important to have the attribute of productive paranoia, which is a belief that your competition is right behind you and ready to overtake your business at any time. He uses this mindset in order to always keep pushing in order to remain the market leader. He also reveals a failure he’s had which was earlier in his career when he hired sales reps and executives but failed to hold them accountable. The executives he had hired had come from a business culture that didn’t fit what he was looking to attain, and the sales reps didn’t put forth the effort to bring in new business. He has since learned from this mistake and through it has brought Diversant to ever greater levels of success.

Comparative Law & Sujit Choudhry – Constitutional Expert and Advisor

Comparative Law studies the association between lawful frameworks or between principles of more than one framework, their disparities and similitudes. Comparative Law is a strategy for looking at lawful frameworks, and such comparison gives out results identifying with the distinctive legitimate societies being investigated. Comparative Law additionally assumes a part in a superior comprehension of outside legitimate frameworks. In this time of globalization, unpredictability and intertwinement of private and public law, it assumes an expanding critical part in universal harmonization and unification of laws, subsequently prompting to more global collaboration and a better world that is organized. Officials progressively make utilization of outside law in drafting new enactment and in more countries courts that likewise brings inspiration from abroad. The expanding significance of looking at legitimate frameworks is genuine not just for the scholastic teach of Comparative Law all things considered (where the emphasis is for the most part on strategy), additionally for particular parts of law.  Hit his account for more about him.

The academic discipline entails the investigation of lawful frameworks, including their constitutive components, how they differ, and how their components consolidate into a framework. A few controls have created as particular branches of comparative law, including comparative established law, comparative managerial law, comparative common law (in the feeling of the law of torts, delicts, contracts and commitments), comparative business law (in the feeling of business associations and exchange), and comparative criminal law. Investigations of these particular territories might be seen as miniaturized scale or full scale comparative lawful examination, i.e. comprehensive comparisons of two nations, or wide-ranging researches of different countries. Comparative civil law for example, demonstrates how the law of private relations is sorted out, translated and utilized as a part of various frameworks or nations.  More blogs on

Professor Sujit Choudhry, who plays a vital role in comparative law, is the Center for Constitutional Transitions founding director. The body in which he spearheads mobilizes knowledge in constitution building support while leading and assembling global systems of experts to come out with thematic research projects that provide proof-based policy alternatives to practitioners. The center likewise accomplices with a worldwide system of multilateral associations, think tanks, Universities and NGOs. In 2010, he was one of four Canadians to get the Trudeau Fellowship, the MacArthur awards that are Canadian equivalent. Educator Choudhry was Dean from 2014 to 2016, and built up a key plan service, innovation, access and globalization. Teacher Sujit Choudhry holds law degrees from Oxford, Toronto, and Harvard. He was also a Rhodes Scholar, and acted the role of a law clerk with Chief Justice Antonio Lamer of the Supreme Court of Canada.

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Top Wen Haircare Products

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care system that was created by celebrity hair stylist Chaz Dean. Chaz Dean worked as a celebrity colorist and stylist for many years before creating his own full line of hair care products. For over 15 years Wen has been offering high quality cleansers as well as conditioners and other hair care treatments. Below are just a few of the most popular products they have to offer.

The cleansing conditioner

One of the first and most unique products that Wen offers is the cleansing conditioner. The cleansing conditioner is an innovative product that takes the place of many other products including shampoo, deep conditioner and even leave in conditioner. WEN works to cleanse as well as condition the hair. The cleansing conditioner offers a deep clean while conditioning and nourishing the hair. Hair will be softer as well as more manageable.

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Anti frizz styling cream

The anti-frizz styling cream is an amazing product that works to tame flyaways. It also works to help protect hair from heat and natural elements. The anti-frizz cream works to smooth the hair as well as make it shinier and much softer.

The re-moist intensive hair mask

The re-moist intensive hair mask is a great product for dry and damaged hair. It helps adds moisture and luster back into the hair. Hair will be softer as well as shinier and much more controllable.

Although Wen offers a large line of hair care products these are just three of the most popular products they have to offer. Each product is designed to make hair softer as well as shinier and much more manageable. Wen products are made using only the highest quality ingredients and are always free of harsh chemicals such as sulfates which can dry and damage hair.

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Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr, Of the Lung Institute of Tampa Speaks About Stem Cell Therapy

Renowned physician Dr. Jack Coleman, Jr, of the Lung Institute of Tampa, Florida, speaks about stem cell therapies at the Third International Congress on Responsible Stem Cell Research in Italy. Dr. Coleman, Jr. will discuss the state of stem cell therapy and the promise associated with its emerging applications.

Commenting on PR Web about his presentation before the Third International Congress, Dr. Coleman, Jr. thinks stem cell technologies are redefining how medicine is practiced in the United States. The 75-year-old method of developing a pharmaceutical drug or procedure becomes bogged down in research testing, costs escalates and often becomes mired in bureaucracy that gets away from the research.

He will address research funding and functionality, from the collection box to the laboratory to the clinical trials to the delivery of the treatment. There will be a focus on the regulatory process and how it affects the development and availability to the end user. Dr. Coleman, Jr. contends the antiquated system slows down the much-needed delivery to patients in need. In addition, Dr. Coleman, Jr. looks into how various nation’s go about the research and delivery of contemporary stem cell therapies.

“Stem cell therapy’s time has come and is reshaping the face of the way medicine and healing is administered”, according to Dr. Coleman, Jr. He adds that while the biotechnology sector funds stem cell therapy research, he is frustrated by the regulatory agencies that seemingly stall the review process. Such delays add to the cost of traditional therapies and often passed on to the patient. Full details available on

He believes the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector has an obligation to provide the best therapy to individuals, in need of pain relief, eradicate suffering and improve their quality of life. “Our world is getting smaller, knowledge is becoming more egalitarian and medical care becoming more standardized across nations. At some point, we may realize that healthcare development from bench to bedside needs to progress beyond national sovereignty and become a global effort.”

The leading institute for stem cell therapy which treats COPD is the Lung Institute of Tampa, Florida. More information about the Lung Institute is available at their website

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Securus Technologies gets red carpet treatment at 2017 Stevies

Securus Technologies, a national leader in inmate communication, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2017 Stevie Awards. These coveted titles are handed to those companies which show an unwavering commitment to excellence in both customer service and products. Securus competed with thousands of other entrants this year but edged out all to make it to the final round. This guarantees that Securus will walk away with at least a Bronze Award and, with it, legitimate claim to be one of the nation’s leaders in customer service.


Securus’ selection also had a great deal to do with its ground-breaking innovations in the field of inmate communications. Its video visitation technology has proven so profoundly disruptive that it has largely replaced the old, collect-call-based telephone systems. The new technology is based on VoIP and has reduced costs of outgoing communications by orders of magnitude.



Video visitation creates real value for inmates and their families


Just 15 years ago, if a family wanted to visit an incarcerated loved one, they were faced with often grueling drives and expenses that looked more like a tropical vacation than a drive to an in-state prison.


Take a real-life example, we’ll leave out the names for privacy. An Hispanic family from San Diego wanted to visit their son, who was serving a ten year sentence for armed robbery at San Quentin in the early 2000s. They were only able to make one trip. After the arriving at the prison on the first trip, they realized that they had just driven almost 8 hours, one way, to see their son. That trip ended up costing them over $1000. The inmate ended up only seeing his family one time during his entire incarceration. Upon release, he recidivated. Securus’ video visitation has all but eliminated such tales of hardship, saving families money and ultimately, saving inmates from the grim prospect of a lifetime of recidivism.

Talk Fusion Is Making The World A Better Place

It is always refreshing and a thing of beauty when a product can really transform someone’s life for the better. That is exactly what Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion has been doing since they started up in 2007. Now, here in 2017, things are only getting bigger and better for the company. Bob Reina could not happier and he could not be prouder. How could anyone blame him? This type of effort that his team along with himself has put in is nothing short of remarkable. They have laid it all on the line and they are reaping the benefits in terms of awards.


At the end of the day, if asked anyone Bob Reina, he would likely say that the reason he does this is not for the awards. That is not the type of person he is and that is not why he created Talk Fusion in the first place. He is not big on the limelight. With all that being said, it is always a wonderful feeling to be rewarded for hard work and doing things the right way. The Technology Marketing Corporation, quite frankly, looks for products that are built to last. They have seen that with Talk Fusion. They have seen a product created that is really doing some great things in voice, data, and chat.


That is a big reason why they won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The recent award is a big one and that is for 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. This means they are the best of the best in their industry. There is a lot of competition and a lot of that competition is quite stiff. However, they have overcome it and they have stood out with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.


In the end, there have been a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of meetings, and a lot of discussions on how to make Talk Fusion as good as it is. When they receive awards like this, they are reminded of why they do this in the first place.

Evolution of Smooth Lip & Skin Care Products and Tips on how to choose a lip balm

About Evolution of Smooth (EOS)

EOS lip balm makes active beauty products including natural lip and skin care products that are crafted to bring satisfaction and style to everyday routines. They combine high-quality ingredients with refreshing scents, nice colors, and delicious flavors. The product range includes natural lip balm, shave cream products, and hand & body lotions. All products are gluten-free, dermatologist tested and made of natural skin-conditioning oils. EOS products are affordable and readily available at major global retailers including Ulta Amazon, Rossmann, Wal-Mart, Target, Costco, Dm, Douglas, Selfridges, Boots and Perfumania.

Lip Balms for EOS

Evolution of Smooth offers lip balms that are pleasantly flavored, as well as crammed with anti-oxidant-rich Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and soothing shea butter. All the lip balms from EOS are natural, and dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, as well as petrolatum and paraben free to make your lips beautiful, soft and smooth.

After applying EOS lip balm, you will have visibly softer and beautiful lips. The products are available in Blackberry Nectar, Vanilla Mint, and Coconut Milk. The lip balm product line entails organic smooth spheres, organic smooth sticks, active protection smooth recipes, shimmer smooth spheres, visibly soft, smooth spheres, and multi-packs.

How to choose a lip balm

The main purpose of a lip balm is to seal in moisture as well as shield the delicate skin from the sun and other components in the atmosphere by creating a layer on the lip surface. Therefore, you should go for a lip balm that can give you this result. But how do you go about selecting the perfect lip balm out of the many brands available in the market?

The trick is to read the ingredients written on the label of the lip balm. They are made using a variety of agents such as beeswax, hemp oils, minerals and petroleum. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the ingredients in the lip balm will not be harmful to your health in case you ingested it. Thus lip balms with petroleum products and synthetic flavorings should be avoided by all means.

Another thing you should look out for is the ingredients that have the effect of drying out lips such as menthol, phenol, alcohol, camphor and alum. Salicylic acid also has a drying effect though it also exfoliates. The most recommended ones are those with shea butter, nut oils, cocoa butter, beeswax and only contain plant-based natural essences. Beeswax prevent your lips from chapping and harsh weather elements while vegetable oils keep your lips supple and soft.

It is also important to consider the taste and smell of the lip balm, check whether it has multiple benefits and also whether it multitasks. You should like how it smells and tastes before you decide to buy it. Also, buy one that has many benefits and can multitask.

The lip balm of your choice should also have:

 Sunscreen

 Paraben-free

 Cocoa butter and lanolin for protection, moisturizing and softening of lips

 Ceramides, beeswax, and Vaseline which help retain water and moisturise

 About 5% of humectants for greater water content

Avoid ingredients that can cause lip irritation such as vitamin E, aloe butter, artificial colors and fragrances and also avoid applying the lip balm too frequently because it will cause dryness.

Now you know the dos and don’ts of buying a lip balm. Buy an evolution of smooth lip balm and prepare to be amazed.