Advice from Upwork to Get Through Your To-Do List Faster

A to-do list is important for busy professionals, so they can stay on schedule and feel accomplished at the end of the day. Many to-do lists can fall short, according to Upwork, because they are not organized correctly. Upwork, a company that allows clients and freelancers to find each other in an efficient way, suggests ways to organize a to-do list for better productivity.

Just one list! One list and one place to record tasks are more efficient than many. If you use an app or decide on a notebook, keep it within arms reach throughout your busy day.

Record your future tasks as they come to you. Thinking of everything at once is less productive than writing things down and clearing your mind right away.

Get prepared the evening before your day of work, so you don’t have to use your high-energy morning on your to-do list.

Estimate how much time your task will take as you add it to your list and when you should start the task.

What are your high priorities for the day? Organize your tasks by priority, so you are getting the most important things done first.

Delegate the things that you don’t have to do yourself. If you work from home and have an assignment to do and dinner to cook, ask for help. Asking for help will get rid of the feeling of being overwhelmed, so you can focus on one thing.

Use your energy for the correct tasks. High energy times should coordinate with the more difficult tasks on your list.

Creating groups in your to-do lists for tasks that are similar will help you feel like you are getting more done. If you have phone calls to several different clients, get them all done in a row. This will maximize your energy and you will enjoy making all of those check marks in the process.

Upwork is headquartered in Moutain View, CA and offers tips and suggestions for those in the business and freelancing worlds. Freelancers collectively earn over a billion dollars a year on Upwork.


Use Heal And Soothe For Joint Health

Heal And Soothe is an all-natural, 100% vegetarian supplement. It’s designed to help people who struggle with joint pain. Unlike pain medications, this product doesn’t seek to dull pain. Instead, Heal and Soothe seeks to treat pain at the source.


The body responds to injuries at the cellular level. Inflammation is a part of healing. When an injury resolves, enzymes are supposed to go to the site and help restore it. They breakdown unneeded scar tissue. They also breakdown entities called prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are almost like hormones. They have a number of functions, one of which is to regulate levels of pain. Read more How Heal-n-Soothe Has Changed the Supplement Industry


The problem is that as our bodies age, they produce fewer of these beneficial enzymes. There’s nothing to break the prostaglandins down or take the scar tissue apart. So, people continue to signal significant levels of pain, even though there’s no longer a pressing injury.


Heal And Soothe replaces the proteolytic enzymes that people are lacking. The enzymes in Heal And Soothe are also systemic. They go to work throughout the body, attacking sources of inflammation everywhere. They break down scar tissue that’s outlived its usefulness. They also boost cardiovascular, respiratory and immune function. Some users report that Heal And Soothe helped them resolve other issues like toenail fungus and ezcema.


Aside from enzymes, ingredients in the Heal N Soothe blend also include turmeric, ginger, bromelain and Mojave yucca root. These are well-known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is known to attack prostaglandins. Turmeric works on multiple fronts. This antioxidant combats free radicals. It also blocks enzymes that cause pain. In studies conducted at Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York, turmeric was shown to be more effective than aspirin as an anti-inflammatory. Visit This Page for more information.


In harnessing the power of these naturally soothing substances, Heal And Soothe helps people avoid dangerous side effects from pharmaceuticals. Instead, they’re simply supporting their health and avoiding the need for interventions with medication.



Meet William Saito, the successful programmer

William Saito is a prominent businessman at just ten William had already started working on computer programs. Once he joined college, he established a software firm that he later sold in 2000. William Saito has over the years worked under different capacities, he was a political and strategic advisor to the Japanese government. He is also an author and a financial expert.

Saito’s journey was not always easy, his parents are originally from Japanese, and this made it hard for Saito to improve his English skills, teachers did not understand him and thought he was a slow student. This was however not the case as Saito was excellent in mathematics and science. While still in school Saito developed an interest in computers.

Saito’s interest led him to become one of the youngest programmers, he was offered an internship in a computer programming firm, and this greatly helped improve his skills in computers and programs. His knowledge and skills in software’s have helped receive awards. In 1998 he was awarded as one of the youngest business figure of the year due to his software firm.

In his new book, Saito explains about his childhood and his growth in the business world. He explains his excitements after his parents bought his a personal computer, this was an exciting moment for Saito as he would now sharpen his IT skills in the comfort of his home. Saito confesses that during his time technology was less complicated than it is today and he discovered that he could make money out of his skills and the new advanced technologies, he has managed to establish his firm which deals with security software. Due to the advancement in technology, William Saito recognised the need to heighten security.

Dealing with leadership roles at an early age.

William Saito explains his experience being CEO at still an early age, when Saito was in college he managed to establish a software company, and this idea emerged a success, he became the head but did not share with his peers.

He was branded uncool, but this did not influence his destiny, the naming turned out to be something positives as he was single and managed to save on time as well as money. Being single also helped him dedicated more of his time on his projects.

Kamil Idris Former Head of the World Intellectual Property Organization

Kamil Idris is amongst the most respected international civil servant and is a Sudanese national. He is known for serving WIPO or World Intellectual Property Organization for over a decade. He has also headed the organization called International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants or UPOV. Kamil Idris has done B.A. from the Cairo University, Egypt in Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics and has also done Bachelor of Law Degree from the reputed Khartoum University, Sudan. He has also done masters in law with a specialization in international law from the United States’ Ohio University. Kamil Idris went on to do a doctorate in International law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva University, Switzerland.


Kamil Idris has been monitoring the world’s political and economic situation for many years and is often consulted by the governments and organizations on political, social, and financial matters. Recently, Kamil Idris wrote an article about how the stiff business tariffs imposed by the US Government against China can impact the global trade and the US-China relationship. Kamil Idris said that China had been engaged in acquiring US Intellectual Property for many years and it has been causing heavy losses to the US and its businesses. There have been rapid technology acquisitions by the businesses in China from the US, and it has been hurting the overall revenue generated by the American companies. The amount of loss suffered by the US due to the theft of IP by China from the US has resulted in massive losses, which as per analysts can be anything between $225 million and over $600 billion. Kamil Idris said that the US-China economic transactions are on the colossal scale and thus, calculating the exact losses suffered by the US can be challenging to calculate.


The new US government under Donald Trump has recently announced stiff tariff against Chinese imports that amounts to over $50 billion. Starting from stealing intellectual property to counterfeiting the products of popular US brands and much more, Chinese companies engage in a wide range of illegal activities against the US businesses. Trump Administration has resolved to punish China for its cruel and flawed business practices, and as per Kamil Idris, it might backfire as well with China’s growing influence globally.

Randal Nardone: A Name on Forbes

If one sees their name on Forbes, it’s bound to be a reason for satisfaction. Even more so, if your name is Randal Nardone, and you’re on the Forbes Billionaire List. As number 557 on the list, he isn’t the world’s richest man, but he certainly is a recognizable one.Nowadays, Randal Nardone can be seen at Fortress Investment Group. As the company’s leader, he positively affects both clients and employees, by being a thoughtful and innovative individual. As a lawyer, he does more than just lead his company, he is also involved in other companies and initiatives.

From the abovementioned company to NCS LLC and Springleaf Financial Holdings, this investor stays busy and his hard work definitely pays off.He graduated from Boston University School of Law and also achieved a Bachelors in Arts in English and Biology at the University of Connecticut. As a highly educated and hardworking individual with an eye for investment, he truly has the background needed for his company to succeed.Taking care of more than 1700 organizations around the world (as in, their assets), Fortress Investment Group is one of the top leading companies in it’s sector. They are well-known for being great at risk management, which is undoubtedly one of the top reasons how they have reached global success thus far.

With a leader like Randal Nardone, it is no surprise that many of the financial/investment professionals in Fortress are making it the large, dependable organization that it is today. Fortress Investment Group has recently proven their global expertise by taking on SoftBank Management, which has helped them get their foot in the door of the Asian financial sector. It is the company’s unique ability for global expansion that has helped to make it, not only a recognized name in U.S., but in the world. It has also likely helped to get Randal Nardone on Forbes Billionaire list. With headquarters in New York, it’s strategically placed to be a success both nationally and internationally.

Ryan Seacrest Wins Weight Battle

Ryan Seacrest is a very popular host and an entrepreneur. The popular American Idol host is also sharing information about his lifelong struggle with weight. Today, the entrepreneur is very slim and fit. However, it is important to relate that Ryan Seacrest was a very chubby kid. Generally, he hid behind big shirts to hide his obesity problem. Certainly, Seacrest is aware that his unhealthy lifestyle led to obesity. Today, other than being the host of “On Air with Ryan Seacrest“, he is in great shape, exercises daily, and eats healthy and nutritious meals. What is his secret? Read on for the very encouraging answer.

Getting Fit

The chubby kid from Dunwoody, GA has certainly learned a lot about maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the years. The fact is that Ryan Seacrest had very specific plan in mind to lose the weight. He’s stuck with the plan through the years. Ryan Seacrest believes getting fit begins with a commitment to working out on a regular schedule. Certainly, Seacrest enjoys working out several days a week. He makes sure that his plans do not conflict with his exercise schedule. The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host likes to hit the gym at least 5 times per week to exercise too. He makes sure that working out does not interfere with his hosting duties on the popular show. He strongly believes that maintaining a healthy weight is all about balance. It’s about eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.

Exercise Program

Ryan Seacrest, producer and TV host, shared in a recent interview that he is still addicted to food. Therefore, it is important for him to get just the right amount of core exercise to stay fit and burn calories. For example, one day he might hit the gym and work out with a trainer performing core exercises. The next day, he might jump on the stationary bike and burn a few calories. Seacrest admits he enjoys swimming a few laps in the pool. He finds swimming enjoyable and relaxing too.

Healthy Snacks

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) admits he likes to cheat on eating healthy snacks occasionally. He admits very candidly that his go to snacks are anything Mexican. However, today his life centers around eating healthy snacks and drinking plenty of nutritious juices.

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Peter Briger is a Princeton University graduate and a holder of a master’s degree in Business Administration from Pennsylvania’s University school of business. A financial profession and business leader located in San Francisco, California is currently the Principal and co-chairman of the board of the directors at Fortress. The firm specializes in both institutional and private investors and deals with assets more than $65 billion. Since 2009 Peter Briger has served as the co-chairman of the board of directors after a successful election.

Before joining Fortress in the year 2002,he worked at Goldman, Sach & Co for over a decade. Prior to joining Goldman, he served at Tipping Point as a board member of a non-profiting organization that serves low-income families in San Francisco. Additionally, Briger serves as a caliber schools board member and Global Control committee. At Fortress he is in charge of Credit and Real Estate Business. He also participated as a venture capitalist in cofounding of early investors in Facebook and CIA backed big startup Palantir valued over $20 billion.

Peter Briger being philanthropic he has contributed to some community affairs. He is a leader council at Silicon Valley an organization that deals with children global funds. Briger is a Foreign Relation council member also a nonpartisan organization that helps to promote a broader understanding of foreign affair policy issues among countrymen and elected officials. He is also among the top 400 in Forbes Billionaire list.

The 15-year-old vast expertise and experience he gained back at Goldman have seen him reach for the current big post. Fortress Investment Group in 2007 announced Peter Briger was a Billionaire and a 66 million shareholder which were estimated to be of more than $2illion. After that ranking announcement of his highest mark soon he declined due to Fortress stock exchange doing poorly, and today he is estimated to be worth about 44 million shares worth about $350 million. Fortress Executives to Cash In $1.39 Billion From SoftBank Sale

Peter Briger remains a veteran player in shadowy world’s special assets and among the fastest to rise to the top of the secretive edge of the investment world. He offers a good pay to his employees and also supports the Princeton University entrepreneurship program which helps to energize young entrepreneurs to start big companies. Additionally, this program helps to emphasize innovation, creativity, and pathways. It also offers a start of the pack to alumni to help them bring their big, ambitious dreams to reality. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Dr. Saad Saad – A Renowned Pediatric Surgeon

Being a legendary asset to the field of surgery is a great accomplishment and indeed worth a warm tribute. Dr. Saad Saad has gone into overdrive with the many achievements of his life. Having been a recipient of a rare opportunity to serve the capacity of a personal pediatric surgeon for the Saudi Royals in the 1980s, Dr. Saad Saad has not left a single stone unturned.


Dr. Saad Saad descends from a Palestinian heritage, born in Palestine and raised in the city of Kuwait. He is a sibling to 7 others, out which three are Surgeons, two PhDs and two master degree holders in Engineering and Teaching.


The New Jersey surgeon earned prestigious offers that became his stepping stones through his hard earned education. Earlier on in his profession he was the only board-certified pediatric surgeon who possessed fluency in Arabic and English. He resided in Riyadh during his 4 and a half years of medical service to the Royals. This included working at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital, which also generously catered to the poor population of KSA, as well as, the Royalties of other gulf countries. During the course of his profession his services were routinely sought by the Protocol Office and the Chief of the hospital, of whom he had the same great respect, to perform simple to complex surgeries.


It was during this tenure in which Dr. Saad demonstrated his excellence by successfully performing a pediatric surgery on the youngest baby ever with an aneurysm. This undertaking compelled a world-class scientific journal to cover the details of the case to educate aspiring surgeons.


Dr. Saad graduated with a medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt with honors, ranking second in his class. Furthermore, he completed his internship in England, followed by immigration to the United States where he did his residency in Surgery and Pediatric Surgery. He also earned board certification in the latter, which is an exhausting process given the involvement of special training, surgical practice, and the passing of rigorous exams every 10 years.


Dr. Saad Saad has always sought equality in the demographics he has served, without ever discriminating against the poor. He relates coming from a poor family had instilled him the vigority to perform well in studies. He holds his mentor, Dr. H Biemann Othersen, in Charleston, SC, in high praise for ingraining in him the principle of serving the poor and the rich, the mentally stable and the mentally unstable all as equally. He’s embarked on four Medical Missions in the U.S. and eight Medical Missions in Jerusalem and the West Bank, performing free of cost complex surgeries on poor children.


In addition to having performed thousands of surgeries, Dr. Saad has contributed to improving traditional medical methods and procedures. He fulfilled this vision through innovating many new pediatric surgical procedures, with two of them patented under his name.


Dr. Saad Saad has four children from a blessed marriage of 42 years. Two of his sons are Surgeons, one Lawyer, and one an ICU Nurse.


Dr. Saad Saad shares his expertise to educate the younger surgeons in training. His advice to the posterity is “Reaching your goals is not impossible if you insist on it.” Learn more:

Roseanne Bennett’s Unique Approach To Work

There are plenty of aspects of Roseanne Bennett’s approach to work that are very unique. One thing that Roseanne Bennett would say is that she is very old school when it comes to work. While a lot of people use their computers and mobile devices in order to get everything done, Roseanne sometimes writes everything down on pen and paper. This is one thing that sets Bennett apart from other workers. Another thing that sets her apart from some other workers is that she works with passion. Roseanne Bennet’s passion allows her to connect with her clients and inspire people she works with.


One of the reasons that Roseanne uses pen and paper is that she feels that she thinks at her best with pen and paper. In a way, it makes sense. There are quite a few people who are better able to think with pen and paper. One factor could be the simplicity of the pen writing on the piece of paper compared to the use of technology. For one thing, people take in information from their devices. Given that devices are used for getting tons of information at once, it could be a subconscious expectation of having to process this type of information. See This Page for additional information.


Roseanne Bennett is someone who is willing to be herself in the work environment. She does it in a way that inspires others to find who they are and live a life that is fulfilling. She gets involved in so many activities, and then at the end of the day, she has time for her family. This is one of the most admirable traits of Roseanne Bennett. When people look at all of her daily accomplishments, they may find themselves feeling inferior and intimidated. However, there are ways that people can achieve this much as well.


Roseann Bennett founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment with her husband Todd, Roseann’s mission was to bridge the gap between in-home therapy and outpatient therapy.


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Perry Mandera: A Leader In Business And Community Through Service

Perry Mandera has a long history of integrating business and public service successfully. The former United States Marine began serving his country in the late 1970’s and since his discharge from the military has taken his military discipline and desire to serve into the world of entrepreneurship without missing a beat along the way.

Since founding the Chicago and Los Angeles based trucking company, Custom Companies, Inc over 30 years ago, Perry Mandera has always found a way to build a high quality, customer satisfaction based successful company that can also serve as a pillar in the community by proactively engaging in a people first mission and many philanthropy efforts.

For instance in the Chicago area, Mandera is actively involved with the Illinois State Crime Commission that works in tandem with the Police Athletic League. In addition to hands on training and education for local police officers, the organizations also work to create a positive interaction and communications between the police and the public. One such youth program, the Commitment to Youth, provides at risk youth the opportunity to participate in organized sports they may have otherwise never had the opportunity or resources for (


The idea behind this program is to not only create a healthy and positive relationship between law enforcement and troubled youth but the also help the children build physical strength and boost self-esteem. Some of the programs, like boxing for instance, require that the youth first sign a pledge to remain alcohol and drug free in order to participate.

This is just one of many examples of how Perry Mandera has always given back. His long history of successful business operations at Custom Companies can be paralleled with an equal history of community service both on the local and national level. He continues to support both small and large causes like AIDS research, the Special Olympics and local hunger fighting causes.

Perry Mandera is a pinnacle example that business is more than just profits and bottom lines. That when you put people first, in both community and business, everybody involved wins and one hand washes the other.