Malini Saba: Good For Empowering Women

One thing that women need in order to be empowered is example. Fortunately, Malini Saba provides that example for women. Therefore, she is one person that could be trusted and looked to for inspiration and empowerment. She has also shown a lot of integrity in a time when people acted without integrity towards her. She has shown that one can walk the straight and narrow path and keep honest and still manage to bring herself into a better circumstance. One thing she will admit is that it was a hard fight. One has to be willing to fight it to the end in order to succeed in this world.


Given that women have been oppressed all throughout history, there is a need for empowerment. Fortunately, not only has Malini fought through her oppressors, she has also laid out a pathway for other women to do the same. Among the things she is offering women are better access to healthcare, legal empowerment, and different suggestions for ways to reach goals. One thing that she is very passionate about is proving to women that they don’t have to be resigned to something that they don’t want because of their gender. Also, because Malini has made, she is going to make sure that women around the world have access to the protection they need as they pursue their goals.


Malini had a few things going for her that helped with the success of her business. For one thing, she had the ambition and the desire to succeed. This has taken her very far in her pursuits. Then after all of that, she is a great mother as well. She places a lot of importance on family. Her daughter gets the education that she needs. Malini also drops her off at school and then picks her up when school is out. One thing that Malini understands is that people will pick up the habits of those that they are around. At least when her daughter is around her, she will pick up some of the habits that have made her successful. Malini is sure doing a lot to pave the way for women throughout the world.


Raj Fernando : The brain Behind Chopper Trading

Raj Fernando is an expert in technology innovation and international financial markets. He is the founder and the CEO of Scoutahead. Before forming, he founded Chopper Trading a Chicago-based proprietary firm where he served as the President and the Chief Executive Officer. Raj is also actively involved and takes part in foreign policy organizations.

Before selling Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group, he served as the chief executive officer, and he also designed and implemented some of the most sophisticated risk management including trading, communication, and monitoring source code security system in the firm.

Within a period of a decade, Raj raised Chopper Trading to one of the largest market participants trading in the global exchange. In 2015 Raj sold Chopper Trading to DRW Trading group another Chicago-based leading financial firm.

In 2016 Raj launched ; An internet start-up company. The company is designed to deliver trusted and confidential feedback and responses to organizations and individuals and as a result to increase professional and corporate growth and productivity. Raj is the chief executive officer and the chairperson of Scoutahead.

Currently, Raj Fernando serves on the foreign policy leadership committee at Booking Institute and is also a member of the Board of Directors for the American Security Project. He also participates in Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Raj supports various philanthropic activities in the United States and Chicago. Raj is a member of trustees in Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Other charitable projects include PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter. He actively supported wounded warriors, Clinton Foundation and big brother big sister of Metropolitan Chicago.

Raj is also politically active and has supported various presidential candidates. In 2003 he made a political contribution to Democratic Party. In 2008 he fundraised for Obama presidential campaign. And currently, he has supported and fundraised for Hilary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Raj studied at Beloit College where he earned Bachelor’s degree in Economic. He further studied at University College London. He started working at Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer where he served in various positions and also was in Chicago Board of Trade.

George Soros funds Hillary’s campaign to boost her chances of winning

The billionaire and financier philanthropist came back to the political scene after his previous failed effort to keep George W. Bush from office in 2004. George Soros recently donated $6 million towards the leading PAC that supports Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The presidential campaign marks a mega return of the world’s billionaire and financier and makes him one of the biggest givers in all of the American politics.

The large check he gave brings to $8 million that the Hungarian-born investor has spent that amount to Clinton groups too. Soros had previously donated other amounts in the previous year to Clinton and backed up PAC. George Soros is a philanthropist among the wealthy Democrats. He is among the few liberals that have shown a genuine willingness to drop an eight-figure simply to fund the campaigns on He has previously donated more than $20 million in 2004 to groups that wanted to oust President George W. Bush. After his failed attempt, he dialed back his money and never had any much political spending afterward.

Despite this, Soros was able to give $1 million, to priorities within the USA in 2012. The amount was primarily dedicated to supporting President Obama’s re-election on In the same year, he told a close Clinton friend that he regrets giving support to Obama over her in the 2008 preliminary campaigns. He later praised Clinton for giving him an opportunity to discuss great policy. All these were indicated in emails released the previous month by the State Department.

About George Soros

George Soros is a billionaire known for his philanthropic work and his investments. He was born in Budapest, Hungary in mid-1930. During his early years, he fled the Nazis in the 1940s and moved to New York in 1956 where he began his life of finance. He began his philanthropic efforts as early as 1979. By 2012 Soros had donated in his entire life amounts that went beyond $7billion, most of these amounts were made through his Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations was established in 1984. The foundation had a range of activities such as advancing education, public health, business development, justice and having an independent media on Soros has in the past supported several causes that have helped other non-profit organizations and calamities. He has aided regions struck by natural disasters, funded several arts programs and established an after-school program in New York.

George has become a beloved person through the many organizations he has funded to help shape up the society. He has undertaken several humanitarian projects, funded several financial empires and most of all written 12 books that have a keen focus on subjects about the war on global capitalism. George Soros is today a giant in finance and a highly influential figure in giving.

Desiree Perez Leads Tidal Into The Future


The world of music is one in which listeners can often pick out the exact kind of music they like. So many choices exist today that music lovers are often delighted to discover how easy it is to figure out what kinds of outlets are just right for them. Those at Tidal, a company that is all about the world of contemporary music, know just how easy it is to connect with their listeners and offer them something unique and really special in the music world. Here, people can find exclusives from artists they can’t find in other places. Rihanna, Kanye and Beyonce have all offered their listeners something they know is special. Those who listen to music at Tidal have made it clear they are willing to pay extra in order to get access to such musical visionaries.


 Taking Leadership At Tidal


Part of the company’s success lies in the company’s leadership. Desiree Perez, the woman said to be behind the scenes here and said to be the company’s foremost advocate. Her work in this company has been all about being part of a company that offers the best possible contract to recording artists for their fans. With her leadership abilities, Tidal has been able to bring in artists of a very high caliber to allow them to offer special offers just for their clients. The premium services here are those that allow listeners to hear songs that can help lift their spirits and feel as if they are a part of a community of people who share their values. Perez wants her listeners to feel that coming to Tidal means coming to a place that is notable for the music they love in a way they can themselves.


 Bringing Her Determination


Those who know Perez are aware that she aims to defend anyone she cares about with great passion. Her passion helps her see that it is necessary to be passionate about what she does in life. She comes to the business of music in the same way that she comes to everything else she does: as an advocate for her clients and an advocate for all those who need her take no prisoners viewpoint to be at their side. Her passion is for bringing justice and passion to all that she does including her involvement in the music world, a world that she really and truly loves.


How Are Gooee’s LED Lights Different Compared to Other Bulbs?

There are many who want to know the differences between these lights, versus the ones they have already. Let’s break it down.

1) The light source is different here. These lights are only the size of small piece of pepper. It’s that small! They offer a mix of colors red, green and blue. Gooee’s lights are primarily used to make a white light.

2) These lights put out very little heat. Let’s compare the CFL’s and the Incandescents. The Incandescents put out about 90% heat. The CFL’s put out about 80%. These numbers are with the heat converting to energy. That’s how much energy these two give off. The LEDs from Gooee only put out maybe 20% or less. Every study shows something different, but it’s more or less the same. We encourage you to do you own research on this. This way you can have the information for yourself.

3) Lastly, let’s discuss the direction of these lights. They put out the light in a very specific way and direction. This reduces the need for diffusers and reflectors. These two elements can trap the light. This sort of knowledge makes it more accessible for those using task lighting and downlighting. This makes it more accessible in many other ways too.

If you wish to find out more about these Gooee light bulbs and if you are area has them, click here.

Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights Foundation organizer, Not Looking for Recognition

Human rights activist Thor Halvorssen sat in the upper areas of the Christiana Theater in Oslo, Norway, listening in on a phone call. He was Chen Guangcheng and his wife, Yuan Weijing. Guangcheng was exiled Chinese dissident. He had been arrested following a peaceful demonstration against financial crimes committed against himself, his family, and others.

Guangcheng was talking about actor Christian Bale, who accompanied CNN reporters on a trip to China several years before. The actor and the camera crew went to beg the government’s forgiveness and barter for Guangcheng ‘s release. Bale and the CNN crew were harassed, assaulted, and stalked as they fled the area.

According to Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, an organization that works to educate about international human rights. The organization meets annually at the Oslo Freedom Forum where people share their stories and work together to find solutions to the world’s humanitarian crisis.

Halvorssen was never a stranger to the world’s humanitarian crisis. He was born in Venezuela and is of Norwegian and Venezuelan descent. Halvorssen’s father was arrested in the early 1990s. He was held for 70 days, beaten, and tortured.

He was later found not guilty on charges of money laundering and terrorism. Halvorssen’s mother was also an activist. She attended the 2004 Venezuelan recall referendum where she was shot by government security agents. She survived.

Halvorssen’s passion and energy have been noted by his colleagues.

“I tell people that he is a force of nature,” said Berlin-based journalist Jamie Kirchick.

“He is very driven and energetic,” said Jacob Mchangama, a German activist. “His foundation has helped me to accomplish things that I could not have done on my own.”

Despite his high energy levels and good nature, Thor Halvorssen has stated that he has no interest in being the face for the cause.

“I hate the idea of being the face of the organization,” Halvorssen said. “I like the idea of people focusing on the problem at hand, not the idea of ‘The Thor Show.'”

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

The Midas Legacy Goes Beyond Regular Firms

When people look for help, they rarely seek or find something that is very deep. A lot of the services that are offered tend to only scratch the surface when it comes to firms. Also, people are taught to ignore or go against their feelings and overall being for success. While to an extent, ignoring emotions is very important, it is also important to find a way to address these emotions so that one does not find himself plagued by these same emotional problems throughout his life. Often times, it all adds up and the person is going to need an outlet or a way to address the issue.

Fortunately, there are firms that provide the outlet needed for one to process his emotions. This firm is called The Midas Legacy. This company is filled with advice on plenty of aspects of life. The experts can help people take on whatever issue is bothering them the most. They take it on with no question. People are not made to feel ashamed that they are affected by any issue that they have. They are instead given the tools they need in order to address their current issue. The Midas Legacy understands that once they address and make peace with this concern, then they will be more free to be successful.

The Midas Legacy is filled with experts that will do more than provide people with brochures on different topics that they are concerned with. People are referred to experts that will help them address any aspect of their lives they need help with. For instance, if they have an emotional condition that is somewhat debilitating, then they will be able to work through it with some of the professionals at The Midas Legacy.

When people checkout The Midas Legacy, they will be pleasantly surprised that there are no goals that are not a match for the services that are offered in the company. People are given extra tools and assistance in realizing goals such as living a healthier life, becoming a better person overall, finding spiritual fulfillment, becoming healthier with a natural approach, starting a business and plenty of other activities.

Positivity Is the Key for Norka Luque

Norka Luque has recently made a triumphant return to the Latino music scene and is looking to continue the message of staying positive and finding inspiration she began with her first musical release in 2011. The Venezuelan born singer has led a varied and successful life that has always been anchored by the dream of working in the music industry; the success she has achieved after exploring other areas of work and life backs up the inspirational aspects of the life and career of Norka Luque, which she believes includes the need to continue believing in dreams despite any setback her fans may face.

Music has always played an important role in the life of Norka Luque from her birth in Venezuela to the early stages of her career in France and across Europe. Norka has always felt drawn to music and a career in the music industry, an area of her life that was encouraged by her parents with piano and vocal lessons throughout her childhood; the support of her family has been a major inspiration for Norka Luque and played a part in her decision to spread her wings after finishing high school and heading to Europe to explore the culture and music industry on the continent.

During her time in Europe Norka decided to continue her education and achieved degrees in fashion, marketing, and the culinary arts; eventually she entered the financial industry while keeping her dream of a musical career alive playing in a band. The musical career of Norka Luque began in earnest in 2009, when respected Latin music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. became aware of the singer and began to take an interest in her career; Luque has since become one of the most recognizable Latin singers in the world after her initial releases found success in the U.S. and across Latin America.

Throughout her career Norka has sought to bring a sense of positive thinking to those who listen to her music, the message in general lets her fans know they can continue to follow their dreams despite any setbacks. 2016 has seen the release of the song “Milagro” that has been a hit across the America’s from the U.S. to Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

Put The Effort Into Fixing A Reputation

A bad reputation used to be a good one a little while ago. Such a statement may seem absurd on the surface, but the truth is reputations may take a turn for the worst after only one or two bad reviews, press releases, and news reports. The internet makes difficult situation even more complicated by ensuring bad news – barring a deliberate attempt to change the narrative – does not go away. That’s why sometimes it’s necessary to hire an outside source to suppress negative search results that show up for your business.

Reputations can absolutely suffer quickly and without warning. A visit to is definitely advised to learn how to deal with some of the confounding problems that might impact a one-time good name. Also worth doing is reading a solid article published at Promotion World. The article covers a few steps that do have to be taken to fix improper or annoying things that may be dragging your good name through the dirt and what online reputation management companies (like RFM) can do for you.

Scores of different responsibilities have to be undertaken and undertaken in the right way in order to arrive at significant changes. Social media has to managed properly. Good news about a reputation or brand should be circulated consistently. The minute a good review is discovered, sharing the item on social media is strongly suggested. Of course, negative or devastating content published on social media or on review sites absolutely must be given a proper response.

SEO work as well as earnest crisis communication are not things to ever be ignored. Those who do not take the initiative to make sure the search engine results are positive end up being at the whims and mercy of others. Sometimes, those persons may have a desire to do harm for business reasons.

Putting off the work of fixing a reputation is never a good business strategy. Visiting Reputation Management Fixers could get the process of putting things on the right path in motion. Getting started right away with correcting reputation problems is absolutely advised. The quicker things are fixed, the quicker a business’ brand is restored.

Reasons To Use Town Residential To Get The Best Real Estate Deals

Town Residential is one of New York’s most prominent luxury real estate service firms. The company specializes in luxury rental sales, commercial and retail, marketing, and leasing of property developments. The company was founded in 2010. Its headquarters are at 33 Irving Place, New York. In the short period of five years, Town Residential has cemented its position as one of the best serving firms with a qualified team of representatives.

The professionals who work for the company have a vast knowledge of the industry and the experience needed to preserve the high status of the enterprise. Town Residential has won many accolades in the residential real estate community such as Best Firm to Work and Top 50 Places To Work In New York Award. The company’s executive leadership is headed by Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. Andre Heiberger is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Co-Chairman. He is also the founder of Citi Habitats, a brokerage that initially focused on rentals.

New York is undoubtedly one of the busiest cities in the world. Settling in the city in an apartment or a purchased house can be a strenuous task, and it might also consume a lot of your time. Every neighborhood in the city is unique in their way. Getting real estate is not an easy task. You will be faced with the dilemma of choosing an area that suits your needs. It is highly advisable to seek professional help to assist your settling transition to be easy and free of hitches. Town Residential is the leading company that offers real estate services in New York. The leadership of the business is top class. They help you to know more about real estate market and assist you in every step of the way by informing you of the best and affordable prices. The company will make sure that that the buying process has no complications.

 Town Residential also helps sellers by advertising their property. It is vital to do proper advertising when selling so that the information about the real estate can reach many potential buyers. Town Residential is also helpful to people searching for rental property in New York. The company helps them get the most suitable residential real estate and apartments that are within their budget. If you are looking for a residential property in New York, Town Residential is the place to go.