Full of Goodness with Beneful – It’s In the Name!

With wholesome, real ingredients, “Beneful” means “full of goodness”. Beneful provides your dog with full complete nutrition with its antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. Your pet’s health is important and as a pet owner, you only want the best for your dog’s unique nutritional needs. Just like their human buddies, feeding your pet a food that doesn’t have the right nutrients can lead to unexpected weight gain, less energy, and overall poorer health. Beneful commercial can help your dog maintain better health with 100% complete nutrition. With real meats as the number one ingredient and touches of fruit and vegetables, with no added sugar, it has flavors that your dog can’t help but love too! With essential vitamins and minerals, your dog will be happy, healthy and vibrant every day.

Available in a wide assortment of meals and treats, Beneful has something for every dog’s taste. The dry foods come in the traditional varieties of beef, chicken, and salmon. For more specialized needs, dry options also include Healthy Weight, Healthy Puppy, and Playful Life. Another option for dry food is Beneful Grain-free dog food with no corn, wheat, or gluten, and no fillers for the best nutrition. Wet food is available in several varieties as well. Incredibites in beef, chicken, and salmon mixed with nutritious wild rice, carrots, and tomatoes. Chopped Blends in a wide selection of different hearty blends and for a refined taste the Tuscan, Romana, and Mediterranean Style blends. For the occasional snack, Beneful treats include tasty choices such as Incredibites Crunchy Minis, Meaty Minis and Dental Minis for smaller dogs, as well as Break-N-Bites Crunchy in Chicken or Break-N-Bites Tender in Chicken and Beef. For a healthy mouth, there’s Healthy Smile in Small/ Medium and Large sizes. Your dog can also enjoy Baked Delights Hugs in Beef and Cheese or Baked Delights Snackers in Peanut Butter or Cheese flavors.

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How USHEALTHGROUP Inc Touches the Lives of Millions of Americans

USHEALTH GROUP inc was started back in 2011 with one goal only – to give American healthcare professionals with nothing but the very best services as far as far ancillary healthcare is concerned. And with more than 5000 employees altogether, this privately owned company is dedicated to giving its clients nothing but perfect services.


Some of the areas that the USHEALTH GROUP inc have specialized in include Practice Management, Surgical Implants and Biologics, Toxicology, Physical Medicine as well as Compound Pharmacy – all of which they have done such a great job in in the time that they have been available.


USHEALTH GROUP inc, being the formidable company that it is, offers quite some products for physicians to take advantage of. With its official headquarters based in Fort Worth, Texas, the company has got trained individuals to provide a myriad of coverage to its clients. Some of the clients include families, sole proprietors as well as small businesses together with their employees.


Clients have in turn put their trust in them, and as a result of that, they are in a position to tailor plans for their customers for the next half a century. You can either contact them via email or direct telephone during working hours. If you are around Fort Worth, then you can proceed to visit their offices directly.


The good thing about these unique products is that they are flexible. They have USHEALTHGROUP advisers who are specialized in giving advice on specific diseases and how to go about treating them. They also have insurance companies that make sure their clients are covered as perfectly as possible.


Through their official website, customers can access the customer reviews, agents as well as providers – all who have either benefited or have provided the best, personalized services over the years. To date, this privately owned company has served 15 million customers on a personalized and customized basis, and as a result of that, most of them have nothing but good things to say about their service provision.


Apart from their official website, one can easily access their USHEALTH GROUP LinkedIn where they can find everything that they need to about the company, including their contact information, history as well as exceptional career opportunities.


If you can also get to check the number of people who have recommended them, then you can always gain confidence in what they get to do. Apart from having 261 followers on their USHEALTHGROUP LinkedIn, the privately owned company also happens to have faithful followers on other social media platforms which go a long way in showing that they are dedicated to service provision which is impressive.


If you are interested in accessing their unparalleled services, then you can either sent an email via USHEALTH GROUP LinkedIn, their official website. Or even better, contact them via their social media pages.

Sweetgreen the Ethical Venture

Sweetgreen was created to fill the gap that existed in the food market in Georgetown. Albeit the town was full of restaurants, none offered healthy foods as all were designed to satisfy the common craving for fast foods.

Consequently, three classmates Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman had a hard time finding what they loved eating: healthy foods.

They would severally set out to look for a restaurant that would be fun, easy, and healthy, but most times if not always, they would be disappointed. The three whose parents were all business men easily came up with a business idea.

Theirs was even better since they were in a business class and were about to graduate. They would apply the lessons they learned in class to run their healthy food business called Sweetgreen.

One term to their graduation, they identified the location where they wanted to set their business. It was in the 560-square tavern that was on M Street. On calling the landlord, they realized she was not for the idea as she hung the phone on Nathaniel on the first day.

However, they pushed on and called her daily for 3 months. She continuously ignored their calls until one day she decided to meet them. They had to impress her by looking sharp and focused. Nathaniel Ru says that was the first and last day he wore a suit for a business meeting.

They also prepared a 3-page business plan, which they presented to the tavern’s Landlord. Looking back, Nathaniel says it must have been their lucky day since she gave them a chance to run the business in the space despite their lack of experience.

She asked them to draw up a more detailed business plan, look for an architect to develop the space, and for investors to sponsor their business and then call her. Within three weeks, the three found these requirements and met the landlord again. At this point, they were ready to begin the venture.

Today, Sweetgreen has expanded to 40 outlets in New York and plans are underway to open yet other stores. Moreover, the venture has stores in Boston, Philadelphia Washington, and other states. Nathaniel says that he and the other Sweetgreen co-founders desire to create a business that will outlive them. Therefore, they focus on the venture’s sustainably as one of the core values.

Moreover, the company also ensures that the managerial practices cause the community, the customers, and the company to benefit simultaneously. Consequently, selfish decisions are not made at Sweetgreen.

The CEO of the RBS Group, Eduardo Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is prominent for being among the Brazil’s most prosperous Brazilian entrepreneurs. He presently serves as the President as well as the Chairman at the RBS Group. The start of his professional career in the company started off at the beginning of 2016. Nelson Sirtosky worked in the company as the Chairperson to the Directors’ Panel before he came in.

Remarkably, Duda Melzer’s granddad is the person that facilitated the setting up of the firm. Worth noting is also that he is a participant of the third generation in the line. The outstanding personal commitment of Nelson Sirotsky towards service provision as the chairperson is the backbone of the entire success.

In consideration of educational qualifications, he is attained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He pursued this at the Harvard University. In the course of his time at Harvard, he undertook extra leadership courses. They consist of the establishment and management of customer-centered organizations, and the suitable strategies for the Media Associations. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also earned his Master of Business Administration from the same University.

He is also the Chairman and Founder of e.Bricks Digital. This refers to an RBS firm that ventures in the development of business alongside the digital sector and facilitates its operations both in Brazil as well as the United States. He also serves as the company Director at the Mercosul Biennial which is a universal digital show of art whose venue is Porto Alegre. Check out Pauliceiadojazz for the details.

He is not only a public speaker but also indulges in national and global conferences often under the support of the media firms of Brazil and beyond. Having emerged from a family setting that is traditionally entrepreneurial; he has turned out to be a very significant figure in the globe of business. The experience and his earlier works at several companies have enhanced his skills and competence. Visit eduardosirotskymelzer.com

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Under Petrello’s leadership, Nabors Industries goes high tech

Like just about every other modern industry, the oil drilling sector has seen profound changes since the introduction of cheap computer technology. Since the 1980s, the oil industry has been scrambling to implement automated and computer-aided solutions to the difficult problems that the industry faces, particularly around the areas of hard oil extraction. Tough oil plays, such as those found in top shale rock, buried deep below the ground or in offshore, deepwater sites, have proven to be difficult to extract by conventional means. The wide-scale deployment of highly sophisticated software has aided tremendously in the extraction of these tough to reach oil resources.

No one has done more in the oil extraction industry to promote and develop the use of highly sophisticated software systems than Nabors Industries. Under the leadership of Tony Petrello, Nabors Industries has been continuously developing some of the most technologically advanced solutions in the oil industry over the last three decades. One of these developments is its ROCKIT performance drilling software, a system that is capable of nearly completely autonomous drilling operations in tough shale and other hydraulic fracturing sites. The software has proven to be so successful that Nabors Industries has actually been able to license it out to other oil drilling companies. Currently, licensing and intellectual property make up a significant portion of Nabors Industries’ total revenues each year.

Petrello also led the company on to become one of the leading producers of directional drilling equipment. The company’s Canrig AC top drives are capable of successfully extracting some of the most difficult-to-reach oil, anywhere in the world. These systems have been widely deployed throughout North Dakota’s Bakken Shale formation. It has been a crucial tool for drillers of shale oil plays, making the extraction of oil resources that were once considered impossible to be a matter of routine.

How Passion Has Drives Mullen Lowe to where it Stands


In the Brazilian Advertising sector, the name Jose Henrique Borghi is adversely mentioned as a prominent personality who controls the industry courtesy of Mullen Lowe Agency. In this outfit, he is a co-CEO to Andres Gomes, who merged his Mullen Group of Companies to the former Borghi Lowe owned by Jose, Eirh, and Mr. Lowe. From the outlook, you can attest that the company has an immense reputation with the kind of personalities who have seen its progress from a small company to its current stature.

Built Reputation

The company has built its reputation from as an Ad Agency through Jose Borghi constant efforts in sourcing for funds, networks and aligning the company towards the internationally acceptable standards in this industry. Whenever young and upcoming entrepreneurs confront him with the question: “How do you manage such a huge advertising company? He always provides his insight using three words: passion, passion, and passion. He advises that passion makes things work since it drives you to the deepest ends of activity until you become a professional on the same. He further explains that when venturing out on business, one needs to focus on building the passion for what he does and not money. He looks at money as something that results in putting passion for working, and from there money should always be there for you.

How Passion Works

He recalls that through his passion for making content, he converted his admiration for commercial adverts to an actualized advertising company. The same passion saw him survive the hard economic times just as he had started the business.

He could still go out looking for opportunities to create content for his client with minimal returns. From such testaments, it is apparent that Mullen Lowe Brasil thrives on passion from its CEOs who have turned their diligence to serving the interest of their clients.

To know more visit @: http://josehenriqueborghioficial.com/

 Eric Pulier’s Success is Given Back Through Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist who lives in Los Angeles, California. Eric Pulier has helped found over 15 businesses to date, and combined those companies have combined to make hundreds of millions of dollars through these businesses he has founded or co-founded. Some of these companies include Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, and Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council to name a few.

Eric Pulier has also invested quite a bit of money in philanthropic causes such as charities including Trident Capital, eCompanies, and Monitor Ventures to name a few. Some of his investments include very successful startup companies in the technology industry, and the vast majority of those projects have gone on to have very successful businesses that have grown rapidly over time. He also works with the Multiple Sclerosis Society as he has helped pioneer the use of computers and multimedia education experiences to help people who have this disorder live a fuller, richer life. Pulier also served as a member of the Clinton Global Initiative which provides inexpensive cloud storage devices for computers that help serve underprivileged communities throughout the world. Eric Pulier’s biggest cause, however, is also active in the philanthropic community where he is on the board of the Painted Turtle which is a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses that would otherwise not have the opportunities to go to camps.

This entire enterprise Pulier has made for himself was founded upon Mr. Pulier’s past education where he graduated from Teaneck High School in 1984 before moving on to Hard University to attain his Bachelor of Arts degree. He also graduated from the fraternity of Magna Cum Laude as well as from Harvard University in 1988. While in college Pulier studied both English and American Literature as well as computer science and environmental studied. He also wrote a column called the PulierLeg in the Harvard Crimson which was the school’s weekly published newspaper. He also served as an editor on for the Harvard Crimson as well.

How Can You Support Civil, Human and Migrant Rights?

There are any number of reasons you may feel passionate about human, civil and migrant rights. Perhaps you are ready to do more than just have feelings on such emotional topics as fundamental rights for all people. If this is the case, there are countless ways you can help.

You can get started without going further than your laptop, or you can get out and get out and challenge yourself with something more hands on. The following are just a few ideas, once you get started giving, you’ll find opportunities everywhere you look.

Be Vocal

Every time there is a rally or a protest, be vocal. Get involved, show up and bring an extra sign. Making your voice literally heard while supporting a cause helps to get people in office to pay attention to the objectives of the movement. Talk about foreign relations, talk about the borders and what migrants are running toward.

The more you know, the more you will want to turn out to show support. Please note; you should be prepared to be peaceful about it and know your legal rights before getting involved.

Petition Your Representatives

It is important that you take the time to reach out to your government officials such as state representatives. If you know a local family that can benefit from their telling their story, it helps to make it personal and relatable.

Try to grab every opportunity you can to email, write, call and encourage others to do so. Many studies suggest this is the best way to get new laws and regulations enforced. Remember that power can be a double-edged sword. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:  http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

If too many people are making their voices heard about the wrong things, it can force groups of people to lose their rights. Be vigilant and educated in politics and voice your opinion every chance you get, especially to those who can do something about it.

Donate to Support Groups

Find places you can donate your time and resources to. In some instances, you can start at a local kitchen, helping to prepare meals. Shelters need people to organize donations and food drives. You can also be involved with groups that help migrant families get started once they are here.

Take It A Step Further

Choose to research groups that fight injustices on a personal level. Consider supporting groups like the Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund. The fund was set up after a 2007 incident where Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were forcibly removed from their home and unjustly arrested.

It turns out their crimes were exposing the injustice carried out by the Arpaio, detailing the facts in the Phoenix New Times. Exposure of the Sheriff’s office rampant mismanagement, including unconstitutional detention of Latinos were the only things the journalists were guilty of doing.

The arrest led to a lawsuit with a $3.75 million-dollar settlement to Larkin & Lacey, and the fund established shortly after. Donating to funds such as this can help you get help closest to the border and assisting on a personal level.

Supporting their foundation means you are helping support a group that is working in Arizona, specifically close to the Mexican border in support of civil, human, and migrant rights. Their support includes freedom of speech, as well as civic participation in Arizona, specifically the Mexican border, or ‘la linea fronteriza.’

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The Agora Financial Perspective on Investing

Agora Financial really changes the course of investing for anyone that maybe looking for an opportunity to realign their investment strategies with information that is relevant to the changes in the market. People that have had the time to consider the trends for the stock market will definitely see that they can make better choices.

Agora Financial has investors in place that are bringing the information to investors in a timely manner. These consultants have done the homework that the average investor just does not have time to do. The end result of this is a much better financial strategy for anyone that has funds that they want to see grow. A portfolio is only as good as the investor that is managing it. When people do not have the resources in place to manage their portfolio they will inevitably run into problems. They will see all types of issues with their Investments because they don’t have the tools to actually build the strategy that it takes to successfully make the portfolio work.

Agora Financial has those consultants in place that know how to do this. They know how to help people build the portfolio that they need to get to get a better financial standing. Agora Financial has consultants that really take time to see what companies are thriving. They get a chance to forecast what company is going to do based on market trends and previous assessments in the market. Agora Financial has certainly become a strong financial publication site for all that have been looking for condensed information about the market as a whole.

People do not have to worry about wasting their time looking for any investments when they can get a much clearer understanding of what is out there when they connect with Agora Financial.

For further information follow Agora Financial on Facebook.

James Dondero: Prominent Dallas Philanthropist and Investor

Prominent Dallas, TX hedge fund manager, co-founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management James Dundero, known locally for the successes of his firm’s portfolio management and investment advisory services, is giving generously to the lone star state’s charities and agencies through a wide-range of philanthropic efforts.

Through Highland Capital LP, Dondero provided $1 million to the Dallas Zoo earlier this year as a necessary component of the initiative to build the Hippo Hut, a 4500 square-foot, supporting private events and educational displays.

In October, 2016, the charitable division of the investment firm, the Highland Capital Foundation announced a $1 million challenge grant, matching 50 percent of all donations to The Family Place. As the largest provider of trauma support in the state, The Family Place gives counseling and shelter services for Dallas’ victims of violence.

Promoting the value of educational services to the residents of Dallas, TX, Dondero has provided key financial contributions meeting their ongoing needs.

The Perot Museum of Natural Science, supporting children’s understanding of mathematics, technology and science through hands-on programs, Uplift Education, the largest charter school network in North Texas, Education is Freedom, a provider of workforce training skills and internship facilitator and Southern Methodist University’s Capital Management Tower Scholars Program are among the educational beneficiaries of James Dondero’s philanthropy supporting Dallas’ academic causes.

Providing assistance to Dallas’ most vulnerable youth through a volunteer network of professional individuals and organizations, Highland provides contributions to Capital for Kids.

James Dondero supports the children of military personnel victims of fatal casualties in the line of duty through Highland’s donations to Snowball Express.

Encouraging the preservation of historical records, artifacts and promoting the legacy of the 43rd President of the United States, Dondero’s investment organization contributes to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute located in Dallas, TX.

About James Dondero

Co-Founder and CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has more than 30 years of equity market and credit experience.

Dondero began his career at American Express in 1985 and was quickly promoted to Portfolio Manager, overseeing $1 billion in fixed income funds. After leaving the consumer credit giant, Dondero joined Protective Life’s GIV subsidiary as Chief Investment Officer, growing the firm to $2 billion before his departure to found Highland Capital.

Dondero earned dual degrees in Accounting and Finance from The University of Virginia’s McIntyre School of Commerce.

Find more information on James Dondero on Twitter.