State Of Emergency Ruled Constitutional By Supreme Court

The Venezuelan Supreme Court, the highest court in the country has ruled that President Nicholas Maduro’s decree of a state of emergency in the country is in line with the laws of the country’s constitution. The socialist president had issued a decree of a state of emergency in Venezuela last week amid rising tensions, a worsening economy and growing protests.
Meanwhile Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, a part of parliament of Venezuela which opposes the president and wants him to step down has rejected the state of emergency decree declared by president Maduro. The Supreme Court of Venezuela ruled in favor of the measures implemented by president Maduro and it comes as no surprise to many. The court has almost always taken the side of Maduro’s administration and it is pretty clear that they are right on board with the agenda of Nicholas Maduro.

The court cited extraordinary political, social, economic and ecological upheaval as the reason why the state of emergency is constitutional according to the their view. The state of emergency that has been declared will last for sixty days, but many fear that it could be expanded upon if conditions do not improve in Venezuela.

Opposition members to Maduro’s regime have meanwhile circulated a petition on facebook to have him removed from power. It has been signed by close to 2 million people in Venezuela. The petition has been ignored so far and the vice president has plainly stated that there will be no referendum that will depose the president. Meanwhile, soldiers are guarding, distributing and even selling food in a worsening economy.

Andy Wirth Works To End Ski Feud

Up in North Tahoe, all eyes are currently on two of is premiere ski resorts, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. The resorts are separated by a mountain and by a culture that thrives on territorial pride.

Just like avid football fans, Squaw Valley residents patronize the Squaw Valley ski resort and rarely stray. Alpine Meadows works the same way. But recently, Powder Magazine interviewed Andy Wirth, who plans to unite the rival resorts by means of a base-to-base gondola  – Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth’s gondola would be able to taxi skiers and snowboarders across the mountain divide, so that more people would be able to ski both runs in the same day.

This would reduce traffic on the roads between the two resorts, as skiers currently have to take a bus to use both runs in one day. It would also mean a merger of two cultures.

Andy Wirth is hoping for a repeat situation of the famous Whistler and Blackcomb resorts; the two were connected by convenient transportation and now most snow athletes use both resorts, regardless of their town of origin. So not only does the gondola reduce traffic on the streets, but it has the potential to increase business for both resorts. To read the entire interview in Powder Magazine, click here.

Andy Wirth is currently the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and works to make the resorts under his name the most attractive tourist destinations in the country. But there is more to the man that just business.

As a business-holder that deals with the natural environment, he has used his influence and history as a forest ranger to protect the territory. He also founded the Wounded Warrior Support, a program that helps Navy SEALS and their families after they return home from duty. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Andy Wirth has numerous other charities and philanthropic programs under his belt, which makes him an entrepreneur of substance. His influence sets a good example for both businessmen and patrons alike. The Northern Tahoe ski resort feud’s days are numbered.

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The King of the SEO Ocean And White Shark Media

White Shark Media is the powerhouse king of the waters of search engine optimization. They do not just provide advertising and boost web traffic but an increase in sales using every tool at their disposal. When dealing with White Shark media you are not just buying a service you are gaining an experienced partnership with which you will bring your business to the level you always wanted. With new and improved communication networks White Shark Media has created one of the best consumer experiences for any client’s needs. Now with GoToMeetings monthly and a new and easy access phone system no client will be at a loss for information. White Shark Media not only has the ability to raise sales as well as website traffic but also increase new business as a whole. Each campaign has its own needs and White Shark Media is the best at catering to the specific needs of each customer to provide the best services to make sure that each client gets the desired result. No matter whether your business is in its beginnings or it is already running well White Shark Media Complaints can still help to bring it further towards each customer’s goal. They believe that the better the company’s campaign the better they can already achieve. If you are not at that point yet even if you do not really know how SEO works; White Shark Media is sure to not only provide knowledge in the areas you need but the expertise to help use it in the way that best befits the campaign you are trying to run. With the best customer experience by far as told by many clients and some of the strongest knowledge in the area of SEO White Shark Media is your one stop shop for all of your needs as not only as a start up but even if you are looking to bring your current business to the next level. White Shark Media can and has proven they will provide you with all of the tools to do this and more no matter how large the campaign the King of the SEO Ocean will lead you to the top of the food chain in all aspects of your business!

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Maduro’s opponents want to change election rules

The move to oust Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro took another twist last week when the opposition party controlled parliament changed the rules on how a recall vote can be held, according to a Reuters article. The new laws would speed up the process as the president’s detractors want to push Maduro at as the economic crisis that has gripped the county widens.
The constitution allows a recall or a referendum vote on whether to keep the politician in office, after half his term has passed. Maduro was elected in 2013 and is nearing the halfway point. The new law would cut the term of president from six years to four, and it would apply to Maduro.

But earlier this month the Elections Council said it had the authority to ask for recall votes. The new law would put it in the hands of the Legislature, which is the basic conflict at the moment – who gets to call for a recall. Opponents do not want to have to wait the whole three years. The measure could be struck down by the supreme court, which has sided with the president on key issues since he has been in office.

A poll earlier funded by Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa this year showed that nearly two thirds of Venezuelans blame the president for current problems and want him ousted. “The socialistic government model seems to have failed, leaving the county with massive unemployment, shortages of all kinds and inflation that seems out of control” says analyst Adrian Jose.

Does No Lather Matter?

WEN hair products are the creation of photographer turned stylist, Chaz Dean. After years as a successful hair salon owner in California, Dean created his own line of products based on his hair care philosophy.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is billed as a 5 in 1 product – shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and leave-in conditioner. Users are instructed to wet hair, dispense the recommended amount of product for their hair length and work through hair and rinse prior to exiting shower. Please note that this product produces no lather as one would expect from a typical “shampoo”. It is important that new users realize this is normal and expected for the Wen cleanser and it is not a case of needing more product to produce a sudsing effect.

First time users may be concerned about the amount of WEN product that one is supposed to use in the application. If you are concerned, try starting off with the minimal amount recommended for your hair length and evaluate results. Some adjusting may be necessary.

The benefits of using Wen, according to Chaz, are hair that becomes stronger, more manageable and moisturized. Many consumers have reported almost instant results during and after use such as fuller and softer hair. Others report that their hair is definitely shinier and healthier looking. The product is safe to use everyday as it contains no sulfates, which can be harsh on hair.

There is a complete line of Wen hair care products that are available on Ebay to compliment the Cleansing Conditioner.


Big Boss Bruce Levenson

In April of 2015, Bruce Levenson hired bankers to sell the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks because they were off by 27% for the price they can get. Back in October 2014, Mr. Levenson hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports and operating rights to Philips Arena. He was convinced by one of his employees that it could get at the very least $1 billion for the team and the arena’s operating rights. Bloomberg is responsible for telling the story that an entourage led by Ares Management co-founder Tony Ressler won the auction set with a bid of $730 million dollars. Many people did not believe $1 billion was sensible. In January, three experts told CNBC that the Hawks would be sold for anywhere between $900 million and $1 billion and Mr. Bruce Levenson valued the team at $825 million. Andrew Zimbalist from Smith College, predicted a price range from $700 million to $750 million. The chances of Mr. Bruce Levenson on time getting a big profit is very high but due to overselling the bankers dissuaded other bidders and led to having some money left over.

The team’s CEO Steve Koonin and coach Mike Budenholzer will take part in the long terms plans of the new ownership on Just before the Hawk’s game 2 of the first round, Mr. Budenholzer admitted that he was aware of the sales reports but was too focused on basketball. The purchasing group is not only led by Tony Ressler but it also includes Grant Hill, Clayton Dubilier, Rick Schnall, Sara Blakely, and Jesse Itzler. The sales process began in September and may continue until June. The Hawks is considered one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference and they could have a longer playoff than expected. If the team wins the NBA Championship, then Larry O’Brien will receive the trophy and be the new owner of the Hawks.

Style Icon Kate Midddleton Mixes It Up

Princess, Duchess, and mother of two, Kate Middleton is the epitome of a global icon both in terms of an empowering female figure and fashionista. She is the catalyst of makeup, hair and clothing trends and never fails to impress HR admirers. Recently, PopSugar has reported her latest statement: bold pops of green in her coats, shoes and accessories. The hues are refreshing and welcome, as though they are ringing in the spring and warmer weather and bringing life back into the mostly monochromatic world.

In putting an outfit together, Middleton is careful to coordinate her accessories and shoes with the main components. Truly, accessories can make or break style. Websites such as JustFab make the process of browsing and selecting the best shoes, bags and jewelry much easier. The company has a wide selection, and even shows pieces inspired by the outfits of celebrities (such as Kate Middleton herself) to guide customers in the right direction. Separated into shoes, clothes, and general accessories, the website is user friendly and perfect for putting together an outfit from head to toe.

When first signing up for JustFab, users get to take a quick, yet important, style quiz. They received a showroom with personalized picks based on what they have answered. They can choose to either shop exclusively from the showroom, or browse around and find something else they love. When purchasing, they can become VIP members and have access to savings and deals each month. From discounts to BOGO sales, there is no denying that the products offered from JustFab give shoppers the biggest bang for their buck.

Just like Kate Midddleton is experimenting with colors and unique accessories, the fashion world is changing it up and moving forward for the new season. Everyone is loving the Duchess of Cambridge’s new look, and there is no doubt she will serve as a muse for fashion designers in the coming months.

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Solo Capital – Investing At The Right Time

You don’t know what you are doing so you just put more than 20 percent into everything that is going down the list of companies. This is a wrong move because in an uncertain market, not having professional advice and guidance can prove to be a disaster. Solo Capital is an investment advisory firm that is designed to offer its clients tips, advice and investment services. Solo Capital LLC was founded by Sanjay Shah in 2011 and is headquartered in London, England.

It may not be your thing but when it comes to investment, seeking professional support is absolutely a must. It is your money and investing it smartly will let you have confidence for the future. So what are your investment options? How nervous are you about the volatility in the market? The experts at Solo Capital will help you with all these information during initial consultation. There is a little reason to not to take advice from them. It is also important that you learn about various other things pertaining to investment. What is in the global fund that you are investing? What is your fee structure for the services offered? Your job is to delegate the task of finding the best plans and strategies for your investment professionally. This also means managing and dealing your own money, your needs, your future and your means.

Everyone can understand the basic of investment but there are some things that are only learned through financial experts. It is an advice you are looking for in terms of opportunities and risks. Through Solo Capital’s services, you can take that knowledge from many sources, sort through the various options and match them with your goals. Then adjust your portfolio accordingly. And then there are situations where you think you can beat the market. When you are smart and talking to the right people, you are investing for your future and making money for the long term. Study after study has shown that investors fair well when they are getting help from Linked In experts in stock market. Not only is this about coming across some very valuable trading days or getting in and out of the market at the right time, but making and keeping the profit in a smart way. Is the stock that you are investing in belongs to a hot sector? Do you have exposure to that stock in your portfolio? These are the things you want to know because in the long term, the profit is all that matters. In essence, Solo Capital is the right firm to seek help if you are looking for investment in the stock market for your short term as well as long term needs.

What Does Solo Capital Do?

Sanjay Shah, the founder of Solo Capital, has worked to build an empire out of the small dreams that he once had for his company. He has worked to make it successful and has quickly become one of the most popular private capital firms in London. He has been able to do so through the work that he accomplishes and the way that he is able to train his employees to do the same.

Consultation is done for businesses and individuals who do not know how to properly run their business or manage their capital. Solo Capital consultation services are provided for all people who need help with money. Since they are a consulting agency, they are able to provide advice on which investments will be the best. . . and which could be a flop. There are many facets to consulting for business and Sanjay Shah has made sure that his business partners know how to handle all of them.

When it comes to proprietary trading, Solo Capital knows what they are doing. They are able to accurately predict market trends and set up plans for people who need to make more money from the portions that they are investing. With this style, they are able to help all of their clients who wish to break into the world of trading or who want to make more money on the trade market. This has enabled the company to gain more clients and has allowed the clients to make more money from the trades that they have done.

While there are many investment opportunities, the professional sports investments are one that Solo Capital focuses heavily on. They are experts at professional sports investments and provide the information that is required for clients to get the most out of their sports investments. They have set up different avenues for clients to achieve different goals with the sports investing that they do. Because of this, they have been able to become one of the forerunners in the race for who is the best at sports investing. Their clients are happy with this.

As the founder of the company, Sanjay Shah has been subject to a great deal of information about the company. He has worked to make this information available and will openly speak about the past that he has had. Starting out as a student in medical school, Shah was not always planning to be in the financial world. He quickly learned that he loved finances and it was something he was good at. He took a hard turn in his potential career and began pursuing a degree in accounting. This has allowed him to skyrocket into a successful private equity business owner.

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How To Craft An Advantageous Wikipedia Presence And Avoid Malicious Edits

Wikipedia, a crowdsourced online encyclopedia, is extremely beneficial to people who want facts, not opinions, on a wide range of topics. Occasionally, a volunteer editor will insert his or her opinion while creating or editing a page, as was the case with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wikipedia page when someone edited the page and wrote “FINALLY HAS A GODD***ED OSCAR” repeatedly, spoiling the actor’s Wikipedia page. While Leonardo DiCaprio did finally win an Oscar for his work, the edit clearly shows bias, violating Wikipedia’s regulations. Public figures, including politicians, authors and entrepreneurs, should make a Wikipedia page so that when people are looking for factual information, it is easy to find. A person needn’t be as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio to warrant an entry, however, the individual will need reliable third-party sources to prove their notability. 

A Wikipedia page is also beneficial for companies because it provides them with another credible online presence. People may look up a company’s history and learn more about the firm before contacting the company, which increases consumer’s trust. Creating a Wikipedia page, however, is daunting for some entrepreneurs, since the format required is similar to that of a college thesis, as opposed to writing promotional copy, which is forbidden on Wikipedia. Business owners that realize the benefits of a permanent profile on Wikipedia’s site, but find the process of creating the entry daunting, can use expert Wikipedia editing services such as Get Your Wiki to create and/or monitor and update a Wikipedia page. 

Monitoring services that check each edit on a Wikipedia page are vital to make sure that no one maliciously changes the page by adding unflattering, negative information that is an opinion, not a fact. Having Get Your Wiki create and then monitor a business page on Wikipedia assures the business owner that the entry giving them added prestige and credibility does not end up like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wikipedia page thanks to their Wiki experts for hire.

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