The Powerful Songwriting Skills of Banks

The name Jillian Banks may not mean much to a lot of people. Her debut album dropped last year, and she got a lot of praise for it. Critics loved it, but it wasn’t a mainstream sound. Now that MTV has called her out as the artist to watch, more people may recognize her.

As an artist with a debut album, Banks had a wonderful sound, but she didn’t really have a gimmick. Katy Perry dropped a bisexual anthem with “I Kissed a Girl.” Brittney Spears, in her early years, had the school girl costume that made her a rare teenage sex symbol. Fans failed to reach pop star domination because she just didn’t have any of this. What she did have, however, was great songwriting to showcase her talents.

She didn’t hit the pop circuit because she is not one of those artists that are designed to appeal to teenagers. Banks is young, but she has a grown up sound. She writes about love and love that is lost. In songs like “Beggin’ For Thread” she writes about how emotions and failed love can drive a person crazy. All of her wisdom shines through in her songwriting and this has kept her fan base growing. Her melodies on this album have also give her a unique sound. Many onlookers like Sam Tabar feel that the bass heavy tracks are bold and unique, and that is why her fans want more.

Ed Sheeran Plays Personally For A Fan

Ed Sheeran has proved that even someone who looks like a redheaded stepchild can have great fame. Ed Sheeran is the red haired wonder with a great voice. Ed Sheeran. Earlier this year he tackled a Stevie Wonder song, and he did an amazing job. Ed is currently gearing up for a tour, and he decided to do a personal favor for a fan. There was a contest, and the prize was going to be meeting Ed Sheeran, and he would be playing in concert.

A 16 year old girl named Sydney Davis won the concert, and she got front row seats to the show. When she went to the show, Ed played a song just for her while she was backstage. The moment must have been one of the greatest for the fan, especially being so young. The fan decided to take several pictures of the moment, and no doubt she’ll be sharing the pictures on social media. Ed is a very down to earth person, and Ed is friends with some big-name celebrities, such as Sam Smith, Taylor Swift and a slew of others.

Ed Sheeran performed on a show with Beyonce a couple months ago, and he did a great job. Fans love interacting with their celebrity crushes, and 16 year old Sydney Davis got a concert that she’ll never forget. Ed’s tour started in Austin, Texas and Sam Tabar believes he will have many more dates to come.

Beyonce Breaks The Internet

Beyonce is an extremely popular music recording artist, and she recently released a new song with Nicki Minaj. The collaboration song is titled ‘Feeling Myself.’ The music video for the song was released this week, and many people claimed that the video broke the Internet.

Nicki Minaj and Beyonce Knowles are two of the most beautiful and curvaceous women on the planet. Millions of people around the world look up to Beyonce and Nicki. However, Beyonce shocked the world with a very skimpy outfit that she wore in the video.

In the ‘Feeling Myself’ video, Beyonce Knowles simply wore Derrick Rose’s Jersey and nothing else according to Dr. Daniel Amen. When people saw this, they went insane. Several celebrities tweeted out hilarious reaction photos to the video.

Apparently, Buzzfeed has announced that a tumblr war is currently taking place. Some people feel that Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s collaboration song is even hotter then the ‘Feeling Myself’ track. However, millions of people have already favored Beyonce’s track over Britney’s. There is currently a battle between the four sexiest divas in the world.

Several men feel that both songs are amazing, and no one should need to choose between the two. The summer is getting off to a hot start, and it’s just the beginning. Many people are hoping that more Beyonce music videos will be released in the near future.

Taylor Swift Shares Kiss With Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift dominated the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She won the event’s most coveted award, and many people were extremely happy for her. This time, Kanye West did not try to ruin her moment. However, Taylor Swift was involved in a controversial moment during the event.

There has long been rumours that Taylor Swift was dating a DJ by the name of Calvin Harris. For months, Taylor Swift denied these reports, but during the Billboard Awards, she proved these rumors were true. James Dondero said that as Taylor was getting up to receive her award, she ran over to Calvin Harris who was sitting close by.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift embraced in a warm hug, and then they shared a small kiss. Many people couldn’t believe the moment, and Taylor Swift later said that she was so emotional. Some fans are wondering if Taylor Swift is sending Calvin Harris mixed signals. Several people believe that the friendly hug shared between Swift and Harris was nothing more than a friendly hug. However, most Taylor Swift followers agree believe that Calvin Harrison and Taylor Swift are much more than friends. Only time will tell whether or not the DJ and recording artist share more than musical ideas. For more information on this story, visit E!

Pentatonix May Break Out in Pop Music

Pentatonix May Break Pop Music’s Ceiling

“Pitch Perfect 2″ hit theaters this weekend, featuring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson as they played as members of the Bellas, an underdog a cappella group. At one point in the movie the team faces off against Pentatonix, a real-life a cappella group.

Scott Hoying, a member of Pentatonix, felt that the movie was an over exaggeration of what real-life bands are like but at the same time noted that there were some things that were very similar, including how competitions are held at the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella, or ICCA.

Even with the movie, Pentatonix has enjoyed success in their recent years. Fans at The Aspire New Brunswick (theaspiregroupinc) know that, originally from Arlington, Texas, the group came together and started by making YouTube covers of famous top 40 songs, making their own videos in the process. They even started their own channel on YouTube. The band gained even more attention when their album entitled “That’s Christmas to Me” made it to Number Two on the US Billboard 200 last year.

With all of this in mind, Pentatonix now realizes they have a new challenge now that they’ll be making their own original music, but will be studying with Kelly Clarkson this summer when she launches her tour. For them this shouldn’t be very problematic, considering they’ve already gone platinum simply by making their own remixes and additions to songs that are already popular.

Two Hour Movie Marks CSI Retirement

After 15 seasons, spanning to a large variety of crime scene investigation areas of focus, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will come to an end. A 16th season will give way to event television, as reported on A.V. Club.
CSI fans such as Paul Mathieson will view the end of this long-running series with a two-hour TV movie. This will air in September. The current cast, including Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue will be move on, but Danson will actually continue with his current position starring on CSI: Cyber, one of the many spinoffs from CSI.

The eventual end of this long-running series was evaluated last fall. CBS reduced the 15th season episodes to 18. CBS dodged any inquiries about the demise of CSI until now. The star line-up for the final movie episode will include including William Petersen as Gil Grissom and Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows. There is no word as to how these roles will play out or any clues about this finale. While waiting for this, the past 14 seasons are available for streaming.

Joss Whedon Was “Broken” By The Age of Ultron

The second Avengers movie has had mixed reactions from fans and critics. While a few people have commended the movie for being balanced and mentioned how it was practically impossible to top the first one, others have been disappointed by the direction of Black Widow’s character and certain decisions taken by the team. This still doesn’t change the fact that Age of Ultron is a box office hit. In the 2012 Hero Complex, Whedon even mentioned that he was nervous about directing the second movie.

Recently, he made a statement saying that the movie practically “broke” him. Could this be because of the backlash regarding the obvious but carefully hidden sexism in the storyline of Natasha Romanoff? Is it because of the pressures that come with directing a Marvel movie? It is, as of now, unclear.

A few fans like Jason Halpern have been discussing an important theory – what would have happened if someone else had been at the helm of Age of Ultron? The obvious choice is Guillermo del Toro of the Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth fame. Del Toro was also supposed to direct parts of the Hobbit trilogy but had to leave because of prior commitments. His vision, especially with superhero and sci-fi movies, is unmatched; his monsters are wondrous to behold.

Another great choice would have been Peter Jackson who gifted the world the Lord of the Rings movies and recently, the Hobbit trilogy.

Beyoncé Knowles Diet Secrets Revealed

Beyoncé Knowles is one of the sexiest women on the planet. She is famous for her soulful voice and beautiful curvy body. Many people across the world dream of having a body like Beyoncé, but few people will ever be able to acquire such a perfect figure. However, people should realize that Beyoncé Knowles didn’t get that body on her own. It took hard work and discipline to reach the level of perfection that Beyoncé now has according to Ivan Ong.

Beyoncé Knowles was recently asked about her beautiful body, and she said that she couldn’t do it without her dietitian who monitors her food intake. Beyoncé’s dietitian said that he instructs all of his clients to go on a vegan diet for a few weeks. A vegan diet supposedly cuts out many unnecessary calories and unhealthy fats. I have a feeling that many people are going to turn vegan after hearing the famed dietitian’s words. Beyoncé Knowles can do it, and we can too.

Dieting is not the only key to Beyoncé’s perfect figure. She also has a strict workout regimen that focuses on extenuating her beautiful curves. She does a lot of squats, and that’s how her lower half looks so round and full. Many of Beyoncé’s secrets were revealed on Mirror.

Rihanna’s Rocky Road Back to the Spotlight

If there is an artist that is having a hard time getting back into the swing of things it is Rhianna. She released a single called “American Oxygen”, but it hasn’t gotten the buzz she thought that it would get.

Rhianna has been hitting the fans with different inconsistent sounds from a bunch of different perspectives. Some people thought that the “American Oxygen” song was about Eric Garner. It wasn’t, but it could have become part of the movement of songs that are being produced by artists that are trying to bring social change. Prince just performed a country with a song dedicated to “Baltimore” on Mother’s Day. This is a big thing for Prince, but the reality is that these songs seldom become hits.

Rhianna is known to be a hit maker notes Kevin Seawright of the studio. She can released tracks like this, but these tracks typically do not get the radio play that a star like Rhianna would expect. That may be the main reason that so many people are trying to figure out what she is doing next. They want to know if she is part of the movement for social injustice. Fans want to know if there will be a concert tour with Kanye West. There are so many questions that are going unanswered here. Fans want to get some type of idea of what the album is actually about. They are tired of waiting.

Kanye’s Surprise Performance

Kanye West has been the face of Chicago in the hip hop movement. He may be the most successful rapper from this area. This weekend he showed his great love for basketball by performing his new hit “All Day” at the Chicago Bulls game.

This was game 4 in the playoffs. Kanye performed the song in a surprise moment near the end of the first quarter. It may have gotten the crowd hyped, but it wasn’t enough hype for Rose and the Bulls to pull out a win. Cavalier star LeBron James would pull the same type of upset that Rose delivered to Cleveland fans in game three. It was a last minute buzz beater prayer shot. The prayers of King James were answered with a 2 point win over the Bulls.

Still, Igor Cornelsen had to be excited to see a rare appearance from Kanye. Even though he has multiple singles out he has not really been on a lot of shows. It is because he is spending a massive amount of time trying to promote his clothing line. He is serious about all of this, and he is working around the clock.

People that attended the game were glad to see West performing and putting some focus on his music again. Many Chicago fans are waiting for West to bring forth a new album and represent for Chicago again.