Raising a Healthy and Happy Dog

Anyone who has a special dog in their life knows what wonderful additions to the family they can be. They become more than just pets. Because of this, dog owners will do anything they can to keep their canine-friends happy and healthy. There are a few basic things that your dog needs on a regular basis to help ensure that they are living the best life possible. They need exercise. Every dog owner knows that dogs love to play. The first thing my dog does when I walk in the door is run in circles and jump on me. Then we head outside and play in the front yard. She loves this time outside chasing her toy and rolling around in the grass. Dogs also love to go on walks or just play around in the house. Whatever type of exercise you choose, the goal is to make sure they are getting exercise and playtime every day. By the way, this has the added benefit of getting you out and exercising, too, which may be one reason why pet owners tend to be healthier people. Something else to be sure of is to make sure you are feeding your dog the healthiest diet possible. Just as we need to eat a healthy, balanced diet, dogs need the same thing and their needs change over time. I use Beneful dog food for my pet. We started her out on Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy with Real Chicken when she was little. She loved it and she had so much energy. Then we moved her up to Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. We use both the Real Chicken and Real Beef variety. Sometimes we also add in some of Beneful’s Chopped Blends from Amazon. She really goes crazy for that and she’s so healthy. I feel good about giving her Beneful. Finally, I make sure to give my dog lots of love. Dogs need love and affection just like people. They thrive on physical touch and time spent together. So, throughout the day, take some time to cuddle your friend and your dog will reward you with a lifetime of love and loyalty in return.

George Soros Uses His Wealth to Fight Injustice

George Soros on blogs.wsj is one of the most successful investors and fund managers in history which has made him one of the wealthiest people in the world. Born in Hungary in 1930, George survived the Nazi occupation of his country during WWII and then fled to England in 1947 when the communist came to power. In 1952, he graduated from the London School of Economics and began his career as an investment banker on opensocietyfoundations.org. Then in 1956, he immigrated to the US and continued working as an investment banker for several firms in New York.

In 1973, George Soros founded and managed a hedge fund company that eventually became known as Quantum Fund where the return on investments was over 30% per year for several years. He gave up actively managing Quantum Fund in the late 1980s but that did not stop him from speculating on investments. In 1992, he shorted the British pound in a currency speculation and made a profit of almost $2 billion which earned him the phrase “the man who broke the Bank of England.” All great investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, and Carl Icahn have an investing style, and George is no different. George Soros’ style is described as being a short-term speculator who looks at economic trends and the behaviors of other investors in order to capitalize on buying and selling opportunities.

George Soros has gained as much notoriety as a philanthropist and political activist as he has as an investor. Since 1979, he has made donations to many socio-political causes around the world through his Open Society Foundation. Through this foundation, George has fought against apartheid in South Africa and communism in Eastern Europe, provided legal help to people who have been falsely accused of crimes by totalitarian governments, and many other activities. He is passionate about fighting against injustice because he was a victim of many injustices having lived through Nazi rule and fleeing Hungary from communism. George has the resources to help people in need and he has put his resources to good use.

Yeonmi Park – The Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park a human rights activist fled from North Korea in her attempt to finally have a taste of freedom. Although this twenty-one-year-old is rapidly becoming the face that represents freedom to her oppressed people, the story of her journey is as grim as the regime in North Korea.
Life in North Korea
Growing up in the dictator run country is as brutal and repressive as you can imagine. The regime has control and influences every aspect of peoples’ lives in North Korea. Her father was arrested for sending metals to China and was sentenced to labor camp. That was the point when Park and her mother decided that it was time to try and look for freedom elsewhere.
Yeonmi Park of youngvoicesadvocates was taught not to express her voice as everyone is always listening for the wrong words that might provoke retaliation. Not many countries are as secretive and such a closed community as North Korea. But the known fact is that 24 million people live under the thumb of Kim Jong Un, the 32 year old dictator. The propaganda in that country hides the poverty of the nation, disguising the actual state of this dangerous country.
Not only does the propaganda teach people from an early age that North Korea is the best country there is, but it teaches them that other countries are threats and can bring nothing good to anyone.
The Escape From North Korea
Once her father became a prisoner, Park was branded as an outcast by this isolated nation. She realized that there was no hope for a better future there and in 2007, at the age of 13, she fled with her mother. The borders had guards who were instructed to shoot anyone on sight who was trying to reach China, but they had some help from someone they knew and that person helped them cross the border. However, getting to China was not the end of their miseries.
The Gruesom Time in China
While they were in China, a man attempted to rape Yeonmi. As her mother did not allow for that to happen, she got raped instead for protecting her daughter’s life. Unfortunately, they both got sold into human trafficking. The man who bought Yeonmi blackmailed her to become his mistress in order to buy her mother and father as well. She had to agree so they could stay together as a family. Her father arrived in China, but soon died from colon cancer. Yeonmi had no one to turn to for comfort and had to bury his ashes at 3 a.m. without the presence of friends and family as she could not call anyone to let them know about her father’s death.
Escaping China
Yeonmi and her mother crossed the Gobi Desert during a cold night with five people. It was minus-40 degrees and she was only 15 years old. Although the conditions for crossing the desert were not favorable, the cover of the night gave them a chance for safer passage. They first used a compass, but later on they used stars to guide them to freedom.
People like Yeonmi Park on Twitter, who are not afraid to tell their life stories are a huge step forward towards progress. Dying for food and freedom in North Korea happens too often and young Yeonmi is a voice that might help that to stop. She now lives and studies in Seoul, South Korea traveling the world in order to raise awareness and fight the repressive regime of her former country North Korea.

Nobilis Health: The Leading Healthcare Company

Here at Nobilis Health we are a full-service healthcare development and management company. We have many acute care and ambulatory facilities where we offer a variety of healthcare services. Our main goal is to bring improvement to the healthcare that our patients get by offering healthcare at an affordable price. We are the leading healthcare company for many reasons.

How do we offer our services for so much lower than everyone else? Well, first of all, we offer our minimally invasive procedures in an outpatient setting. Since the procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, the patients don’t have the extra cost of staying in the hospital for days after their surgery. We also know that healthcare can get very costly for most patients, and this is why we do what we can to keep our costs lower. We know that so many people often have to wait for their healthcare needs because it is just too expensive in most places that they visit for healthcare. We are determined to make sure our customers can get taken care of the right way, the first time.

How are we the leading healthcare company? Not only do patients want affordable healthcare but they want great customer service when they get treated too. We know what our patients need, and we provide them with all of their needs. We want our patients to tell us their concerns, and we respond in a very quick and respectful manner too. We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers get the care that they need when they need it.

What services do we offer here at Nobilis Health? We want to make sure that our patients and even those who may come to us in the future get the healthcare services that they need. We actually manage over 100 surgical centers so that we can care for patients in many areas. Some of the many services that our specialists offer include general surgery, spinal surgery, orthopedic surgery, pain management, podiatry services, gastrointestinal scoping, otolaryngology, and other great services as well. Every single one of the services that we offer to our patients and potential patients is done by experienced doctors who are there to help the patient in whatever ways that they can.

Being the leading healthcare company is what we commit to, and we want to make sure that our patients know what we stand for. First of all, we stand for affordable prices. We don’t want our patients to have to stress because they can’t afford healthcare services that they need, especially when it comes to surgeries that can help them to live a better life. We also stand for offering the best customer service in the healthcare field too. We want our customers to know that we care about them as if they were our own family. We also make sure our customers know their health means something to us, and they are not just another number. Nobilis Health Company is the leading healthcare company out there, and this isn’t going to change.

Omar Boraie Family pledges $1.5 million in Support of Omar Boraie Chair


Omar Boraie is an Egyptian immigrant who moved to New Brunswick in 1975, in pursuit of a Doctorate degree in Chemistry, before developing interest in real estate business. He founded Boraie Development LLC in 1976, with a dream to contribute in rebuilding New Brunswick in the same way he witnessed in Europe, on his way from Egypt as a Chemistry scholar. Omar Boraie supports many causes such as the recently established Rutgers University’s ’18 Chair Challenge’ campaign, as reported by Newswise.
The 18 Chair Challenge
This is a challenge through which Rutgers University aims to raise funds for 18 endowed chairs. An endowed chair is among the highest honors that can be achieved by a University faculty member. To establish one chair, the University requires a $3 million endowment, which covers the chair holder’s salary plus an annual research allowance.
This challenge is part of the University’s initiative to improve faculty and Research. Thus, whoever supports the cause contributes to broadening and enriching the many ways that Rutgers University serves not only New Jersey, but the world at large.
Omar Boraie Chair
Genomic Science is an emerging weapon in the fight against cancer. Genomic Science and Precision Medicine are transforming the ways of diagnosing and treating cancer. Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey has established a chair to recognize accomplishments in the field.
The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science is among the new endowment chairs established by Rutgers University’s “18 Chair Challenge” campaign. The chair is named after Omar Boraie, who apart from being a real estate developer, with a background in chemistry, has a long-established interest in cancer research.
The Boraie family has pledged $1.5 million in support of the initiative. This will match the $1.5 million from an anonymous donor, translating to a $3 million endowment. Boraie was optimistic that his family’s pledge will inspire others to support the cause, the same way the anonymous donor encouraged people to donate.
Rutgers Cancer Institute is among the first facilities in the United States and the only one in New Jersey to apply precision medicine, in form of genomic sequencing, for patient care. Boraie applauded the institution’s efforts to fight all types of cancers. He expressed his hope that the pledge will influence more support so that the life-changing initiative can satisfy and surpass its goal.

FreedomPop Offering New Ways to Remain Payment Free

Cell phone payments have become more and more expensive in recent years. Once phones moved from a traditional flip device to the smart phone design, prices started to skyrocket. Now it is not unheard of for someone to pay well over $100 a month for their service. So, if a company comes around and promises free cell phone service, most people are first going to doubt that it is even possible, and second, if it is possible, many people will start to flock to that service provider. That is exactly why FreedomPop has quickly amassed over a million customers in the United States and now the company is started to spread to the UK. With the ability to have free mobile phone service within the country, it is now possible for people living in the UK to save all sorts of money.

So how is any of this possible? First, FreedomPop provides free services up to 200 text messages, 200 minutes and 200 MB of data. Of course, for most mobile phone users, this is just not enough. It might be for a handful of people, but what are people to do if they need to use more than this? FreedomPop has a way, and while it does take a few minutes of time on a computer system, it can ultimate result in someone earning enough credits to pay and cover all of their mobile phone services.

In order to pay for the services, FreedomPop is offering rewards of minutes, text messages and data for customers who complete surveys online. These surveys range in length, usually anywhere from five minutes to 30, and the longer the survey, the better the reward. All of this is extremely helpful in boosting the amount of coverage a customer has access to. Some of the surveys can be completed by anyone while other, more specialized surveys can cover just a few people but offer a higher reward. With this in mind, it is always possible for someone to earn enough credits in order to save money and never pay for their services ever again.


To sell precious metals requires integration of quality customer service, ample knowledge and access to products of high standards. The U.S Money Reserve employs these virtues in selling government-issued gold, silver and platinum coins. Founded by gold veterans, the company is among the largest in the distribution of platinum, gold and silver coins. With exceptional customer relations, the company acquires only the best product in gold, silver and platinum.

The company employs a combination of top-notch customer service and acquisition of skilled and professional workforce that is aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction. In the purchase of these precious items, there are professionals available that provide expert advice on the right product to purchase. They only issue advice on a purchase that is predicted to yield a higher market value than the original one. Most of the clients that have sought the expertise of the company’s professionals have acquired huge profits from the investments they have made.

The company, among very many things, offers quality products in precious metals. Gold, silver and platinum coins obtained from the U.S Money Reserve have received the United States backing. The company is trusted for authenticity by maintaining weight, purity and content of their products. This is to ensure clients that have obtained coins that have the correct amount of gold, silver and platinum stated. The United States government recognizes these coins as legal tender since they are produced with ‘face value’ denominations and are authorized by Congress.

The U.S Money Reserve takes pride in offering the best customer service with professionals ready to assist. The company offers advice on the best purchase but eventually it is up to the customers to decide on the product and make the purchase.

The company is also famous for its return policy. Coins purchased can be returned within thirty days of purchase for a full refund. Purchased certified coins that are returned after the thirty days of purchase are prone, of course, to a fair restocking fee. Coins that are returned within sixty days of purchase are liable to be charged with lower value than the current market value or even the initial one. Products obtained from the company are of good quality, and thus the policy of return works efficiently if the coins are returned in good condition as they were obtained in.

The company goes a long way by gathering information from reliable sources for their clients. This is to ensure only the best results for investments made by the vast clientele. U.S Money Reserve offers an investment option for a tangible product bound to yield high profits.

Interesting Facts About Doe Deere

Advice for makeup lovers as well as fellow women who think they are not beautiful, listen up. Doe Deere has made it perfectly clear that beauty is not simply what you look like in your natural form or all done up with the current trend but simply what looks best, feels best and what you are most confident in. If you look in the mirror and think to yourself, “I am beautiful in this shade of eye shadow, lip gloss or eyeliner” then you love yourself no matter what your in. If not, you have yet to learn what beautiful is all apart.

Doe Deere was born in Russia however lived her life in both Russia and New York City. At the moment, Doe is residing in California with her husband and three cats. She has been widely known for her makeup line, Lime Crime. She is the founder of the company as well as the creator to the makeup line. The line of makeup on storyexchange.com is well known by people for being whimsical as well as being creative. The unicorns on the package is what sets it apart from most other brands of makeup. You can purchase nail polish, eye shadow and mascara from Lime Crime.

Doe Deere has been declared as an inspiration to fellow women and those who want to standout against all the other women. She has showed that being comfortable in your own skin is what is best for you no matter what others might say or what others might think. She has proven that you can excel if you simply put your mind to it and go for it.

During the time that she spent in her high school, she was simply a plain Jane. She would walk the halls with fellow classmates and not receive a second look. She simply fit in and was quite average. She simply would not put forth the effort to stand out because she simply believed that she was average and therefore didn’t waste anytime trying to be anything more than average. She was wrong for every thinking that and prom night changed her whole life around.

On the night of her prom, she got ready like most other girls did. She got out her dress, a vintage dress purchased at the local thrift store and allowed her mother to do her hair. A dream that all mothers hope to share in with their daughters. Her mother had a friend who was a makeup artist who owed her a favor. She cashed in on that favor to have her daughter dolled up for her prom night. With her makeup done, hair done, vintage dress on and some sparkle from jewelry, she headed out to her prom.

Doe would then take most of the evening to enjoy all the new found attention she would be receiving. Boys would take a second look and most would just stare away. The girls would be awestruck by the transformation and got quite jealous of her new look. She enjoyed all the attention she was receiving and even went as far as posing for various photographs throughout the evening. When the night was over and had come to an end, she would head home to find a green tube of mascara. This was the very beginning of what people would now know as being Lime Crime.

FreedomPop’s popularity is rising in the UK

Some good information for fans of FreedomPop’s mobile services, they’re looking to add new subscribers to their network in the United Kingdom. This business move means that mobile users within the UK will be able to enjoy high-quality phone services at an incredibly, if not unbelievably, low price. This transition into cheaper, higher-quality phone services is marked by the ability for VOIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) to provide clear phone calls and timely text messages. VOIP is far cheaper to use since the cost is through data. FreedomPop offers free data to all of their customers, opting instead, to charge for additional features.

IF you haven’t heard of FreedomPop, it’s the newest phone service to offer free or extremely reduced cost phone service to all their customers. Over half, their customers will never pay a dime for their services! By using their own phone and a FreedomPop SIM Card, customers of the service are able to make calls, receive texts, download games, and browse the internet, all for free! After their free data is used they can refill the data directly from their phone. At the start of the next month, more free data is added automatically to each subscriber’s phone. This system is extremely popular with college aged students and young professionals – who see the service as a great value and simpler than contracts.

FreedomPop on itunes offers their low-cost service due to their low overhead and simple design. Since FreedomPop uses existing cellphone towers by purchasing large amounts of data from providers, they’re able to offer their services at the ground level, relying only on additional purchases to provide revenue. The same business model is popular with modern games, subscriptions, and even some consumer goods.

Due to their popularity, FreedomPop is expecting over 100,000 subscribers to sign-up within the month. This is without using their in place distribution networks! FreedomPop’s CEO, Stokols, states that the company is already under water with the current demand, however, the company still is making connections and establishing a network for distribution. They expect the service to maintain the rapid growth for the next 2 years. While many companies may find the growth daunting, FreedomPop’s success in the United States leaves the company in a unique position to have an exciting launch in the United Kingdom.

New Social Media App Flipora

The response to social media applications online has been overwhelming for many of the developers. They quickly realized that they hit the jackpot with these user friendly and helpful devices. The fact is that social media apps makes life just a little easier and more fun for millions of their fans. The applications are actually on the cutting edge of technology. Those that are attuned to social media realize the massive effect that the applications have online. Social media applications exist for simple chat to those that perform complicated functions for the user.

Sharing Information
Social media is all about connecting with other people online and sharing interesting content. People vote for, like, and share that interesting content with others online. The fact is that one video that is liked or shared could easily go viral and attract thousands of viewers in a matter of hours. Clearly, social media has an enormous appeal to millions online. Consequently, there is always more room for the next big thing in social media. Predictably, the response to a well designed application is quick. Those that are designed for appeal and have a great design catch on quickly. Flipora, is one new social application that is achieving great results and strong interest.

What is Flipora?
Flipora is a social media application that is designed to make it easier for the user to share information with others. Formally, the application was primarily used to document the sites that the user previously visited. The new redesign added another dimension to the application. Now, the application is used to introduce new content to the users that have downloaded the Flipora application. The content found on Flipora is based on the websites that other users found interesting. People click on a site that they would like to visit. Clearly, Flipora is a social discovery engine that is bringing good web content to millions. Some might assume that Flipora is like a few other social media sites that share content. Clearly, Flipora is different. The content on Flipora is purely based on what other user’s have found interesting or visited.