Will We Ever See The Amount of Success That George Sorros and Warren Buffet have had?

He has been called the “Granddaddy of Hedge Fund Manager,” George Soros is by far the most successful investor of all time. The only other person that comes to mind with similar type success is Warren Buffett whose Oracle of Omaha fund has had a very impressive returns for many years. In a recent article in MarketWatch the question is asked, will we ever see investors with such powerful track records as like these two men? The premise is that if Mr. Soros and Mr. Buffett were baseball players they would have the equivalent of a .400 batting average. This would put them in a league with Ted Williams one of America’s most beloved baseball players. Ted Williams had a batting average of .400 during his career. The very interesting comparison begins to take shape when we realized that Williams was indeed the very last baseball player to ever have a .400 batters hitting average way back in 1941.And no one has since seen those type of numbers.

In 1996 a book was written by Stephen J. Gould called, Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin, it examined why baseball had not produced another .400 hitter since Ted Williams last played in 1941. The author argues that the overall quality of performance in baseball has improved over time and this is why no one will likely ever bat .400 again. If we transpose that argument for baseball to the world of finance we pretty quickly realized that, simply put; Marketwatch investors have changed. With the use of high-tech gadgetry like the iPhone and computer software, the playing field in the finest markets has changed drastically. Mr. Soros predicted earlier this year that the markets may collapse in a big way like in 2008. Mr. Soros sees many of the same signals present today that were present in 2008. While speaking to an economic forum recently in Sri Lanka, George Soros warned investors to be cvery cautious in times like these.

Mr. Soros fled Hungary with his family in 1947 escaping the communist regime there. Somehow George Soros and his family managed to survive during the World War II Nazi occupation of Hungary. In 1952 Mr. Soros obtained his degree from the London School of Economics. He migrated to United States in 1956 where he held the position of analyst and investment manager at the New York firm of F.M. Mayer until 1959. From 1959 to 1960 Mr. Soros worked with Wertheim and Co. and from there he went on to Arnold and S.Bleichoeder until 1973. In 1973 he founded the hedge company name Soros Fund Management. According to George Soros wracked in returns over 30% per year for 30 years and on two occasions posted annual returns of over 100%. By the 1980s Mr. Soros has given up day-to-day management of a Quantum, and has decided to start dedicating much of his free time to becoming of the most substantial philanthropist ever. He donated huge sums of money throughout the world from this Open Society Foundation fund. Mr. Soros has also become very active politically in recent years. He has contributed many ideas and has just completed a plan intended to help out with the Syrian Middle Eastern migration crisis that is currently threatening the European Union.

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