Wale’s The Album About Nothing Expresses A Lot

When Wale said that his album was going to be deep on a whole other level, everyone should have expected the deepest. Wale came out with his 14 track album which he made very difficult while dealing with a lot of personal issues. His song “The Middle Finger” and “The Matrimony” were all directed to his very sad miscarriage that left him childless and very depressed about the whole thing. Wale was hoping and expecting to be a father and has prepared mentally for it until the bad news happened which took a hard toll on him.

In an MTV interview, Wale expressed that is was the hardest thing he ever done. Dealing with such emotions while making music can result in some very deep and emotional music said Crystal Hunt. After reaching success with his music, Wale was working on getting a son and has been wanting to become a father at the right time for so long. Such a responsibility leaves a whole in the human heart that can only be filled with the joy of holding your own child.

We just hope that with the album being released, Wale can find time for himself and family to heal.

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  1. When the timing was right, he ended up loosing the child which is still affecting his every day life. You can’t just expect to be a father and then all of a sudden, you are not going to be one anymore. I can’t wait for bestessays.com scam to bring the result of research.

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