Two Hour Movie Marks CSI Retirement

After 15 seasons, spanning to a large variety of crime scene investigation areas of focus, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will come to an end. A 16th season will give way to event television, as reported on A.V. Club.
CSI fans such as Paul Mathieson will view the end of this long-running series with a two-hour TV movie. This will air in September. The current cast, including Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue will be move on, but Danson will actually continue with his current position starring on CSI: Cyber, one of the many spinoffs from CSI.

The eventual end of this long-running series was evaluated last fall. CBS reduced the 15th season episodes to 18. CBS dodged any inquiries about the demise of CSI until now. The star line-up for the final movie episode will include including William Petersen as Gil Grissom and Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows. There is no word as to how these roles will play out or any clues about this finale. While waiting for this, the past 14 seasons are available for streaming.

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