Top 3 Reasons EOS Lip Balms Are So Popular

EOS is a lip balm company that has been on the market for over seven years. When EOS lip balms were first introduced by Sanjiv Mehra and his co-founders they never could have imagined it would rise to the popularity it has today. These are just three of the top reasons why EOS lip balms are one of the top leading companies for lip balms.

Unique And Innovative Packaging

One of the most interesting things about EOS lip balms is their unique and innovative packaging. When Mehra and his co-founders first set out to create a lip balm they wanted to create a product that was very distinguishable from other products. Up until the release of the EOS lip balms most lip balm companies used the same type of packaging. EOS not only changed up the design of lip balm packaging but they also added bright, fun, playful colors. This packaging made it very convenient and also very easy to spot. When it was first released celebrities all over the world were seen using the adorable egg-shaped lip balm. Till this day millions and millions of people all over the world still love and enjoy the unique and innovative packaging that EOS has to offer.

Amazing Variety Of Flavors

Another one of the best things about EOS lip balms is the amazing variety of flavors they have to offer. They offer everything from light fresh scents such as vanilla and vanilla mint to fruity fragrant scents such as strawberry sorbet and raspberry pomegranate. Some of the most popular flavors include summer fruit, blueberry acai, tangerine, and blackberry nectar. EOS lip balms also come in a large variety of other flavors.

High Quality Ingredients

Each and every EOS lip balm product is made with only the highest quality ingredients. EOS lip balms are made with ingredients such as shea butter, antioxidant vitamins and even jojoba oil which are all very hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

Although there is a variety of different reasons why EOS lip balms are so great these are just three of the top reasons it is one of the best lip balms on the market. EOS lip balm products are very easy to get. They are widely available online on Amazon and They are also sold in many different stores such as Walmart, Well and Target. They are in some of the top drugstores and department stores in the world.


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