The Pinnacle of Financial Management

Nexbank is a leading fully fledged financial service provider. Its services can broadly be classified as commercial banking, Mortgage plans, and institutional packaged financial products. It was founded in 1922 by James Dondero. Its headquarters are in Dallas, Texas, 2515 McKinney Avenue, Suite 1100. With an approximate employee population of between 51 and 200, the company has been able to offer quality services to its customers. The clientele mostly comprises of corporations, middle-level companies, investors, and individuals.


Recent technology advancement and dynamic customer need have made Nexbank come up with an innovative approach to design, business model and personalize services for a specified need. The diverse financial products better serves the customers adequately. Along with excellent customer care, the company has become very popular as the annual reports indicate. In 2016, Nexbank had made a $24 million equity capital raise a net income of $38.1 million and return on average equity of 37.6%. Stability is indicated on the 9.44 % leverage ratio. The bank’s loans which account for 72% of the total assets as a 2016 stood at $2.5 billion. This means it is potentially a high growth and development firm.


The Proprietary commercial bank rating model used by Nexbank, critically analyze the firm’s liquidity, capitalization, asset quality and earnings. They are correlated with the financial stability and safety. Their computation can help indicate profitability or downward trend.


About Nexbank

The company has been chartered under the federal and state jurisdiction to serve the public in deposit taking, savings and giving out loans. The Nexbank SSB through the Kroll Bond Rating Agency upgraded their unsecured debt rating from BBB- to BBB and its deposit and senior debt rating from BBB to BBB+. Nexbank recently acquired the College Bank of Princeton, New Jersey. The bank is to retain the name although as a department of Nexbank and no longer independent.


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