The Motivations of Eric Lefkofsky

You can learn a little about Eric Lefkofsky if you read the interview conducted by the website “A Drink With”, but you will need to look deeper to get a complete profile of this Chicago based businessman. He began his career working in the area of technology and managed multiple companies simultaneously. He was an expert at converting conventional companies into e-based businesses that offered various technologies to introduce new business practices.

He stated that he thought each entrepreneur’s success was measured by the amount of money he earned and so making money became a great motivator for him. His priorities changed with the decline of web-based businesses and his realization that he was much more content running a single business and spending more time with his family. His focus became overcoming the complex problems that are the barriers to the maintenance and growth of a company.

He had another shift in focus when a family member was diagnosed with cancer. As he began to research treatments for this disease, he realized doctors could learn from past and current treatment methods and patient outcomes, but that there was no single database for this information. He consulted experts in the field and learned that personalized and precise care could only be achieved when specialists could analyze all data that exists.

To fill the void, he co-founded TEMPUS, a company that has built an operating system to warehouse and categorize the molecular and clinical data that exists. His TEMPUS team consists of scientific advisors, medical professionals, and technology entrepreneurs, all with the single focus of giving cancer patients the opportunity to benefit from the treatments and outcomes of those who went before them.

Eric Lefkofsky still works twelve-hour days but now the motivation is caring for his family and cancer patients. He is active in his community and, in 2006, he and his wife established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to improve the lives of community members. He is also a board member for a number of local businesses and teaches as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago.

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