The Most Anticipated Justin Bieber Album Yet

Some stars fall from the throne and never quite get back to the top. They spend all their time struggling for more hits. It become almost sad to see some of your favorite artists release one track after another in hopes to get their fans back. It doesn’t look like Justin Bieber is going to have this problem on his next album.

Bieber doesn’t plan to flop. He isn’t coming back into the spotlight to go left of what is hot and popular right now. Crystal Hunt suggested that instead he is calling out all the heavy hitters and working with the people that have been making the hits.

Fans were aware that Kanye West was working on the project. What most fans didn’t know if that there were no many other hands involved in this album. Bieber may be with Kanye for beats, but Chris Brown is also in the studio. Bieber has also been getting advice from Lady Gaga. Ariana Grande is rumored to be working on music with Bieber.

There is a reason that he can pull out all the stops: he has the money. That is the main reason that he can do this. He can call the hit makers because he can afford them.

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