The Food Makes The Dog

What kind of dog do you have? My dog is a large breed dog, and he eats a lot of food to stay that big. I need to feed him the best food on the market. I want his coat to remain shiny and his teeth to keep healthy. That is why I only buy the best dog foods that I can find. I always buy what people would call premium dog food, and I know it’s worth every penny. Only careless pet owners will purchase the cheap, junky chunk dog food for their pets. I found compelling evidence in a report from the Daily Herald that justifies some of my conclusions on this topic. I’ll share the link to the article later, but in the mean time you should consider that you are already a responsible pet owner by doing your research on what foods are good for your pet. I only buy Beneful dog food for my puppy. It is made by Purina, and it comes in a varieties of types and flavors. They have eight kinds of dry dog food. My puppy likes Beneful Dry Dog Food Health Weight. It comes in healthy ingredients, with real chicken in the ingredients list. I know I’m doing the right thing for my dog, so I have never questioned buying premium dog foods. This high quality dog food from Beneful also comes in a wet food form. I think my dog likes the wet food a lot because she gets jumpy when I pick up the carton from the refrigerator. The Daily Herald claims that the premium companies buy natural, real and premium ingredients for their foods, so I know I’m doing something right for my puppy by purchasing this high quality, premium dog food. That is my responsibility, to provide a nutritious diet for my puppy, and I do this by picking up some Beneful. If you would like to read more information on this interesting topic, then you should visit the Daily Herald to see their full report by going here.

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