The CEO of the RBS Group, Eduardo Duda Melzer

Duda Melzer is prominent for being among the Brazil’s most prosperous Brazilian entrepreneurs. He presently serves as the President as well as the Chairman at the RBS Group. The start of his professional career in the company started off at the beginning of 2016. Nelson Sirtosky worked in the company as the Chairperson to the Directors’ Panel before he came in.

Remarkably, Duda Melzer’s granddad is the person that facilitated the setting up of the firm. Worth noting is also that he is a participant of the third generation in the line. The outstanding personal commitment of Nelson Sirotsky towards service provision as the chairperson is the backbone of the entire success.

In consideration of educational qualifications, he is attained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. He pursued this at the Harvard University. In the course of his time at Harvard, he undertook extra leadership courses. They consist of the establishment and management of customer-centered organizations, and the suitable strategies for the Media Associations. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also earned his Master of Business Administration from the same University.

He is also the Chairman and Founder of e.Bricks Digital. This refers to an RBS firm that ventures in the development of business alongside the digital sector and facilitates its operations both in Brazil as well as the United States. He also serves as the company Director at the Mercosul Biennial which is a universal digital show of art whose venue is Porto Alegre. Check out Pauliceiadojazz for the details.

He is not only a public speaker but also indulges in national and global conferences often under the support of the media firms of Brazil and beyond. Having emerged from a family setting that is traditionally entrepreneurial; he has turned out to be a very significant figure in the globe of business. The experience and his earlier works at several companies have enhanced his skills and competence. Visit

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