Taylor Swift Shares Kiss With Calvin Harris

Taylor Swift dominated the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She won the event’s most coveted award, and many people were extremely happy for her. This time, Kanye West did not try to ruin her moment. However, Taylor Swift was involved in a controversial moment during the event.

There has long been rumours that Taylor Swift was dating a DJ by the name of Calvin Harris. For months, Taylor Swift denied these reports, but during the Billboard Awards, she proved these rumors were true. James Dondero said that as Taylor was getting up to receive her award, she ran over to Calvin Harris who was sitting close by.

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift embraced in a warm hug, and then they shared a small kiss. Many people couldn’t believe the moment, and Taylor Swift later said that she was so emotional. Some fans are wondering if Taylor Swift is sending Calvin Harris mixed signals. Several people believe that the friendly hug shared between Swift and Harris was nothing more than a friendly hug. However, most Taylor Swift followers agree believe that Calvin Harrison and Taylor Swift are much more than friends. Only time will tell whether or not the DJ and recording artist share more than musical ideas. For more information on this story, visit E!

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