Randal Nardone: A Name on Forbes

If one sees their name on Forbes, it’s bound to be a reason for satisfaction. Even more so, if your name is Randal Nardone, and you’re on the Forbes Billionaire List. As number 557 on the list, he isn’t the world’s richest man, but he certainly is a recognizable one.Nowadays, Randal Nardone can be seen at Fortress Investment Group. As the company’s leader, he positively affects both clients and employees, by being a thoughtful and innovative individual. As a lawyer, he does more than just lead his company, he is also involved in other companies and initiatives.

From the abovementioned company to NCS LLC and Springleaf Financial Holdings, this investor stays busy and his hard work definitely pays off.He graduated from Boston University School of Law and also achieved a Bachelors in Arts in English and Biology at the University of Connecticut. As a highly educated and hardworking individual with an eye for investment, he truly has the background needed for his company to succeed.Taking care of more than 1700 organizations around the world (as in, their assets), Fortress Investment Group is one of the top leading companies in it’s sector. They are well-known for being great at risk management, which is undoubtedly one of the top reasons how they have reached global success thus far.

With a leader like Randal Nardone, it is no surprise that many of the financial/investment professionals in Fortress are making it the large, dependable organization that it is today. Fortress Investment Group has recently proven their global expertise by taking on SoftBank Management, which has helped them get their foot in the door of the Asian financial sector. It is the company’s unique ability for global expansion that has helped to make it, not only a recognized name in U.S., but in the world. It has also likely helped to get Randal Nardone on Forbes Billionaire list. With headquarters in New York, it’s strategically placed to be a success both nationally and internationally.