Sweetgreen the Ethical Venture

Sweetgreen was created to fill the gap that existed in the food market in Georgetown. Albeit the town was full of restaurants, none offered healthy foods as all were designed to satisfy the common craving for fast foods.

Consequently, three classmates Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman had a hard time finding what they loved eating: healthy foods.

They would severally set out to look for a restaurant that would be fun, easy, and healthy, but most times if not always, they would be disappointed. The three whose parents were all business men easily came up with a business idea.

Theirs was even better since they were in a business class and were about to graduate. They would apply the lessons they learned in class to run their healthy food business called Sweetgreen.

One term to their graduation, they identified the location where they wanted to set their business. It was in the 560-square tavern that was on M Street. On calling the landlord, they realized she was not for the idea as she hung the phone on Nathaniel on the first day.

However, they pushed on and called her daily for 3 months. She continuously ignored their calls until one day she decided to meet them. They had to impress her by looking sharp and focused. Nathaniel Ru says that was the first and last day he wore a suit for a business meeting.

They also prepared a 3-page business plan, which they presented to the tavern’s Landlord. Looking back, Nathaniel says it must have been their lucky day since she gave them a chance to run the business in the space despite their lack of experience.

She asked them to draw up a more detailed business plan, look for an architect to develop the space, and for investors to sponsor their business and then call her. Within three weeks, the three found these requirements and met the landlord again. At this point, they were ready to begin the venture.

Today, Sweetgreen has expanded to 40 outlets in New York and plans are underway to open yet other stores. Moreover, the venture has stores in Boston, Philadelphia Washington, and other states. Nathaniel says that he and the other Sweetgreen co-founders desire to create a business that will outlive them. Therefore, they focus on the venture’s sustainably as one of the core values.

Moreover, the company also ensures that the managerial practices cause the community, the customers, and the company to benefit simultaneously. Consequently, selfish decisions are not made at Sweetgreen.

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