Susan McGalla Says More Women Should Be In The Boardroom

There are a number of successful women entrepreneurs and CEOs in the U.S., but Susan McGalla is the embodiment of determination, strength and power. Before striking out on her own to build her own successful company, she was CEO of three Fortune 500 companies.

McGalla admits that her rise wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, women are still facing obstacles that can make their corporate job difficult. There’s no doubt that women have made huge strides in the last 20 years on; several have shattered that glass ceiling. But it takes a great deal of hard work and determination to establish themselves.

After graduating college, McGalla went to work for Joseph Horne. It was there where she got her first taste of sexism. At Joseph Horne, she saw no women in the boardroom. That didn’t deter McGalla. The son of a coach, and raised with two older brothers, she never knew the word quit. He father always taught her that she should always put forth her best efforts and when she made mistakes, try again.

McGalla worked her way up to several managerial positions within Joseph Horne. When moved on to American Eagle Outfitters, she was named CEO within 2 years.

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McGalla’s advice to any woman seeking to climb the corporate ladder is to bide her time. Not very opportunity is the right one. Women have to strong and command respect. “We can’t allow ourselves to be taken for granted.”

For a long time, she wanted to own her own company. After leaving American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla founded P3 Consulting. The firm advises new businesses and even some old ones that have hit a stumbling block.

When asked if she will ever go back to work in the corporate world, McGalla could only say “maybe.” If the right opportunity arises, she says she wouldn’t rule it out. She sits on numerous boards in the Pittsburgh area on Steelers and gives generously to many local organizations to help the needy.

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