Richard Mishaan Design and the Art of Interior Decorating

Richard Mishaan has made a name for himself as one of New York’s finest interior designers. Mishaan is one of the most outgoing and open luxury designers in the city and this approach has made him both accessible and easy to learn from. Richard Mishaan Design, his flagship design company, has been in operation since 1978. Over the past thirty years Richard Mishaan has worked hard around the world and home in New York in order to create for himself a company that stood proudly for both its style and its substance.

Richard Mishaan was born in the city of Cartagena in Colombia. Mishaan was partly raised in Cartagena as well as partly raised in Italy. He claims that this upbringing allowed him to take in a variety of different influences from an early age. Mishaan remembers fondly the bright and diverse color patterns of Cartagena as well as the refined and modern looks of Italy. One thing you will never find in a Richard Mishaan Design home is minimalism. Richard Mishaan Design is a company that focuses on creating luxurious, lavish, and completely unique homes for their clients and they do this by incorporating as much detail as possible.

The typical Richard Mishaan Design room is filled with different textures, patterns, colors and eras. Richard Mishaan has never been afraid to mix eras and this has allowed him to open up on a variety of different concepts. Mishaan also believes in creating focal points in each room out of an uncommon item. Whether a painting or souvenir from abroad, each focal point just adds another layer to the Richard Mishaan Design magic.

Richard Mishaan has worked around New York City in some of the finest buildings, such as the St Regis Suites. He has also done work on the Trump World Towers. With each new room complete, Mishaan opens his company up to further success.

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