Raising a Healthy and Happy Dog

Anyone who has a special dog in their life knows what wonderful additions to the family they can be. They become more than just pets. Because of this, dog owners will do anything they can to keep their canine-friends happy and healthy. There are a few basic things that your dog needs on a regular basis to help ensure that they are living the best life possible. They need exercise. Every dog owner knows that dogs love to play. The first thing my dog does when I walk in the door is run in circles and jump on me. Then we head outside and play in the front yard. She loves this time outside chasing her toy and rolling around in the grass. Dogs also love to go on walks or just play around in the house. Whatever type of exercise you choose, the goal is to make sure they are getting exercise and playtime every day. By the way, this has the added benefit of getting you out and exercising, too, which may be one reason why pet owners tend to be healthier people. Something else to be sure of is to make sure you are feeding your dog the healthiest diet possible. Just as we need to eat a healthy, balanced diet, dogs need the same thing and their needs change over time. I use Beneful dog food for my pet. We started her out on Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Puppy with Real Chicken when she was little. She loved it and she had so much energy. Then we moved her up to Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals. We use both the Real Chicken and Real Beef variety. Sometimes we also add in some of Beneful’s Chopped Blends from Amazon. She really goes crazy for that and she’s so healthy. I feel good about giving her Beneful. Finally, I make sure to give my dog lots of love. Dogs need love and affection just like people. They thrive on physical touch and time spent together. So, throughout the day, take some time to cuddle your friend and your dog will reward you with a lifetime of love and loyalty in return.

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