According to Stansberry, TRADE WAR IS COMING!

Stansberry Research, a subscription based publisher on finances, has recently published an article about the Japanese stock market. This article has predicted a possible trade war between the US and Japan on the horizon. This is primarily due to the Japanese stock market rising in returns, the bank of Japan trying to keep their inflation prices no higher than 2 percent and Trump’s plan to impose tariffs both on steel and aluminum.

According to Stansberry, Trump has stated desires to put up a 25 percent tariff on steel and a 10 percent tariff on aluminum to be applied boldly and without quotas. While this kind of talk and action is nothing new of the President, this could have implications that could disrupt relations with Japan. The plan however has been opposed by republicans in congress and even some of the members of the President’s administration. This would include Trump’s current top Economic Advisor who has been one of the strongest opposers of the tariffs. With all of this in mind, the tariffs do not likely seem to be happening but only time can truly tell.

On the contrast, Stansberry claims that Japan currently has been under trouble with it’s economy in regards to the stock market. Back in 2016, Japan was sliding back into deflation. To combat the deflation, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) has been driving inflation higher at any cost possible. The Governor of the Bank however has insisted to not let prices reach no higher than 2 percent and is likely considering ending the stimulus in control of this. As of now, the Japanese yen has surged even higher, benchmark Nikkei 225 Index on the other hand, plunged 3 percent.

Stansberry is a website that gives financial advice and software service. They have helped millions of investors internationally. Their business model follows the principles of delivery desirable information for both investors and their families, and sharing various opinions (

To conclude, based on what information Stansberry has given us, it is best investors prepare for a trade war and the consequences it might bring.


How OSI Group is shaping the Global Food Market

Most folks around the world do not know, but probably they have enjoyed a delicacy processed and supplied by OSI Group. The company has maintained an excellent reputation not only in Aurora, Illinois, where it houses its headquarters but also across the globe. The company has operations in almost all parts of the world and provides food and employment opportunities wherever it sets shop.

Since its entry into the market, OSI continues to put more focus in the production and processing of protein items which are packed and supplied to retail chains and restaurants around the world. OSI is a privately held corporation and has achieved lots of great feats under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin its CEO, and David McDonald, the president. It is operational in over 17 countries and has recently entered the European market.

In its recent expansion quest, OSI group under the exemplary leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald has acquired a significant stake at Baho Foods. Baho Foods is among the most recognized food processing entities in Europe. It houses its headquarters in Holland but has subsidiaries in other 18 European countries including Germany. OSI Group plans to increase production and consequently see the sales and profits of the firm increase as well.

Baho Foods is not the only acquisition OSI has made so far, the conglomerate also purchased Flagship Europe. The corporation focuses on the production of pies, frozen poultry, and condiments. With the entry of OSI, Flagship Europe will seek to explore more opportunities in Europe by using the same strategies and policies that have seen OSI succeed in the American market. Under the new partnership, Flagship Europe has already gained entry into the German and Spanish market.

Apart from the expansion into foreign markets, OSI Group also wants to increase its presence and diversify the services it offers back at home in the United States. To achieve these, OSI has purchased a Chicago food plant that was facing the risk of closure. The plant is based on the South Side part of Chicago and is owned by Tyson Foods. The plant was struggling due to increased costs, and its closure would have seen more than 500 members of the community lose their jobs.

OSI Group has been able to stay relevant in the market for decades due to its precise marketing methods and intellectual product development. David McDonald believes that the key to success is to impress the local customer base.

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Matt Badiali: Freedom Checks and How to Use It

Matt Badiali is known for persuading his subscribers to follow his investment tips. He was formerly working for a company from the oil and petroleum sector since he graduated with a degree in Geology. However, he wanted to venture into an all-new type of investment, and it is the reason why he came into the Banyan Hill Publishing Company and decided to become a writer. He recalled information coming from one of his friend about freedom checks, and knowing that it would help a lot of American families, he decided to upload a video talking about how these checks would be able to help the American families, especially those who are struggling for money. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.


Matt Badiali’s video became viral, and he never expected that many people would see his video. According to him, the information about freedom checks came to him when he visited a conference so many years back. One of his colleagues from the industry has told him about the secret of these checks, and when he found it out, his mind immediately told him to share this information with the public. According to the video released by Matt Badiali, these checks are the result of the passage of the law known as Statute 26-F. It gives oil and petroleum companies which are operating in the United States the right now to pay their taxes, but they are two conditions. One of these conditions states that the companies belonging to the oil and petroleum industry must willingly offer freedom checks as a form of investment. Read this article at


Matt Badiali stated that the companies which were mandated by the government to provide freedom checks decided to form together, and they created the group known as the Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. These MLPs are required to provide these checks, and if the public would become interested in how to invest in these freedom checks, they should be open to answering the questions. Matt Badiali further persuaded his viewers, saying how an investment of only a few dollars can turn into thousands in just a short period.


Matt Badiali is encouraging his viewers to invest in these special checks. He wanted to share the wealth among the American public which are having issues with their finances, and Matt Badiali thinks that by giving them the complete information about the MLPs, people will be tempted to save money and invest it for a great return.


Ara Chackerian Promotes sustainable use of Mother Nature’s Resources

Ara Chackerian is man known to many as being a jack of all trades. He is an environmentalist, entrepreneur as well as an investor. He has developed a passion for Healthcare systems and the environment. He is currently the Managing partner of ASC capital holdings a company that dedicates itself in investing in other healthcare organizations that offer new healthcare ideas into the health sector. He is also the co-founder of TMS health solution a healthcare organization that offers treatment to patients suffering from resistant depression. They are able to do this through a specialized technique known as Transcranial magnetic stimulation.


Besides health, Ara is an avid environmentalist who has dedicated his time and money to help in the efforts of conserving Mother Nature. He has spoken openly and passionately when it comes to forest conservation. Ara Chackerian’s love for the environment has seen him partner with several likeminded people in the conservation efforts. He has particularly given people the necessary tools and equipment to help them conserve the environment. For more info you can checkout



Ara Chackerian believes that the wilderness plays a very essential role in the society through provision of beautiful sceneries, recreation, and resources abundance. To him, he promotes to people the fact that nature is a very important cog for man’s survival, but at the same time gives the people ideas on how to generate income from Mother Nature albeit on a sustainable basis.

On wilderness management, Ara Chackerian says that no two ecosystems require the same management approach and that all ecosystems are unique in their own ways. He further adds that proper forestry techniques will go along way in protecting the decline of wilderness and protecting all the wildlife population. For more details you can visit



Ara Chackerian also points out that proper public engagement will also go along way in promoting conservation efforts. He believes a public that is well equipped with equipment and the necessary information will boost the preservation of the wilderness ecosystem.


Ara Chackerian is all about using of Mother Nature’s goodies but in a sustainable way. This has seen him also support various reforestation projects and groups in Nicaragua.






On the Neuropathway to Scientific Success

Jorge Moll, an esteemed Neuroscientist from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil is leading the way to breakthroughs in the ever-growing field of Neuroscience and Neurology. With over 90 publications under his belt and an extremely impressive resume which includes the title of President- Director and member of the board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR). Moll is also a Rio De Janeiro Senior Researcher and the head of the IDOR Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinfomatics workgroup among many other titles. He has his doctorate of Experimental Pathophysiology from Federal University of Rio De Janeiro and completed his Neuroscience residency at the university in 1997.


Revolutionary Research

In one of Moll’s groundbreaking research papers, he and a group of his colleagues examined the altruistic tendencies in soccer fans. As one does not cogitate sport has implications towards humans advancement, Moll would think otherwise. Being part of a team or family is a critical part of survival. Would a group of individuals be more likely to donate money to anonymous fans of their own club, to fans of another club, or to keep the money for themselves. The constituents of the study were attached to an fMRI machine which shows brain activity and the particular part of the brain that is being activated will light up a certain color. The participants were given a pressure sensitive device that they would squeeze according to their motivation to the trials. The harder the participant would squeeze, the more money donated and more motivation towards the particular group. What was found was that there is a connection between the Medial Orbitofrontal Cortex and the Subgenual Cingulate Cortex which is associated with altruistic tendencies. The SCC showed the most activation when the participants were to donate to fans of their own team showing the need to fit into a team or family. The goal of the study was to further understand the mechanisms behind altruism and generosity so neuroscientists can later shape behaviors away from antisocial disorders and sports related aggression.

Jorge Moll is determined to make his mark in the Neuroscience field, and his continuous hard work and need to make a difference, is landing him in the forefront of the field.

Arjun Kapur’s Revolutionary Concept GoBuyside Is Re-Writing the Rules for Hiring in the Financial Sector

GoBuyside is a platform that brings together employers and job candidates in the financial industry. The platform was founded in 2011 by businessman Arjun Kapur upon the completion of his Masters Degree in Business Administration from Stanford University’s School of Business. The genesis behind GoBuyside’s concept came after Kapur observed the outdated way that financial firms handled their hiring of talent.

The financial industry itself had undergone drastic changes over the last couple decades with the advent of the internet and the age of information. This coincided with an environment where it was increasingly less necessary for companies to have to seek employees only within their own local region. Internet technology had opened up the entire world to firms wishing to find the very best financial professionals, yet the hiring practices had yet to catch up and were still operating on outdated models. Kapur observed that the hiring cycles in the industry were shortening at the same time that the level of competition for positions was ramping up. In a world where employers have literally the entirety of the globe to draw talent from, competition for positions becomes intense but at the same time, a new problem arises for employers. Essentially, there is a lot to work through when trying to narrow down the field of qualified candidates. Arjun Kapur felt confident that he could fill this niche for the financial industry and do this legwork for these firms. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside was started with the idea that its platform would provide a transparent environment for employers and qualified job candidates to come together. Utilizing internet job postings and applicant tracking systems as well as making use of the latest in artificial intelligence technology to be able to narrow down and match candidates to specific jobs is the basis for how GoBuyside works. This was partnered with Arjun Kapur’s desire to provide the very best service to his clients and create an atmosphere that was mutually beneficial to both employer and potential employee. In this sense, Kapur is quite traditional in his ideas. Though GoBuyside is a revolutionary concept in the business world, it still bases its operations on the concept of taking care of its clients needs rather than just using them as a means for generating capital. This is the core value that has led to the company to grow since 2011 to the point where today it serves over 10,000 firms worldwide in filling their human resources needs. It is the core value that Arjun Kapur strongly believes will continue to push the company’s growth in the future. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuyside is proving to be a very multi-faceted operation as well. Not content to be pigeonholed into one specific niche, the company offers a variety of services. Some are designed at helping well-established firms in filling their needs but the company also has been invaluable in helping new companies to get off the ground running by helping with the market research necessary for success. The company is also acutely aware of the rising demand for project-based hiring and employment on a work from home basis. Staying on top of the newest trends in the hiring and employment practices of the financial industry gives GoBuyside the competitive edge to stay on top of its field.


Commodities Markets: Stansberry Research

The world of investing can be tricky to navigate. In order to help the average consumer make informed investment choices, Stansberry Research is there to help. Stansberry Research is a privately held American publishing company with its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland that specializes in investment research. It provides bimonthly newsletters on a variety of financial topics including natural resources, power, mining company investments, and even biotechnology. The newsletter has subscribers in over 100 countries around the world and is widely regarded with respect.

Stansberry Research is just released a report that has stated the commodities industry is ripe for investment currently. Commodities can serve an important part of an asset allocation program. They represent an easy way to increase the diversification of your investment portfolio outside of traditional investment classes. It is important to understand that commodities are cyclical and go through boom and bust periods detailed in Stansberry report. The reason behind these boom and bust cycles is not difficult to understand, but it is important that you understand them.

The two most important factors that drive commodities markets are the same factors that drive the vast majority of markets in the world. These factors are supply and demand. To put it in a way that is easy to understand if the supply of a commodity is less than the demand for it the price of this commodity will increase. This works in reverse as well if the supply outpaces the demand for a commodity the price will drop ( As these prices change producers can increase or decrease supply in order to reach an equilibrium point.

In typical markets, the same process occurs but on a much smaller scale. In the commodities, market supply and demand can become out balanced and can take much longer to rectify Dan in normal asset classes. This is due to the amount of time that it takes in order to increase supply. It takes a significant amount of time to build additional mines or to build additional oil pumps described by Stansberry Research. Put together this creates a market that is uncorrelated with the prices of stocks making them an easy way to increase the diversification of your investment portfolio.

Can The Real Real Become an even Greater Sensation?

“The Real Real is a site where thousands of pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories make their way from one owner to the next. This is a rapidly expanding e-commerce endeavor with over one hundred thousand followers on its creative platforms, namely instagram, with approximately 115,000 followers as of April 2018. Thus, it has come to the realization of The Real Real that the economy and increasing demand for used luxury handbags and high-end accessories is beginning to outcompete and overwhelm The Real Real platform. As a result, Julie Wainwright, the initial founder and CEO of The Real Real, gave a highly influential presentation through a televised Recode Commerce Event in 2016, in the hopes of gaining increased external funding for her highly ludicrous and extremely popular website. Wainwright hopes to expand The Real Real into an even greater, primary e-commerce business to mediate and stabilize the skyrocketing demand and exchange of pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories.

Wainwright’s plans of attracting many investors to her popular e-commerce platform in the hopes of raising an additional $100 million in external support is based upon the veracity of The Real Real. Her company abides by a strict rule of truthfully authenticating all of its pre-loved products before they are marketed to sell. As a result, Wainwright has curated an expert authentication system and team including luxury handbag specialists and gemology experts to authenticate all accessories making their way through the untainted cradles of The Real Real website, including the likes of Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent.

If Wainwright is capable of attaining the new funds of approximately $100 million, her Real Real team would expand its enterprise into one that is compatible and stronger than its competitors including Tradesy and eBay commerce. If this were to appropriately pan out with investments adding up to $100 million, Wainwright would be able to establish a powerful and avidly popular monopoly over pre-loved accessories, whose dominance in the e-commerce market would overshadow other pre-loved luxury accessory ventures.”

Jeff Yastine: Kennedy Accounts are real and Very beneficial

Life in the modern setting is complicated. For an ordinary person who has so many bills to clear at the end of the month, things can be very tough. Most people have to sacrifice their sleeping hours so that they can get some extra cash. There are various ways of making money. With the introduction of the latest technology, people can now earn some profits even when they are in the comfort of their homes. The internet has presented so many opportunities for people who want to be earning without having to commute from their homes. Young people who are in school and mothers who have to stay at home have benefited from the money making opportunities that are available online. Watch this video on Youtube.

Although the internet is the perfect place to earn some extra money, it is currently flooded with scams, making it very difficult for people to understand the real opportunities. In online businesses, most investors are always scared because they cannot trust the individuals they are dealing with. There are millions of Nigerians who are looking to offer customer’s spamy activities that always promise very good earnings yet they only result to losses. There are millions of people who have lost lots of their cash in the scams when they are thinking that they are investing in genuine activities. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Are you one of the people who are looking for a real investment opportunity online? You do not have to worry anymore. According to Jeff Yastine, an American investor, it is possible to get a good amount of money when you are using the Kennedy Accounts. Many people are still thinking that these accounts might be a scam. Jeff Yastine has worked in the American market for some time now, and he has all the knowledge customers need about this form of investment. Jeff Yastine has been a renowned editor for a popular organization known as Banyan Hill, and this is why he commands so much respect in the country. Yastine got his skills after working with several media stations in the past, and he realized that there are several places where investors can acquire good money without dealing with fear. The Kennedy Accounts are real, and it is time for all people to start thinking about them. There are individuals who have already made investments in this area, and they have been fortunate to realize very huge profits in a short duration.


End Citizens United – A Political Action Group Vowing To End Big Money In Politics

End Citizens United, located in Washington, D.C., is a Political Action Committee that was founded on March 1st, 2015. Their current president and executive director is Tiffany Muller, former Deputy Political Director of the Democratic Senatorial Committee and who also served as Chief of Staff for two members of Congress.

They have a mission that involves removing big money in politics with the goal especially being the removal of a group called the Big Money 20. This is a group of Republican politicians that accept large sums of money and donations and don’t want to reform campaign financing. End Citizens United wants to overturn Citizens United, a U.S. constitutional law that deals with the regulations of political campaign spending by various organizations and to fix what they say is a rigged political system.

End Citizens United wants to accomplish this in the following ways:

1. Making it a national priority to raise the issue of money in politics.
2. Support and elect candidates who are in favor of reform.
3. Have members who are ordinary grassroots people to gain political power to
deal with the money issues in politics.
4. Work with various campaigns to pass pro-reform laws in states.

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End Citizens United wants transparency where spending money in politics is involved and plan to recruit thousands of activist supporters around the country who will help fund the organization – and they have a great start so far this year!

In the 2016 senate race, they spent 4.4 million dollars combined to help elect Maggie Hassan, a democrat from New Hampshire and Catherine Cortez, a democrat from Nevada. End Citizens United plans to raise $35 million this year for the midterm 2018 election.

In a news article about End Citizens United, it explains how they won’t support any candidate who accepts Corporate PAC (Political Action) Money. They are standing behind and supporting Senator Cory Booker because of his stance against accepting PAC money. End Citizens United doesn’t want millionaires and billionaires controlling elections in the United States and vow to make sure the control of money in politics is removed. They will fight to end Citizens United and the power “Big Money” has on future elections and will continue until their mission is accomplished.