Boraie Development Now Putting Housing On Atlantic City’s Beachfront

If you’re a young student, entrepreneur or newcomer to Atlantic City, NJ, you might love staying at one of their new housing projects that Boraie Development is overseeing. This is a 250-apartment complex that’s currently being constructed around the oceanfront area and is known as the “Beach at South Inlet.” Boraie Development Vice President Wasseem Boraie says the housing demand of millennial consumers in the Atlantic City and Newark areas is one that much of New Jersey’s housing stock hasn’t been prepared to meet. He believes this new development which will have luxurious amenities including on-site gyms, pools and well-designed apartment interiors will be a step towards addressing this demand.

What Boraie Development is doing right now in Atlantic City is just one of the steps it has in its mission to transform New Jersey’s urban scene. It was Wasseem’s father Sam Boraie who began this company dream back when he came to the US from Egypt over 40 years ago. Going from a career in chemistry to a career in real estate happened when Omar Boraie saw the city of New Brunswick in desperate need of new life and a new direction. Although it was his plan to start reconstructing and bringing tenants back to the city’s abandoned buildings, he did so he says because Dick Sellars, the CEO of Johnson & Johnson decided to keep his company in New Brunswick. And so it was that Omar Boraie started buying up these lots on Albany Street, not too far from where Johnson & Johnson was located. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, his first completed construction project was Albany Street tower one where Boraie Development currently has their corporate headquarters. 15 years later, Albany Street tower two came up and thanks to the Boraies ignoring previous criticisms from many other urban planners, New Brunswick started seeing a renaissance in its commercial real estate. The Boraie’s first big housing complex that went up was a high-rise modeled after the New York City styles across the Hudson River, and once again many locals thought trying to attract people to that big of an apartment complex would be too big of a task. But when the Spring Street Condominium went up, it became completely leased out in just 2 months. Boraie Development has undertaken so much to build New Brunswick and its neighboring cities and other buildings in its portfolio include The Aspire, and satellite housing for Rutgers University.

Dr. Mark Holterman’s Contributions Towards the Medical Field

Dr. Mark Holterman is a man of many hearts, but one constant factor among all these is his passion for medicine. He is a surgeon, researcher, and educator. Currently, Dr. Mark holds the position of a pediatric and professor of surgery at the famed University of Illinois. For almost two decades now, Dr. Mark has been practicing his profession at the University of Virginia and resides in Virginia with his family.

Holterman’s decision to become a pediatric surgeon arose from the increasing cases of children suffering from different surgical problems. He is highly qualified and boasts of a number of degrees including University of Yale’s B.A in Biology and an M.D and Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. In addition to this Dr. Mark Holterman has a fellowship in Pediatric Surgery from Washington University. Read more about Dr. Mark Holterman at Health Grove.

When it comes to the positive contributions Dr. Mark Holterman has made to his medical community, one can easily lose count. Prior to joining the University of Illinois as a Professor, Dr. Mark worked as an associate researcher in Montreal’s Clinical Research Institute. Here, Mark was heavily involved in research works on how best to improve the pediatric care of kids. Research aside, Dr. Mark Holterman also worked tirelessly hard to save the many lives of kids through his life-saving surgeries.

Mr. Holterman aside from being a doctor is a philanthropist. Despite having a busy schedule, the determined pediatric surgeon is always committed to making positive impacts in the medical field. On a number of occasions, Dr. Mark has freed up his schedule to make time to train resident surgeons and patients about the importance of health care. As if this is not enough, Mark has directly contributed positively to some organizations and one organization in particular that regards Dr. Mark Holterman highly is the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN). Here, Dr. Mark‘s contributions are life-saving and also impactful to the upcoming surgeons under his care. Visit to know more.

If you are interested in pediatric surgery, Dr. Mark Holterman is the best role model you got. His mastery of English and Spanish also gives him a better opportunity to offer his expertise widely in the world.


What You Need to Know About Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is famously titled as an internationally operative businessman, investor, writer, executive, mentor and entrepreneur. He is well-known for his unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit as a business revolutionary and his mentorship. Perhaps however he is best known for his tested and proven 5 key performance methodology: human capital, leadership, power, risk management and execution, which has propelled him to success.

He has been a source of business revolution, having more than 17,000 members of staff in his employ and over $15 billion in assets. All this has been earned through guidance of start-ups, new market entry, development of M&As, creation of new performance methodologies, divestitures and a lot more. Read more on

Wakeman graduated from the University of Scranton with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance and later an MBA in finance, having gone through studies at the University of Chicago. He is the Chief Executive Officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, an SAAS corporation which he cofounded in 2015. Prior to that, he had a successful career at GE Capital, where he received praise from GE’s board as a role model for growth leadership. He also founded Nova Four, where his roles spanned the company’s CEO, business development, P&L, president and administrative positions in the Board of Directors.


His success in business as an investor and a mentor has encouraged Glen Wakeman to be a source of inspiration to others in numerous fields, including fiscal economics and administrative strategies among others. He is a keen market strategist and a veteran in emerging markets, divestitures, and corporate management, all of which enable him to give expert counsel to executive level groups such as Dreamfunded.

Glen Wakeman developed the idea of LaunchPad by seeking to matching ideas with money, i.e. developing structure around the specific ideas of start-ups. He made plan building an easier and more efficient process by building a simple software platform, which in turn aided in putting flesh to ideas. When Glen is not reviewing numbers in service performance, sales and cash totals, he is dividing up duties, researching, or getting coffee. He holds trust, division of duties and avoidance of backtracking as the keys to success. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette.

The prolific and Outstanding Eli Gershkovitch

Eli Gershkovitch is well known for his various attributes and contributions I the world of piloting, lawmaking matters as well as the chief executive officer of Steamworks Brewery. He hails from Canada and has been in the years involved in the different business activities. He was born in the year 1975 in July. His passion for achieving objectives and goals has continuously made him successive as well as increasing his net worth. Eli Gershkovitch saw that in the past, the economy was yearning for better beer options as this habit was common with many adults. With this in mind, various beer companies were marketing themselves to achieve more attractiveness towards their consumers. This guy came up with a craft beer one that would competitively conquer the competitors in the economy. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Achievements in Life

Being an industry expert, he quite understood the market forces of demand and supply for his craft beer. Eli Gershkovitch made the world appreciate and understand Cosmo political culture as well as appreciating the different beer flavors. He saw the future in lenses that no one would and took the risk of investing in craft beer increasing his sales to over 20 % which is quite impressive when it comes to making his profits globally. He attends the Vancouver’s Shores festival to increase the publicity of his company and notify his clients on the new arrivals as well as encourage many to trust his commodity. Read this article at

The Success

It is a known fact that anyone enjoying beverages with alcoholic content let’s say in a football game with friends and relatives in the United States is always looking forward to attending the U.S.A Open Beer competitions. Eli Gershkovitch indeed markets his company to ensure much fans attend to get achieve the goals of Steamworks brewing company. He has increased his level of production efficiently to hectoliters, and by the year 2013, he saw the production rise to over 40,000 hectoliters. Eli Gershkovitch is well versed with management styles that ensure the employee welfare program is useful as well as ensuring the consumer satisfaction. He is a certified pilot having have got his license in 1993.


Waiakea Water Winning For Enviromental Excellence

Since 2012, Waiakea Springs, named after an ancient subdivision on the big Hawaii island, has been producing bottled water for customers around the world. Of course, this has become a very profitable industry for a myriad of companies that are now making billions from placing what people used to drink primarily out of a faucet into bottles and delivering. Each of these companies tries to mark theirs as something unique that a consumer can believe in. So, what makes the Waiakea water different from the rest? Read more about Waiakea Water on Medical Daily.

First of all, to many consumers, the “made in Hawaii” theme is just something that seems healthy and nature inspired. There are a number of products that come from the islands and use this to boost sales. However, nothing comes straight from the volcanoes like their water, and the water actually runs through 14,000 feet of porous volcanic rock as it winds through the Mauna Loa volcano there in Hawaii. Waiakea Water says that their company’s triple bottom line is to be healthy, sustainable, and ethical through the initiatives and products that they provide.

So, in this direction, Waiakea Water has been certified as a Carbon Neutral company since they have incorporated a fleet of low-emission vehicles that is used to deliver the product to buyers. Also, the company takes about 3 percent of all of their profits and redistributes it to nonprofit organizations and local community programs that are working to better the environment and the world. But probably the most impressive of all of these aims is the fact that with the new year (2018) they will emerge as the first company to bottle their water in a fully degradable bottle on top of the fact that these bottles will be made from a plastic product that is 100 percent recyclable. All of this is living up to the Hawaiian motto “malama i ka ‘aina” which means “to respect and care for the land.” Visit BevNet to know more.

With all of this, the Waiakea Water company has been spotlighted on numerous top lists at various media outlets. It certainly seems that you are going to indulge in some of nature’s most abundant resource, then why not help contribute to the betterment of the globe?

The Role of Technology in Modernization of Medicine

Jorge Moll, the president of D’Or Institute for Research and Teaching issues a talk about how technology can be used to redefine the modern health. Ideally, there is an exponential increase in the rate at which technology is embraced in various health institutions worldwide. Today, it is almost impossible to talk about improved medical care without mentioning advanced technology. Many are the benefits that have been provided by the technology in healthcare, and this is what Jorge Mall is trying to even revamp further. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Innovative Visions in Medicine

Paulo Chapchap, in his speech about entrepreneurship in health, stated that one of the best ways to ensure an improvement in GDP is by investing heavily in health. He further clarified that it is vital to ensure that the modern healthcare is issued with enough health equipment to ensure that there is intensive care accorded to the patients. Through investment in health, it becomes easier to achieve a health department that can supply the highest quality services due to improved modern technology in health. Paulo Chapchap tried to convince the audience by citing exponential improvement in health technology in European Nations. Paulo said that European Countries do so well regarding well for they invest ten percent of GDP in health departments. Visit Ideamensch to know more about Jorge Moll.

About Jorge Moll

Jorge Moll is a cardiologist and a businessman who was born and brought up in Brazil. Moll is also the co-founder of the D’Or Hospital network, which is the largest private Health Group in Brazil. In 2017, Jorge Moll was listed as one of the richest individuals in Brazil. Jorge Moll has been using his fortune to ensure that there is an availability of improved health technology in Brazil to ensure that patients are given access to the best healthcare services as long as they can afford it.

Technology has important plaid roles in all aspects of people’s lives. It is essential to mention that through technology, it is possible to reduce mortality rate in various nations. Jorge Moll is one of the few individuals who have seen the potential that advanced technology has to maintain a stable health among the contemporary communities. Moll has invested lots of resources to achieve the best as far as modern health technology is concerned.


Cheryl Blossom Rocks Red Velvet

Cheryl Blossom on the hit show Riverdale, played by actress Madeline Petsch, is always raging in red. From her cherry wardrobe down to her vampy scarlet nails, Cheryl is never seen without her signature hue. Now, Madeline Petsch has finally let slip the secret of how she gets her famous flaming lips. The product? Red Velvet from Lime Crime’s Matte Velentine collection. The long lasting formula is scented with smooth vanilla, and lasts all day. Madeline Petsch told Teen Vogue that she likes that it doesn’t rub off. Which is good considering the amount of lip locking on the show.

The pigments in the Matte Velentine collection are true and romantic. Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere was inspired to make this collection by her all time favorite flower- the red rose. As a child, Doe Deere would cut out rose petals and paste them to her lips. Perhaps that is why the Matte Velentine formula goes on so smooth and dries down to a velvety matte texture comparable to soft rose petals. This Lime Crime product is also animal cruelty free and certified vegan.

Red lips are classic all the time, but the Christmas season is the perfect time to rock your reds! Lime Crime’s matte Red Velvet would pair perfectly with their Diamond Dew sparkling lid topper in Starlight, which is a bold gold shade with reflective lightweight pigments and a 0% fall out. Together with the classic little black dress, this look would win over any holiday party crowd. Or take it a step bolder and pair Red Velvet matte lips with Diamond Dew Chameleon! Chameleon is an iridescent sparkling burgundy and can be worn by itself or over another wine shade to make the eyes more dramatic. Add a black liquid liner and you will be the toast of the the town! Let’s hear it for the Reds!!!

Felipe Montoro Jens Says Government targets 18 Infrastructure Auctions by the close of 2017

The government plans to have 18 infrastructure auctions in the second half of 2017, and this is in line with what the Investment Partnership Program Secretary, Gomes de Freitas said. The secretary had given assurance that the schedule would not change irrespective of the political discussions that the Brazilian government was involved in

Freitas said that the 18 auctions would start in September and they will work in parallel with Congress discussions. Felipe Montoro Jens, the PPI infrastructure project expert says the program is open to participation by new players in the concessions.

Great challenge

Gomes de Freitas points out a challenge in lower productivity in Brazil, calling out for infrastructure sector to be expanded and modernised. He further says there is a need to attract more investors and reduce unemployment that has become so rampant. Gomes added that enhancing governance on projects is a significant gain for the Investment Partnership Program. He says that they have been able to create a hub and articulate with ministries and are targeting select projects that are successful and will attract the private sector.


One of the primary objectives for the PPI is correcting a myriad of mistakes realised in the area of Public-Private Partnerships. This was caused by the state intervention which culminated to an imbalance of project risk. In an interview conducted by the EXAME editorial director seeking to know if previous errors in concessions negatively impacted foreign investors decision, Freitas pointed out the government had done away with anti-business line and embraced a pro-business line.

During the first year of Michel Temer’s presidency, PPI had managed to hold 44 infrastructure auctions. This translated to business investments that amounted to approximately R $23 billion. Michel Temer rose to Brazil’s presidency on 31st August 2016.

The Current Healthcare Information Tools Are Hard For Some Healthcare Providers To Set Up According To IT Entrepreneur Drew Madden

Before the dawn of computers, healthcare providers and hospitals charged for their services by developing ways to maximize insurance payments. Some health officials say electronic medical records make that practice easier. Those doctors and healthcare managers say electronic medical records are vulnerable when it comes to viruses and crashes. The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center was one of the providers who recently experienced a crash that lasted for six hours over a two-day period. Thanks to an alternative database, patient medical histories were still intact at the medical center. And the center was able to function while their electronic medical records platform was down.

The billing issue is being addressed by the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services. But the electronic medical records platform crashes are part of the system, according to some healthcare executives, and that’s why they don’t like them. But according to Drew Madden, one of the managing partners of the Evergreen Healthcare Partners, those crashes are avoidable if healthcare providers would seek help from professionals. Madden knows how to get electronic medical records platforms up and running without the glitches some providers experience due to inexperience, and a lack of trust in new technology. Mr. Madden has a successful history in the healthcare industry thanks to his degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iowa College of Engineering

Madden is a long-time healthcare entrepreneur who understands why companies like Amazon and CVS are venturing into the healthcare industry. Amazon is venturing into the medical equipment space and CVS may but Aetna insurance. Even though the healthcare system is a debacle in the United States, there are people and systems in place to correct the debacle if the industry can come together and share information and new technology systems. Evergreen Healthcare Partners and Nordic Consulting Partners are the two companies Madden names as the leaders in providing information, strategies, and better implementation of electronic medical records platforms. Madden is the former president of Nordic. He is responsible for turning that company into a major player in healthcare consulting and technology upgrades.

Highland Capital Management Building Better and Stronger Communities

Highland Capital, an independently-owned investment management company with a strong, seasoned leadership team. Their philosophy in credit is to produce exceptional returns on investments and increase their philanthropic endeavors.

Not only is the Highland Capital highly successful in their investment and credit management, but they are incredibly involved in charities. Building active communities all over are something the Highland Capital management team is seriously invested in promoting. The entire group proudly volunteers in the communities they live in, making a difference in both financial donations and building community nonprofit organizations. Over the past 12-years, Highland Capital and their partners have committed over $10 million to help communities in their vicinity and around the world. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

The Highland Capital executive staff, James Dondero, Co-Founder, President and extremely proactive in the area of charitable giving has grown to the extent the firm has created a philanthropic department devoted to managing their ever-growing budget specifically for the development of better communities. Highland Capital began a search for the right people to lead their charitable agenda and successfully located Mary Jalonick, President, and CEO of The Dallas Foundation. Jalonick and her staff are experts in the area of donor services. The Dallas Foundation team brings with it a vast amount of experience and education in philanthropy, the Dallas area and the need for more community investment and growth.


The Dallas Foundation holds the title of being the oldest community cornerstone of its kind in Texas. They are proud to announce that the fiscal year 2016 they were able to issue grants totaling $81 million. Scholarships awarded to 539 students in 2015-2016 totaled $1.4 million. Not surprisingly, the number of funds held with The Dallas Foundation totals 567 monetary funds, all active and working to build better and stronger communities.

The human investment provided by Highland Capital only exemplifies their dedication to build better residential areas and improve the living conditions around them and extending elsewhere in the world. Read more at