New Social Media App Flipora

The response to social media applications online has been overwhelming for many of the developers. They quickly realized that they hit the jackpot with these user friendly and helpful devices. The fact is that social media apps makes life just a little easier and more fun for millions of their fans. The applications are actually on the cutting edge of technology. Those that are attuned to social media realize the massive effect that the applications have online. Social media applications exist for simple chat to those that perform complicated functions for the user.

Sharing Information
Social media is all about connecting with other people online and sharing interesting content. People vote for, like, and share that interesting content with others online. The fact is that one video that is liked or shared could easily go viral and attract thousands of viewers in a matter of hours. Clearly, social media has an enormous appeal to millions online. Consequently, there is always more room for the next big thing in social media. Predictably, the response to a well designed application is quick. Those that are designed for appeal and have a great design catch on quickly. Flipora, is one new social application that is achieving great results and strong interest.

What is Flipora?
Flipora is a social media application that is designed to make it easier for the user to share information with others. Formally, the application was primarily used to document the sites that the user previously visited. The new redesign added another dimension to the application. Now, the application is used to introduce new content to the users that have downloaded the Flipora application. The content found on Flipora is based on the websites that other users found interesting. People click on a site that they would like to visit. Clearly, Flipora is a social discovery engine that is bringing good web content to millions. Some might assume that Flipora is like a few other social media sites that share content. Clearly, Flipora is different. The content on Flipora is purely based on what other user’s have found interesting or visited.

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