Milan Kordestani: Making History Through the Innovative Operations of Milan Farms

Milan Kordestani is a businessman who ventured off early in life to manifest accomplishments that bestowed him with several titles to his name. As of today, he is currently a student undertaking collegiate studies in California, a writer for the Huffington Post, a mastered equestrian, and both founder and CEO of Milan Farms. As founder, Kordestani wanted to create a company that he envisioned as being the epitome of brand trust concerning consumer investment and reliance upon the provision of healthy food alternatives. Therefore, while being a mere sophomore in high school, he established Milan Farms in 2015 to fulfill the need for both the quality production and distribution of wholesome/organic eggs, poultry, saffron, and herbs. Since becoming trademarked in 2016, Kordestani has had the honor of witnessing the progression of his company via its farm expansion across the west coast and being one of the first farms to conduct research into the use of aquaponic and hydroponic systems to produce saffron. Furthermore, as Milan Farms CEO, Kordestani assures that his company will adhere to their foundational principle to be honest in their provision of natural ingredients to the consumer for trusted healthy consumption.

Yet, in addition to acquiring success as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in modern-day society, Milan Kordestani has also gained a substantial amount of recognition for winning world competitions as an accomplished equestrian. Kordestani’s love for horseback riding began around the age of 10 when he began taking lessons that confronted him with the mental and physical challenges that he demanded of himself. Nevertheless, after mastering the skill over the years, Kordestani soon came to compete in the Worlds Championship Horse Show whereby he competed on high levels while riding champion horses on several championship occasions to win 4th, 3rd, and ultimately 2nd place over the years. As of today, Milan Kordestani continues to practice his love for the sport while managing the needs of his company.

Indeed, Milan Kordestani’s life exudes inspiration to all aspiring young professionals who wish to overcome the stigma that young people do not have the authority nor mental capability to take charge of their lives and make life-changing decisions before becoming an adult. As proven by Kordestani, success can be attained by anyone at any age. One just has to simply act upon their beliefs and remain persistent with dedication and a driven mindset to manifest the said impossible.


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