Meghan Overcame Her Nerves To Sing With Harry

Meghan Trainer may have many fans now and be quickly gaining fame, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t still get starstruck. When she met Harry Styles she says that she had butterflies in her stomach. But what girl wouldn’t? The One Direction singer is loved by many girls and not so long ago Meghan Trainer was just like any of them.

YouTube said but, she must have quickly put away her nerves because she and Harry recorded a song together. She said that she was nervous to sing in front of him, but I’m sure that she did great and it will be interesting to hear the song when it comes out. These two singers are great songwriters as well, and it is sure to be a great track.

So, we should applaud Meghan for overcoming her nerves and singing in front of Harry so that we can get some new music fro the two of them. The track that the two of them recorded together is sure to be a hit.

One thought on “Meghan Overcame Her Nerves To Sing With Harry

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