Matt Badiali acquired his degree in earth science with B.S. from the Penn State University and further did his masters of Science Atlantic University in Florida in geology before 2004. As he was doing his doctor of philosophy, he started talking to her friend who led him through on ways in which an average investor can capitalize currency and make a profit from his investment. His friend had seen his father struggle to invest his money with no positive outcomes and so he decided to device a new strategy that will make other people invest and get good returns through Matt Badiali. He is currently the founder of the Real Wealth Strategist and an expert in energy, agricultural industries and energy. At real wealth strategies, he provides advisory services to investors on the investment opportunities to invest in and the best-suited investment for them in natural resources ranging from precious metals, mining, gas and oil industry to minerals. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

He was hired by Bayan hill publishing as its natural resource adept to shed more light on profitable investment opportunities available to its thousands and thousands of its subscribers. Protecting people’s wealth and growing it fast is the major concern that he exceedingly bases on in his articles. He explores the markets and provides the opportunities that investors can invest in his articles. Matt Badiali’s advice and articles have largely helped people double or even triple their cash after investing it. His commendable work has made him well travelled and known in countless countries having visited many mining areas and interrogated a couple of CEO ’S on their latest prospects in resource and analyzed an unlimited amount of biodata increasing his knowhow, exposure and experience in the word of natural resource investment. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.


Matt Badiali was the mind behind the recently released video that went viral called ‘freedom checks’. Freedom checks, according to him, are the payments of about 90% of a company’s income made to investors. He says that these checks are way better than any government programs since they have no age limits and they are not income restricted, and their returns are double are triple the monthly payments one could earn in the social security docket. He says that companies operating as freedom checks can be evaded from taxes if production, dispensation, preservation and conveyance take up 90% of revenue and if an agreement is made for investors to collect the rewarding freedom checks in large amounts annually.

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