Lori Senecal Provides Positive Impact on Companies

Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer of the marketing firm CP+B which specializes in providing advice to numerous companies. Throughout her career, Lori has helped many companies improve their marketing campaigns and help increase their profits. She has been able to use her expertise to help turn companies around who were struggling to reach sales goals. As well as helping companies that were in sales slumps, she has also helped a number of companies improve on their marketing campaigns to appeal to more customers as well. With her advice and expertise, Lori has enabled a number of companies to stand out among the competition.

One of the companies that Lori has made a considerable impact with is Kraft Mac & Cheese. The company announced on Ad Week that it would remove artificial ingredients from its products. Lori advised against it because it would negatively impact sales. Since a number of parents would not likely buy it with no artificial ingredients, the product would no longer be marketable. Therefore, the company followed Lori Senecal’s advice and was able to reach its sales expectations. After 50 million boxes of the product sold, a new marketing campaign revealed no artificial ingredients. As a result, the company was able to generate a lot of buzz and get more recognition among consumers.

Along with helping Kraft improve its market exposure with a new change, another company known as Letgo has also benefited from Lori’s expertise. Letgo is a company that specializes in providing ad applications. With this application, people are able to sell their products more easily. With the help of Lori, the company used a new feature known as the Commercializer which enabled Letgo users to make television style ads. This would be a more effective way to promote products for sale. Since this app has been very effective, over 45 million downloads have been completed.

Another way in which Lori has helped companies with their marketing is by introducing the Fitbit application. The video game known as NBA 2K was released and the makers were looking for a way to improve the user experience. With the introduction of the Fitbit app, players were able to link their profiles of the game with their Fitbit account. This helped them improve their abilities on a regular basis. By adding this app, players were able to get more out of their experience playing this game.


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