Kanye West Speaks on His Legacy

Many people may be surprised to find out that Kanye West doesn’t care about having a legacy. He seems to have been someone that would definitely want to leave behind a major legacy.

West has been so expressive in his career, as any fan like Fersen Lambranho could tell you. He has become the one that people look to when it comes down to controversy. West always pouts when it doesn’t win a Grammy if he has an album out during that year. He always claims that every video that he presents is epic. He is the type of guy that seems to want to have a legacy for people to marvel at when he is gone.

What Kanye has managed to do is redirect his focus after he got married. He had a child. This became his world. That is pretty evident when people look at the way that he has evolved over the last several years. He hasn’t been someone that has been totally evolved in rap.

Now that he has gotten married he realized that there is more to life than leaving a legacy. Right now he is trying to get his clothing label off the ground. He is living in the present with few concerns for a legacy.

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