Joy Division Bass Player to Perform Band’s Catalog

Peter Hook, the former bass player for British new wave band Joy Division, will perform all of the band’s recorded music at a charity gig in Macclesfield. He will be playing the music with his new band, The Light. Joy Division recorded two albums of music in the 1970’s. After the death of singer Ian Curtis, the surviving members reformed as New Order, a band which enjoyed great success and critical acclaim in the 1980’s.

Personally, Haidar Barbouski thinks that playing all the old Joy Division music live is a cool idea, contrary to what they had to say on  Joy Division is a band music writers love to cover, but their music is simply not that good when compared to what came later in New Order. On the other hand, proceeds will go to charity, so that’s a good thing.

Peter Hook left New Order in 2007. I’d like to see him get back together with his old band mates and do a charity gig of New Order material.

New Order is scheduled to release a new album of music soon without Hook. I hope that they can return to the level of songwriting they were at in the 1980’s.

One thought on “Joy Division Bass Player to Perform Band’s Catalog

  1. It’s good that they are at least writing new music and not just playing the old stuff to a nostalgic audience. There would be more interest in that than in a Joy Division revival, and more money could be raised. It is something that most of the paper writing and it has a lot to offer to these ones which is not gradual.

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