Joss Whedon Was “Broken” By The Age of Ultron

The second Avengers movie has had mixed reactions from fans and critics. While a few people have commended the movie for being balanced and mentioned how it was practically impossible to top the first one, others have been disappointed by the direction of Black Widow’s character and certain decisions taken by the team. This still doesn’t change the fact that Age of Ultron is a box office hit. In the 2012 Hero Complex, Whedon even mentioned that he was nervous about directing the second movie.

Recently, he made a statement saying that the movie practically “broke” him. Could this be because of the backlash regarding the obvious but carefully hidden sexism in the storyline of Natasha Romanoff? Is it because of the pressures that come with directing a Marvel movie? It is, as of now, unclear.

A few fans like Jason Halpern have been discussing an important theory – what would have happened if someone else had been at the helm of Age of Ultron? The obvious choice is Guillermo del Toro of the Pacific Rim and Pan’s Labyrinth fame. Del Toro was also supposed to direct parts of the Hobbit trilogy but had to leave because of prior commitments. His vision, especially with superhero and sci-fi movies, is unmatched; his monsters are wondrous to behold.

Another great choice would have been Peter Jackson who gifted the world the Lord of the Rings movies and recently, the Hobbit trilogy.

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