John Goullet’s Career Achievements

John Goullet started his professional career as an IT consultant but switched to IT Staffing in 1994. Through the combination of working both sides of Information Technology it has enabled him to have a broad base of knowledge in IT and to come up with novel ways of creating solutions. Today he serves as the Principal of Diversant Inc., an IT staffing company based in New Jersey that places IT workers with companies across the United States.

Goullet founded his own IT staffing company, Info Technologies and the company found great success. Within five years the company was placing IT staff across the country and was valued at $30 million. He saw that he could achieve even greater success by partnering with Diversant and so after negotiations the two companies merged. Diversant today has been recognized as one of the largest African-American owned firms in the US.

John Goullet was recently interviewed by ideamensch about his career and what tips and insights he could provide into the world of IT. He states that there is always a shortage of IT Professionals as just not enough students graduate with the skills to do it. To address this he researches where the greatest demand will be in the future and then working with IT professionals to develop the skill set needed to meet it.

He gives an insight that it’s very important to have the attribute of productive paranoia, which is a belief that your competition is right behind you and ready to overtake your business at any time. He uses this mindset in order to always keep pushing in order to remain the market leader. He also reveals a failure he’s had which was earlier in his career when he hired sales reps and executives but failed to hold them accountable. The executives he had hired had come from a business culture that didn’t fit what he was looking to attain, and the sales reps didn’t put forth the effort to bring in new business. He has since learned from this mistake and through it has brought Diversant to ever greater levels of success.

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