Jhene Aiko Presents Thoughtful New Video

Jhene Aiko may be most of the most thought provoking artists of our time, but many people have slept on her musical talents. Her latest video and lyrics for the beautifully melodic “Eternal Sunshine” single draws people because it’s unlike anything else that is out there right now.

The thing that makes the video so difficult to turn away from is the car accident stated Brad Reifler. According to community websites this  is a video that is a dramatization of the car accident that she was in with her family. The accident occurred in 2013. The song and video also tie in nicely with a tribute to her brother that died the year before the car accident.

The new single that features Aiko in the video in a cloud-like state is something that fans will embrace as well. Jhene has this laid back sound that is enticing. She also appears to be a writer that thinks heavily about the content that she is going to release. If this new single is any sign of the new music that is to come she may easily be on her way to another smash album. This single furthers developers her brand

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