Janelle Monae Returns

With a signature look and sound, Janelle Monae knows how to move a crowd. She is back with a new single called “Yoga” that really moves the crowd. It is a continuation of the hip sound that she has become associated with.

What Monae has done is carve out her own style. She was with a couple of different labels before she discovered a place for her style. In the beginning she was associated with Big Boi and Andre 3000. Behance said that was a good place for her to start. She is like a kindred spirit with Andre 3000, but she would not stay long with this group.

She moved under the guidance of P.Diddy, but this union would be severed as well. It was after this that she would catapult to fame with “Tight Rope.” This became the single that would carry her over into the mainstream of pop music. Now she is back with more of this signature sound with “Yoga.”

This is another super track that bounces with high energy. People have come to expect this with Janelle. It would be difficult for her to release any type of ballad. This is not what she is known for.

One thought on “Janelle Monae Returns

  1. Even though there will be some ballads on the album, the ballads are not her main thing. She is the entertainer that is expected to dance, and this is certainly a hot dance track. I have been able to reexamine what essay writing services do to keep this from happening.

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