Ja Rule And Ashanti Are Planning A Tour

Ashanti and Ja Rule were a powerful duo in the past. Ashanti is a singer, and Ja Rule is a rapper. Although the two haven’t done any music together in many years, they have decided to put together a reunion tour. The Ashanti And Ja Rule Tour. Ja Rule had his own record label, and he easily rose to fame as well as the artists that he signed to his label. At one point, Ja Rule was worth well over $100 million, and gaining more money each day. Ja Rule fell from fame when he had legal problems, and Ashanti moved on to do her own thing.

Ashanti has been linked to Nelly, who she broke up with after several years because he cheated on her. Ashanti still performs music, but she’s nowhere near as popular as she used to be. The fact that Ja Rule and Ashanti are getting back together should make a lot of people happy. The two have planned a reunion tour, but there is a catch because the reunion tour will be held in Australia. NJBiz suggests that obviously they have some good fans in Australia if they won’t be performing the tour anywhere else.

Fans of a Ashaniti and Ja Rule will have to pay for a ticket to the land down under, or they’ll have to cross their fingers and hope for a reunion tour in the USA. Hopefully the tour will come to the USA eventually.

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