Interesting Facts About Doe Deere

Advice for makeup lovers as well as fellow women who think they are not beautiful, listen up. Doe Deere has made it perfectly clear that beauty is not simply what you look like in your natural form or all done up with the current trend but simply what looks best, feels best and what you are most confident in. If you look in the mirror and think to yourself, “I am beautiful in this shade of eye shadow, lip gloss or eyeliner” then you love yourself no matter what your in. If not, you have yet to learn what beautiful is all apart.

Doe Deere was born in Russia however lived her life in both Russia and New York City. At the moment, Doe is residing in California with her husband and three cats. She has been widely known for her makeup line, Lime Crime. She is the founder of the company as well as the creator to the makeup line. The line of makeup on is well known by people for being whimsical as well as being creative. The unicorns on the package is what sets it apart from most other brands of makeup. You can purchase nail polish, eye shadow and mascara from Lime Crime.

Doe Deere has been declared as an inspiration to fellow women and those who want to standout against all the other women. She has showed that being comfortable in your own skin is what is best for you no matter what others might say or what others might think. She has proven that you can excel if you simply put your mind to it and go for it.

During the time that she spent in her high school, she was simply a plain Jane. She would walk the halls with fellow classmates and not receive a second look. She simply fit in and was quite average. She simply would not put forth the effort to stand out because she simply believed that she was average and therefore didn’t waste anytime trying to be anything more than average. She was wrong for every thinking that and prom night changed her whole life around.

On the night of her prom, she got ready like most other girls did. She got out her dress, a vintage dress purchased at the local thrift store and allowed her mother to do her hair. A dream that all mothers hope to share in with their daughters. Her mother had a friend who was a makeup artist who owed her a favor. She cashed in on that favor to have her daughter dolled up for her prom night. With her makeup done, hair done, vintage dress on and some sparkle from jewelry, she headed out to her prom.

Doe would then take most of the evening to enjoy all the new found attention she would be receiving. Boys would take a second look and most would just stare away. The girls would be awestruck by the transformation and got quite jealous of her new look. She enjoyed all the attention she was receiving and even went as far as posing for various photographs throughout the evening. When the night was over and had come to an end, she would head home to find a green tube of mascara. This was the very beginning of what people would now know as being Lime Crime.

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