Image Recognition Software Is Expanding

Recently, MIT Technology Review did an article on image recognition and its power in the sale and marketing world. Companies like Pinterest and others are looking to ways to search and market to customers without written text. For instance, if a woman is walking down the street and she sees another woman with a coat that she must have. She can take a picture of this coat and submit it to an app. The app will then find the coat, or the closest match possible, and it will present her with a host of options. So what kind of futuristic tool can do all this?

The application is called Slyce. It’s similar to the program that Amazon tried to launch but faltered greatly. Slyce is not just another shopping site, it’s actually a site for those who love to shop online, but simply don’t have the time to browse hundreds of websites to find the best deal. It can work so many ways to make a consumers life easier. Perhaps a man goes in to get his wife a pair of shoes. He finds the shoe she cannot live without at a local store, but then the is taken back to find out that it is not available in her size. Being sold out of an item is a big let down. So what is the next best thing for him to do, use the Slyce application to find where he can get these shoes in her size.

With the click of a button, that man can find the exact shoe he wants and place an order. Sure, it will work with texted orders too, but this particular app specialized in recognizing something based on the image recognition. The great thing is that Slyce has hooked up with other big companies to provide the best selection. First, they only deal with companies that are Fortune 500 and mega dealers in the industry. Second, they know that people who would use such a site are serious shoppers. They don’t deal with bargain basement sales stuff. They are helping those who are looking for quality.

Slyce is continuing to implement new and exciting things into their lines. They plan to expand and are in talks with several other companies to add their inventory to the list. This means that consumers will have even more available to them. There are big things expected from this company, as they were the first who was able to make the image recognition software get off the ground.

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