How We Used Securus Technologies to Find a Most Wanted Fugitive

I work on the fugitive task force in our state, and was recently assigned to a case that got global attention. When a top-ranking gang member who was in jail on numerous murder charges escaped, we had to get him back quickly before more innocent blood was shed. The first thing we did was set up a perimeter, but these gang members have such a deep network of soldiers that he could be miles from the jail in minutes.


My next course of action was to monitor communications between the fugitives family and friends. There chatter was non-existent, meaning he was already deep in hiding and we had a huge problem on our hands because every hour that passed, he could be states away.


Recently we had Securus Technologies install a new inmate communication system in our county jail. The company is run by CEO Rick Smith, and his motto of existing to help make the world a safer place resonated with all my staff. We know they are based out of Dallas, and we had access to the 1,000 employees there to help us get up to speed with the LBS software.


Soon after I learned how to monitor the system, we got a huge break. Through chatter in the jail with high-ranking gang members, we were able to crack a coded message that basically was about getting the fugitive a fake passport before he left for Mexico this weekend. We had to act fast, and while he lay sleeping in a safe house the day before his departure, we stored that house with a force of 40 officers and brought him back to where he belonged.


The Securus Technologies inmate communication system was instrumental in helping us to get a fugitive off the streets and back safely behind bars.


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