How To Craft An Advantageous Wikipedia Presence And Avoid Malicious Edits

Wikipedia, a crowdsourced online encyclopedia, is extremely beneficial to people who want facts, not opinions, on a wide range of topics. Occasionally, a volunteer editor will insert his or her opinion while creating or editing a page, as was the case with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wikipedia page when someone edited the page and wrote “FINALLY HAS A GODD***ED OSCAR” repeatedly, spoiling the actor’s Wikipedia page. While Leonardo DiCaprio did finally win an Oscar for his work, the edit clearly shows bias, violating Wikipedia’s regulations. Public figures, including politicians, authors and entrepreneurs, should make a Wikipedia page so that when people are looking for factual information, it is easy to find. A person needn’t be as famous as Leonardo DiCaprio to warrant an entry, however, the individual will need reliable third-party sources to prove their notability. 

A Wikipedia page is also beneficial for companies because it provides them with another credible online presence. People may look up a company’s history and learn more about the firm before contacting the company, which increases consumer’s trust. Creating a Wikipedia page, however, is daunting for some entrepreneurs, since the format required is similar to that of a college thesis, as opposed to writing promotional copy, which is forbidden on Wikipedia. Business owners that realize the benefits of a permanent profile on Wikipedia’s site, but find the process of creating the entry daunting, can use expert Wikipedia editing services such as Get Your Wiki to create and/or monitor and update a Wikipedia page. 

Monitoring services that check each edit on a Wikipedia page are vital to make sure that no one maliciously changes the page by adding unflattering, negative information that is an opinion, not a fact. Having Get Your Wiki create and then monitor a business page on Wikipedia assures the business owner that the entry giving them added prestige and credibility does not end up like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Wikipedia page thanks to their Wiki experts for hire.

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