How Southridge Capital Raised the Bar in the Financial Marketplace

Southridge Capital has become a beacon of light in the financial marketplace. Advising large and small companies on how to manage and structure their finances is the primary work of what the firm is doing at this time. Although each client has a similar need, the way in which they begin their planning for each company as a whole is unique. Southridge is focused on drawing up plans that include the most innovative approach and technology available for managing finances in the marketplace. How are they able to make this possible? You can visit LinkedIn for more.


Southridge Capital is good at what they do because they have a superior team of individuals that are focused on advising with excellence. This core team not only has vast knowledge of the marketplace, but they are also trained in the most intricate details of the marketplace. After investing more than a million dollars into growth companies since 1996, they have grown substantially. Additionally, they have invested in more than 250 public companies, focusing on their expertise in corporate finances.


There some unique needs that corporations face including, payroll, balance sheet management, and completing an appropriate financial needs analysis. The purpose of completing an analysis is essential for all advisors being able to help their clients know how they should start and where they can start financially. Southridge Capital is also a leader in helping corporations identify opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, as well as for long-term financial goals.


Southridge Capital has supported numerous organizations that have aided in their successful run in the marketplace. It’s no surprise that the firm has been supportive of volunteer work with charitable organizations and long-running non-profit organizations as well. The Founder, Stephen Hicks, along with his wife have joined with the Daystar Foundation to offer this support around the country, while building a successful advisory firm. Today, Southridge Capital has made it known that they desire to make a powerful impact on the community as well as their clients. Check out their Facebook page.



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