How OSI Group is shaping the Global Food Market

Most folks around the world do not know, but probably they have enjoyed a delicacy processed and supplied by OSI Group. The company has maintained an excellent reputation not only in Aurora, Illinois, where it houses its headquarters but also across the globe. The company has operations in almost all parts of the world and provides food and employment opportunities wherever it sets shop.

Since its entry into the market, OSI continues to put more focus in the production and processing of protein items which are packed and supplied to retail chains and restaurants around the world. OSI is a privately held corporation and has achieved lots of great feats under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin its CEO, and David McDonald, the president. It is operational in over 17 countries and has recently entered the European market.

In its recent expansion quest, OSI group under the exemplary leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald has acquired a significant stake at Baho Foods. Baho Foods is among the most recognized food processing entities in Europe. It houses its headquarters in Holland but has subsidiaries in other 18 European countries including Germany. OSI Group plans to increase production and consequently see the sales and profits of the firm increase as well.

Baho Foods is not the only acquisition OSI has made so far, the conglomerate also purchased Flagship Europe. The corporation focuses on the production of pies, frozen poultry, and condiments. With the entry of OSI, Flagship Europe will seek to explore more opportunities in Europe by using the same strategies and policies that have seen OSI succeed in the American market. Under the new partnership, Flagship Europe has already gained entry into the German and Spanish market.

Apart from the expansion into foreign markets, OSI Group also wants to increase its presence and diversify the services it offers back at home in the United States. To achieve these, OSI has purchased a Chicago food plant that was facing the risk of closure. The plant is based on the South Side part of Chicago and is owned by Tyson Foods. The plant was struggling due to increased costs, and its closure would have seen more than 500 members of the community lose their jobs.

OSI Group has been able to stay relevant in the market for decades due to its precise marketing methods and intellectual product development. David McDonald believes that the key to success is to impress the local customer base.

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