How Avaaz works to effect positive social change

Avaaz is the world’s largest network dedicated to social activism. In the eight years it has been in existence, it has managed to recruit almost 45 million active members around the world, and has positively impacted more than 2,750 issues.

How has it done this, and how does Avaaz work to effect positive social change around the world? It does so in these distinctive ways.

Recruiting new members — Avaaz constantly works to recruit new members by promoting the new social issues it is championing. As soon as someone signs an online petition, they become a ‘member’ of Avaaz and are contacted several times a month about important issues coming up.

As Avaaz does not spam its members with too many emails, however, it tends to keep many of its members active in the organization.

A consistent way to bring attention to new issues — Avaaz promotes its issue in a consistent manner, so members always know what to expect and how to act to effect change.

The first promotion of an issue is usually an online petition that members are asked to sign and then to share with their friends on social media and in email. This follow-up promotion often brings in new members to Avaaz. Members who are passionate about social change and willing to help.

If needs warrant, Avaaz then organizes offline demonstrations, sit-ins and phone campaigns targeting public officials, and asks its members to participate.

Finally, Avaaz kicks off an ongoing campaign that targets influential members of the news media, and gives them all the relevant information about the new issue.

The news media usually responds by covering the issue, and sometimes even by promoting the online petition itself.

How successful is Avaaz? — In just eight years, the organization has been able to positively impact more than 2,750 important social issues all over the world.

It has recruited 45 million members, created strong relationships within the news media itself and been able to avoid pressure from major corporations and governments by refusing to accept their money.

Avaaz is taken so seriously by public officials around the world, due to its enormous member base and their constant social activism.

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