HBO Defends Its Place On The iron Throne

Never mind Westeros and Essos, HBO is intent on securing its rule over a new territory: broadband Internet subscriptions. Hollywood Reporter details the fight for media turf, as HBO, a company whose worst competition was once USA Network and MTV, now takes on contenders of a new frontier, such as Netflix.

When HBO cares more about online subscribers than television subscribers, one could say that the Internet has won. Jaime Garcia Dias knows that times are changing. Marshall McLuhan’s echoes down the corridors of history, reminding us that the medium is, indeed, the message. With the launch of HBO Now, the media company offers a package at double the price of a Netflix subscription, but backed up by the company’s hefty content, headlined by the award-winning series Game of Thrones.

Once upon a time, television was broadcast for free. Then one by one, cities received cable and were treated to Cinemax, Showtime, and the iconic MTV. HBO was one of the pioneers of that era, and the company well understands what it’s like to be the scrappy newcomer trying to push its media plate over what the audience was used to. Now, the sword is in the other seat; Internet users are rapidly outnumbering satellite and cable users, and expecting HBO to catch up. Time will tell if the old dog can learn a new trick, or if it gets left in the Ice Age.

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