FreedomPop Offering New Ways to Remain Payment Free

Cell phone payments have become more and more expensive in recent years. Once phones moved from a traditional flip device to the smart phone design, prices started to skyrocket. Now it is not unheard of for someone to pay well over $100 a month for their service. So, if a company comes around and promises free cell phone service, most people are first going to doubt that it is even possible, and second, if it is possible, many people will start to flock to that service provider. That is exactly why FreedomPop has quickly amassed over a million customers in the United States and now the company is started to spread to the UK. With the ability to have free mobile phone service within the country, it is now possible for people living in the UK to save all sorts of money.

So how is any of this possible? First, FreedomPop provides free services up to 200 text messages, 200 minutes and 200 MB of data. Of course, for most mobile phone users, this is just not enough. It might be for a handful of people, but what are people to do if they need to use more than this? FreedomPop has a way, and while it does take a few minutes of time on a computer system, it can ultimate result in someone earning enough credits to pay and cover all of their mobile phone services.

In order to pay for the services, FreedomPop is offering rewards of minutes, text messages and data for customers who complete surveys online. These surveys range in length, usually anywhere from five minutes to 30, and the longer the survey, the better the reward. All of this is extremely helpful in boosting the amount of coverage a customer has access to. Some of the surveys can be completed by anyone while other, more specialized surveys can cover just a few people but offer a higher reward. With this in mind, it is always possible for someone to earn enough credits in order to save money and never pay for their services ever again.

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