Francisco Domenech Career History And Contributions In Politics

Francisco Domenech is a Puerto Rico citizen. He is also a lawyer who partners with Politank, to advocate for the well-being of the Government affairs. Francisco is additionally a member of the Democratic Party.

Francisco Domenech has a lot of experience in the political world. Earlier on he worked hand in hand with the then President, Kenneth McClintok as his legal adviser. This was only a stone in the foundation of his political and legal career. After a period of six months of working with Kenneth, he became a director in the office involved in policy-making in 2005 all the way up to 2008. One of his core responsibility in office was to manage a huge budget, which was a hard task because at the time Puerto Rico was facing some financial crises. The crisis brought forth unemployment, laying off some government employees, and increase in taxes, all in the effort of trying to curb the catastrophe that was slowly draining the people. Read more about Francisco Domenech on Crunchbase.

His political path was very influential during Hillary Clinton’s campaigns in 2008, which was quite successful. In 2016 he handled Hillary Clinton’s and Jennifer Colon’s political campaigns as the president and Resident commissioner respectively. Bearing in mind the economic crisis Puerto faced at the time, these two had a tough time to convince people that they were up to the task. By having Francisco to manage their campaigns, they had a better chance considering that Francisco Domenech was familiar with the people and the economic situation. However, he had to deal with a lot of impediments because of the society’s mindset about women and leadership and to handle two of these campaigns meant double trouble for him.

Francisco’s indisputable support has reflected his passion for always thinking of other people’s welfare, and this is evident through his unconditional support to the Clinton’s Foundation, which helps to build up bridges between countries globally. It is also worth noting that during Hillary’s campaigns he assisted in raising about two hundred thousand dollars to support her. Not forgetting that during his time as the director in the policy-making office he made it easy for the visually handicapped persons to access the legislative library with ease, created a vacancy for employment of about 130 individuals among other significant contributions he made at the time.

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