Eric Pulier’s Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

As an entrepreneur you are going to always be looking to the next new technique to incorporate into your routine in order to find your way to some success. Eric Pulier has managed to always stay on the move, elevating his methods and continually pushing the limit. As an entrepreneur, writer, and technologist Pulier has managed to make a name in several huge and competitive fields. Getting to the top wasn’t easy and Eric Pulier learned a lot along the way. Let’s take a moment to analyze some of the ways that Pulier does things to keep his game at the highest level.

To start off with, Eric Pulier is fully consumed with his work at vAtomic Systems. vAtomic Systems is technology company that basically focuses on creating products out of the digital work space in mobile platforms. Think micro-transactions. Pulier saw the success of multiple industries when they worked together, like Google Maps and Uber, and he sought to do the same with vAtomic Systems. This innovative approach put Pulier in the right place in order to start a company that could compete and grow with the changing times.

As a father of four and a busy professional, Pulier knows the power of waking up and getting your head on right to start the day. Pulier focuses on getting a good night of sleep every single day so that he can wake up refreshed and ready to focus. He wakes up early in order to have time before his children wake up. During this lull Pulier will put together a game plan for the day. Pulier is a rigorous list maker and he finds that writing things down gives him the ability to focus on what needs to be done.

In terms of promoting new ideas and getting into the mindset of a tech entrepreneur, Pulier likes to dwell on things before focusing on a course of action. If an idea comes to him then he’ll let it sit in his mind for a bit before writing it down and focusing on developing it. This allows Pulier to mentally weed out ideas that would otherwise just waste his time.

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