Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus Continues War on Cancer With New Funding

Around the United States the race to better patient care continues to push forward. Every day hospitals and doctors search for the solution to disease and ever growing medical expenses. While the cure for cancer may still not be quite in our grasp there are those heroes who continue to research and push for a future without deadly consequence to both our health and our pocketbooks. Co-Founder of Groupon, Erik Lefkofsky, is working to prove not only can he find shoppers the best deals but he can also provide patient’s the best care.

Founded in 2015, Erik Lefkofsky’s Chicago-based company Tempus aims to improve patient quality of care by analyzing previous patient data by looking for patterns that can provide clues towards what treatments best impact patient care. Using studies of patient’s genomes they can harness raw data to determine what treatments provide the best results. Combining this cutting edge technology and analytics allows doctors to expand upon their medical experience with statistical trends. Armed with the shared data from patients and doctors from around the country physicians can make quicker data-driven decisions.

To contribute towards their initiative Tempus has gained $80 million in additional funding this year. This brings their total value close to $1.1 billion, making it one of the fastest, most valuable start-ups in Chicago.

In addition to Erik Lefkofsky’s active forays into disruptive technology to benefit community health initiatives he also is an active advocate for his own community in Chicago. Lefkofsky created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which focuses on improving education, health and human rights.

Beyond the reach of Tempus’ research into improving cancer patient’s care and the Lefkofsky Family Foundation Erik Lefkofsky also is helping to build up his Chicago community via the expansion of Tempus. With the additional funding received Tempus plans to expand further and is hiring has plans to continue hiring. This growing company will bring together hospitals, drug companies, and patient care teams to work toward better patient outcomes. This combination of genuine concern for community and patients combined with rigorous research will assuredly help the Chicago community and beyond.

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