End Citizens United Highlights In An Election

It is in a few months to go, and the midterm elections will take place. End Citizens United is doing its role by endorsing the candidates that have demonstrated their support on reforms of the campaign finances.

End Citizens United is an organization that began in 2015. It was a response to a decision made by Supreme court in 2010 in a case between FEC and Citizens United. The organization is seeking a way to overturn the decision made and support the reform of campaign finance by doing a wide range of activities. The organization has been supporting political candidates who have good track records of rejecting the dark money they are getting. The dark money is for a favor of measures, and the organization will prevent its flow into Washington. The organization is endorsing even those that are contending to unseat the Republican incumbents.

The question is how a political organization can develop from just a single case in Supreme Court? The formation of End Citizens United was to respond directly to FEC vs. Citizens United decision in 2010, which opened the flowing gates for the dark money. It was pouring the unrestricted to political candidates that are getting paid and bought for some personal gains. It prevented the candidates from representing their constituents, and they served the interests of these wealthy corporations and individuals that have donated to them millions of dollars to support their campaigns.

The End Citizens United, therefore, supports the pre-reformed candidates only. Due to the shower of this dark money that is flowing into unabated political candidates coffers, the candidates get an unfair advantage in regards to those candidates that avoid to align themselves. The role of United Citizens United is to put in level the playing ground by raising some money through grassroots efforts where it will use that money to support the pro-reform candidates. In the years that the organization has existed, it has been able to emerge as a player that is powerful in American politics. Those candidates that are endorsed by End Citizens United has many advantages because they get connections with grassroots members of ECU despite anyone having the chance for the dark money.

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