Dr. Villanueva and MB2: Biting Down on New Ideas

When it comes down to business, one doesn’t necessarily think of Dentistry. In college, we separate the sciences and the business world. They can’t possibly have anything in common, right? Dr. Chris Villanueva has changed the game by incorporating the ideals and values of being a Dental practitioner into the corporate side of things. He has discovered that the concrete foundation of dentistry can benefit greatly from a more corporate type of incorporation and integration. MB2 was created via a vision that Dr. Villanueva had of providing adequate and effective care, while simultaneously bringing together a community of Practitioners to gain knowledge from each other as well as develop new relationships. The main goal of MB2 Dental is to promote unity and quality care.
Prior to graduating from dental school, Dr. Villanueva was left with the two options that most are left with after post-secondary education. Either you took the risk and started up your own practice, or you joined an already existing team. With MB2, you get the best of both worlds. You have sole practices, but in a collective type of model. MB2 also looks at new trends and advancements within the field and transpires the information throughout each practice. Technology advances every day, especially in the dental field, and Dr. Villanueva has made it possible to take those things and learn how to enhance the Practitioner and the patients experience.
Dr. Villanueva has eliminated any stigma surrounding the dental world while also maintaining that same culture that caused the industry to flourish. One thing that a person might not associate with Dentistry is the word fun, but with MB2, that is one of the main objective. The goals are to incorporate fun, new dental management ideas into the already set in stone principles of the practice, while at the same time stimulating growth and better knowledge. Dr. Villanueva has tons of ideas cooking and has a focus on creating a great experience for practitioners and patients alike. He has taken a bite out of the industry, given it new flavors, and redesigned the overall taste of the dentistry industry.

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