Dr. Saad Saad: Creating More Comfortable Inventions for the Medical Profession

An article published in the Medical Daily Times discusses some of the lifesaving inventions created by Dr. Saad Saad. Anyone is interested in learning about inventions can locate them under the heading “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon”. Dr. Saad Saad has been a valuable member of the medical community for many years. His inventions were born out of the necessity to make the medical process more streamlined. These inventions that he created, while simple, have overwhelming implications for patients. Not only will they be subjected to fewer uncomfortable medical procedures, but the entire process will become more streamlined because of these inventions.


The first such invention mentioned in the article is a catheter that includes an electromagnetic locator. This locator is important because as catheters are placed into the body it can be difficult to locate them and doctors sometimes have to take the patient for an x-ray to confirm their position. Now, this isn’t such a big deal if they only need to do at one time but typically patients that are equipped with a catheter must have it checked multiple times during a visit. These are blasts of radiation provided by the x-ray on a nearly consistent basis are not good for the patient, so Dr. Saad Saad decided that a catheter with an electromagnetic locator would help alleviate the need for such practices. While this invention is not yet in circulation or production, there are many manufacturers who have shown interest in the device. There are also members of the medical community who are thrilled at the prospect of reducing the number of x-rays that a patient is exposed to during their visit.


The second device that Dr. Saad Saad has invented is in circulation, enjoying widespread usage. This device is a suction or irrigation to that has been equipped onto an endoscope. This is important for two reasons, the first being that medical professional will have a greater degree of visibility while they are performing their procedures and the second is that they will not have to reinsert the endoscope after suctioning out fluids. Unfortunately, in the medical profession when the endoscope is inserted it is well-known that doctors may have to remove and in order to suction liquid out of the way and increase visibility. This invention prevents them from having to do that. Dr. Saad Saad has uses years of medical knowledge to help inform his decisions when it comes to creating these inventions. His goal is to make life easier not only for the medical professionals that are performing the procedures but for the patients themselves. These inventions prove that Dr. Saad Saad is always looking for ways to make his patients more comfortable. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/

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