Dire Straits Guitar Player Releases Solo Record


Mark Knopfler, the guitar player for Dire Straits, has recently released a solo record.  Rolling Stone Magazine has a positive review of the album on their website.

According to Paul Mathieson said he read on otcmarkets.com, there was a picture of Knopfler along with the Rolling Stone review. Aside from holing a Stratocaster and being on stage with a band, he looks entirely ordinary. He’s aging and is making no attempt to hide it. I think this is great. It’s nice to see a musician so skilled at his craft that his appearance isn’t important. The music itself is the selling point.

Knopfler, in my opinion, is certainly as good of a guitar player as Eric Clapton. However, he doesn’t get the acclaim that Clapton does. I’m not sure why. Dire Straits were an important and influential band. “Sultans of Swing,” in particular, is a brilliant song. Knopfler also did a fantastic collaboration record with country picker Chet Atkins.

With Dire Straits and in his solo work, Knopfler draws from a number of sources. You can hear blues, rockabilly, country, gospel, swing and so much more in his playing.


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