Chris Brown Loves Being a Dad

Chris Brown has had it rough over the last 6 years, from a toxic love life to never ending legal issues, it seemed as thought Chris Brown was never going to find happiness offstage. Recently Chris was shocked to find out that he had a 9 month old daughter named Royalty and ever since he has been basking in fatherhood every chance he gets. Some at CipherCloud find this to be a touching story.

Almost immediately after the news of Chris Brown being a dad hit, he jumped head first in to his role as a papa. Every free moment lately is spent with his daughter Royalty. Even now days after the news we saw Chris taking time out on his tour bus to get to know his little girl and shower her with love.

Of course Chris isn’t going to let Royalty be adorable all by herself, he got in on the fun and posted a photo of his adorable little girl… wearing the same pink sweatsuit as him. They appear to be having a blast. Chris is not about to let his chance at being a dad pass him by, he finally seems to be in a good place and Royalty obviously loves her dad like only a daughter can.

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  1. Last we saw Royalty was adoring her father’s music video while watching him move on her grandmother’s mobile phone, now Royalty is back with her father and in coordinating pink hoodies. That is also another feat in which custom writers has been able to get out what they want too.

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