Choose the best for your furry family members, choose Purina.

Being a pet parent can be one of the most rewarding parts of your life. Pets have been proven to help with our health in many ways, including stress reduction and lowering blood pressure. Their loyalty and unconditional love is unlike any other and should never be taken for granted. Purina pet food company knows all about these amazing creatures and therefore produce the food that they deserve. One of Purina’s most popular pet food brands is the Beneful line. comes in dry and wet food as well as treats. Purina Beneful brand foods are made with real; wholesome ingredients, complete, balanced nutrition, include antioxidants and omega-rich ingredients. This line of dog food was created to keep your dog happy, healthy and ready for fun!

Dogs are said to be the most loyal and obedient of all household pets. Purina has spent more than 80 years creating quality food for them. Their commitment to their products and consumers is exactly what we pet parents should look for when choosing the right pet food company. However, there are many myths out there about their food.

One myth about their food ingredients is whether or not animal digest is a low quality ingredient. “Digest” refers to the digestive process during production. The animal proteins provided by USDA inspected producers is then hydrolyzed similarly to how the body digests food. Animal Digest provides protein and flavor to the kibble.

One of the main concerns of the ingredients is actually the by-products that are in many dry pet foods. Many companies want you as the consumer to believe that by-products are another low quality ingredient. In reality, by-product is just another name for the unused products left over from other products. It’s even used in certain human foods like gelatin and broth. Like humans, dogs and cats are carnivores and therefore eating meat products such as liver is not uncommon. By-products can be liver, kidney, lungs and spleen. The by-products used in Purina Food is high-quality and can boost the nutritional value of the food.

Many pet parents who choose to only eat “natural” or “organic” foods will often times look for the same options for their pets. A common mistake is assuming that “natural” and “organic” are the same thing. The term “natural” means a feed or ingredient derived solely from plant, animal or mined sources that have not been produced by a chemically synthetic process. While it’s understandable to want only the best food, choosing “natural” foods is not truly necessary. Lastly, similar to choosing “natural” foods, many pet parents feel that their pet should eat only “organic” like they do. “Organic” refers to the way a crop or animal is grown or raised and handled. Organic crops must be grown on land free from pesticides for three years. Organic livestock is fed organic feed, is not given antibiotics or hormones, and has access to the outdoors. Strictly feeding your pet “organic” is also not necessary to keep your pet healthy.

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