Zayn Malik Releases A Song

It’s hard to see a band break up, or to even see one member leave the group. Fans of One Direction are probably still having a hard time after Zayn Malik’s sudden departure. But, when they hear his new song they won’t have to feel sad for long.

Zayn Malik has just released a cover of Rae Sremmurd’s song “No Type”, and it is beautiful. He is doing amazing things on his own. Even if you are still upset with him about leaving the group you are still going to love this song. suggests there comes a time in an artist’s life when they have to try something different. They can’t always stay the same, or they wouldn’t be a true artist. Zayn Malik has struck out on his own and he is delivering great vocals. He is doing some amazing solo work, and if One Directions fans can bring themselves to give him a chance, then they are going to fall in love with him all over again.