Talk Fusion Bags the Award for Communication Solutions Product of the Year

Talk Fusion is the company that has created one of the best interactive applications for video chatting in the current market. The programmers that work for the company started rolling out applications nine years ago when they studied the market and realized that there were huge gaps between the need for communication in the corporate environment and the availability of applications that were effective in the same. The company has been making various improvements on the original application and the latest upgrade makes it possible for users across the different operation systems connect and talk with each other. As a result of this and other efforts, they have won the communication solutions product of the year award.

With the new application, it is possible for android users to utilize the application and talk to people that use the iOS operated gadgets. Then, the application can be downloaded and used on a variety of platforms and devices including mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops and others. the CEO of TMC said that it was a great honor to present the award to a company that according to him was way above the standards and criteria that was needed to receive the award.

The application is so efficient that whether you have an account with Talk Fusion or not, you can log in and communicate. The iTunes and App store for android have the application. When you download the application successfully, you are able to use it for a 30 day trial that is absolutely free. You will judge the pros and cons of the application during the trial and decide whether you want to commit or not. The audio and video output of the application is excellent.

Bob Reina, the CEO at Talk Fusion stated that this was a mere starting point for the company and that they would be making bigger and better adjustments with time. The chief Technical officer, Ryan Page was impressed by the application, stating that it showed the effectiveness and innovativeness of the team that was working on the creation of the applications. We can only expect bigger and better things from this company.

Securus Technologies gets red carpet treatment at 2017 Stevies

Securus Technologies, a national leader in inmate communication, has been nominated as a finalist in the 2017 Stevie Awards. These coveted titles are handed to those companies which show an unwavering commitment to excellence in both customer service and products. Securus competed with thousands of other entrants this year but edged out all to make it to the final round. This guarantees that Securus will walk away with at least a Bronze Award and, with it, legitimate claim to be one of the nation’s leaders in customer service.


Securus’ selection also had a great deal to do with its ground-breaking innovations in the field of inmate communications. Its video visitation technology has proven so profoundly disruptive that it has largely replaced the old, collect-call-based telephone systems. The new technology is based on VoIP and has reduced costs of outgoing communications by orders of magnitude.



Video visitation creates real value for inmates and their families


Just 15 years ago, if a family wanted to visit an incarcerated loved one, they were faced with often grueling drives and expenses that looked more like a tropical vacation than a drive to an in-state prison.


Take a real-life example, we’ll leave out the names for privacy. An Hispanic family from San Diego wanted to visit their son, who was serving a ten year sentence for armed robbery at San Quentin in the early 2000s. They were only able to make one trip. After the arriving at the prison on the first trip, they realized that they had just driven almost 8 hours, one way, to see their son. That trip ended up costing them over $1000. The inmate ended up only seeing his family one time during his entire incarceration. Upon release, he recidivated. Securus’ video visitation has all but eliminated such tales of hardship, saving families money and ultimately, saving inmates from the grim prospect of a lifetime of recidivism.

Talk Fusion Is Making The World A Better Place

It is always refreshing and a thing of beauty when a product can really transform someone’s life for the better. That is exactly what Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion has been doing since they started up in 2007. Now, here in 2017, things are only getting bigger and better for the company. Bob Reina could not happier and he could not be prouder. How could anyone blame him? This type of effort that his team along with himself has put in is nothing short of remarkable. They have laid it all on the line and they are reaping the benefits in terms of awards.



At the end of the day, if asked anyone Bob Reina, he would likely say that the reason he does this is not for the awards. That is not the type of person he is and that is not why he created Talk Fusion in the first place. He is not big on the limelight. With all that being said, it is always a wonderful feeling to be rewarded for hard work and doing things the right way. The Technology Marketing Corporation, quite frankly, looks for products that are built to last. They have seen that with Talk Fusion. They have seen a product created that is really doing some great things in voice, data, and chat.


That is a big reason why they won two awards from the Technology Marketing Corporation. The recent award is a big one and that is for 2016 Communications Solutions Product of The Year Award. This means they are the best of the best in their industry. There is a lot of competition and a lot of that competition is quite stiff. However, they have overcome it and they have stood out with their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats.


In the end, there have been a lot of sleepless nights, a lot of meetings, and a lot of discussions on how to make Talk Fusion as good as it is. When they receive awards like this, they are reminded of why they do this in the first place.