Jason Hope Contributions in the Anti-Aging Research Technology

Jason Hope is a graduate of the famous Arizona state University and has been a committed student while in school. He has committed his skills towards the development and expansion of his career. He also passes a masters degree in Business Administration from the Carey Business School and this a very experienced person in terms of academia. He has an awesome software that he runs known as the Internet of Things whose mission is to speed up the internet for businesses across the world. He has, however, been on the frontline advocating for better living and also increasing the lifespan of a fellow human being.

Jason Hope also happens to be a great Philanthropist and an Entrepreneur who has been able to apply technology in his work. He has always committed his time and skills for the betterment of technology. He has also committed his life towards helping other businesses operate profitably in all the sectors and have in many times been ranked as one of the few technologists who has been able to change the business world.

Other than being a great technologist, Jason Hope also happens to be very passionate about helping people in the society and has always worked for the betterment of other people’s lives. He has been on the frontline making sure that many people achieve in health sector. He has the people’s great needs at heart and has been engaged with the famous SNES Foundation which is a great biotechnology and scientific research foundation. He has also ventured into the anti-aging technology and has donated a lot of funds towards ensuring that he becomes a great person in the industry. He has been on the frontline fighting for better health and also helping in the research of developing drugs that would help reduce the lifespan of a fellow human being.

Jason Hope’s investment in the anti-aging industry is bearing great fruits and he has been able to make sure that the increases in the sector of technology. Jason Hope through his expertise in technology has been able to impact the lives of so many people and his knowledge has been of great advantage. The great scholar is known for his creativity and innovation in his businesses. That way he has become a very successful person in the business fraternity and has also been able to attract a lot of global attention. He is definitely a man to emulate in the sector.

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Eric Pulier’s Rise to Tech Giant

Eric Pulier was born and raised in Teaneck, NJ. Coming from this relatively out of the way area, Pulier would still start his life by dreaming big. Pulier was instantly entranced by technology and his proficiency with computers at an early age made it clear that this was more than just a hobby. Pulier would end up building an operational computer on his own in 4th grade simply by reading enough IT manuals to understand the process. This ended up being a statement for Pulier’s future: he could get anything in life as long as he worked hard for it.

Not content to sit stay home all of his life Pulier would quickly shift gears and focus on becoming an entrepreneur with a brand. Pulier would leave town in order to seek out higher education at Harvard. At Harvard Pulier would establish himself as a bright mind with a quick wit and an eye for the future. Pulier would work as the lead editor at the Harvard Crimson, the school paper, and here he would showcase some of his greatest skills. Pulier would eventually graduate from Harvard Magna Cum Laude before making his way to Los Angeles to start his first business.

Eric Pulier’s focus as an entrepreneur has always been about the bottom line, but more than that he has been focused on projects that can help out the greater good. That is what led Pulier to start his first company, People Doing Things. This company was focused on healthcare and education while providing solutions to common tech problems within these particular sectors. PDT would eventually make a big difference on those struggle with education, poverty and healthcare. Early success with People Doing Things led Pulier to really get into the industry with a string of successful tech ventures.

Now, with a slew of companies at his back we have seen Pulier focus largely on philanthropy. Pulier worked closely with Stephen Spielberg to develop a social network for children who suffered from chronic illness. He also helped out with the Painted Turtle summer camp, a place for sick children to connect, have fun, and find aid.

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Eric Pulier’s Steps to Entrepreneurial Success

As an entrepreneur you are going to always be looking to the next new technique to incorporate into your routine in order to find your way to some success. Eric Pulier has managed to always stay on the move, elevating his methods and continually pushing the limit. As an entrepreneur, writer, and technologist Pulier has managed to make a name in several huge and competitive fields. Getting to the top wasn’t easy and Eric Pulier learned a lot along the way. Let’s take a moment to analyze some of the ways that Pulier does things to keep his game at the highest level.

To start off with, Eric Pulier is fully consumed with his work at vAtomic Systems. vAtomic Systems is technology company that basically focuses on creating products out of the digital work space in mobile platforms. Think micro-transactions. Pulier saw the success of multiple industries when they worked together, like Google Maps and Uber, and he sought to do the same with vAtomic Systems. This innovative approach put Pulier in the right place in order to start a company that could compete and grow with the changing times.

As a father of four and a busy professional, Pulier knows the power of waking up and getting your head on right to start the day. Pulier focuses on getting a good night of sleep every single day so that he can wake up refreshed and ready to focus. He wakes up early in order to have time before his children wake up. During this lull Pulier will put together a game plan for the day. Pulier is a rigorous list maker and he finds that writing things down gives him the ability to focus on what needs to be done.

In terms of promoting new ideas and getting into the mindset of a tech entrepreneur, Pulier likes to dwell on things before focusing on a course of action. If an idea comes to him then he’ll let it sit in his mind for a bit before writing it down and focusing on developing it. This allows Pulier to mentally weed out ideas that would otherwise just waste his time.

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Talk Fusion Bags the Award for Communication Solutions Product of the Year

Talk Fusion is the company that has created one of the best interactive applications for video chatting in the current market. The programmers that work for the company started rolling out applications nine years ago when they studied the market and realized that there were huge gaps between the need for communication in the corporate environment and the availability of applications that were effective in the same. The company has been making various improvements on the original application and the latest upgrade makes it possible for users across the different operation systems connect and talk with each other. As a result of this and other efforts, they have won the communication solutions product of the year award.

With the new application, it is possible for android users to utilize the application and talk to people that use the iOS operated gadgets. Then, the application can be downloaded and used on a variety of platforms and devices including mobile phones, tablet computers, laptops and others. the CEO of TMC said that it was a great honor to present the award to a company that according to him was way above the standards and criteria that was needed to receive the award.

The application is so efficient that whether you have an account with Talk Fusion or not, you can log in and communicate. The iTunes and App store for android have the application. When you download the application successfully, you are able to use it for a 30 day trial that is absolutely free. You will judge the pros and cons of the application during the trial and decide whether you want to commit or not. The audio and video output of the application is excellent.

Bob Reina, the CEO at Talk Fusion stated that this was a mere starting point for the company and that they would be making bigger and better adjustments with time. The chief Technical officer, Ryan Page was impressed by the application, stating that it showed the effectiveness and innovativeness of the team that was working on the creation of the applications. We can only expect bigger and better things from this company.

Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

I am amazed at the recent updates and upgrades of THREADS. For those who don’t know yet what it is. This is an advanced platform developed by Securus Technologies to provide investigators with tools to help them in their security effort.

I have learned through Youtube that Securus released THREADS 3.1 on December 21, 2015. This updated version of THREADS is, of course, more powerful than the previous versions. Perhaps, the reason for this update is innovation. I don’t think there are some issues with the previous one. As a matter of fact, Securus clients are already accustomed with the previous THREADS. This update seems to be just part of a long term plan that Securus has been preparing.

Watch the Securus video ad here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jNMeifej0c

Changes in the Platform

n The user interface (UI) has been improved and adjusted to the latest web-based technologies.

n Some system actions which are no longer necessary have already been eliminated for more efficiency.

n System navigation has been enhanced and has now become more user-friendly.

n Ability to record loading and search function has been enabled.

Although there are major changes in the platform. I am sure that the existing clients of Securus will not have to worry as the powerful features they have been used to are still preserved. On the other hand, the latest update has added some new features.

New Features Added

n THREADS 3.1 can be integrated with other Securus products such as Secure Call Platform (SCP).

n Mapping and printing can be customized

n Guided real-time analysis and context-sensitive reports are enabled.


I can see that THREADS 3.1 is more about enhancement rather than correction. The same powerful features in the previous version is preserved. Unnecessary system actions were removed. And new features and improvements were added. The result is a more advanced data analytical tool.

Learn more about Securus: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies#/entity